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  1. Collected a 63 plate is300h F Sport yesterday. Took awhile to find what we were after, and a few problems with salesmen which made the search longer than we bargained for, but extremely happy after finally going to collect it. Now the task of fathoming out how everything works. 😀
  2. New to the board and I’m looking for some advice regarding the IS300h. I have a RX300, 2004, which I bought off my dad when he himself got an IS300h two and a half years ago. I’ve just got rid of the RX300, solely down to the fact of the fuel economy and have been looking at IS300’s. My trouble is trying to fathom out the spec on the different models, am I correct in thinking Premier are the better between them and the Executive/Advance models? Currently thinking about a Premier or the F sport model, but it seems F sports only come in half leather/half cloth trim. Looking at a max spend of £16500. ‘Any advice appreciated thanks.
  3. Welcome to Europe's Leading Lexus Club! Please Enjoy!