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  2. Hi new to the group I have the same issue so I got the long lead that bypasses the amp and you have to cut into a live for the thing to work and the memory so iv done that made sure that its only a live when the ignition is on (all good) I thought so at 4 am the alarm is going off the battery is flat cant turn the alarm off woke the street up so had another look found a different live same thing happened so I disconnected the live from the radio it wont turn on thought I will look the weekend when I have time so next morning go to get in the car battery is flat thought must have been me so jumped it drove to work no radio then finished work car was struggling to turn over but just had enough juice so went home then in the night 5am alarm is going off flat battery again wtf!!!! Still have the same problem since I bypassed the amp the cable must be draining the battery!.can I fit the non amp cable and still use the amp?