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  1. Hello. I've had an email and text message from my Lexus Dealer informing me that my car is due a service. But the service indicator on my IS300H is telling me it's due in 5000 miles time. So I'm confused. Has anyone else had this scenario?
  2. That sucks Sanjb. That car is beautiful and I hope you get it back. Incidents like this make me consider fitting a tracker.
  3. I hope not. I really do want to be able to consider a new model IS in around 3.5 years. Nothing wrong with SUVs if that's what you want. But I just don't.
  4. Saw my hybrid battery was full today. First time I've seen it full since I bought the car back in August. Is this a rare event? 🤣
  5. Best I've got so far is 49mpg over an entire week of commuting. But on 1 trip to work I did hit 60mpg.
  6. Just got a renewal quote for my 2018 IS300H. £485. With One Call Insurance. This is with 12 years no claims, parked on a drive, 48 year old driver in postcode NP12. Is this a good deal?
  7. Welcome! Was it an impulse purchase or did you decide to look for a Lexus?
  8. That is bad news. I hope you get your money back. And I hope you can find another Lexus.
  9. It does seem to be a car that's not easy to understand. I love the whole sitting in traffic with the engine off thing. When the traffic starts moving again I will sometimes only press the accelerator very slightly to prevent the engine firing up. But I'm not absolutely sure that's the right approach. Perhaps driving normally and letting the engine fire up no matter how briefly it runs before you're on the brakes again is the right approach? But I do have a slight concern with the engine firing up then shutting down again for what feels like only a 2 or 3 second burst. I can't help thinking this might be bad for wear and tear.
  10. I've had my IS300H F-Sport for nearly 3 weeks now. And it's so smooth! And quiet, and comfortable with best seats I've ever had in a car, and it steers so nicely, and the handling is great. I think the suspension is the best possible compromise between comfort and body roll. Switching between petrol power and electric is seamless. And I've averaged 46mpg since I've first put fuel in. It picks up Planet Rock Radio on DAB. This is important to me and this is the first car I've had that will do that! It also streams from my Deezer app on my Andoid phone perfectly, giving me song info and album art. The audio isn't the best. I think it's just the basic 6 speaker set up. Needs more bass. But I think I was spoilt on my previous car because that had a Bose system and it was superb. I might investigate what I can do to improve the bass without hacking any of my interior. And I've found out how to turn off the audible warning for excessive speed via the road sign awareness. And that only took me week! 🤣 I'm still learning the car. Because it's just so complicated, but that's par for the course with a high spec car these days I guess. Anyway, I'm really pleased with my car. Can you tell? 😁 Pulse and glide my friends!
  11. Looks like my delaler has had a change of heart and decided to take my part exchange anyway. Planned delivery date is this Friday.
  12. Hello People, Just thought I'd say Hi. Not yet a Lexus owner. But I do have a holding deposit on a 2018 IS300h F Sport at Lexus Cardiff. Just a slight hurdle of them not wanting to accept my trade in vehicle which is a 2009 Honda Accord Tourer EX GT 2.2 Diesel Auto because it doesn't have much MOT left (1 month). I have taken the car for an early MOT and it failed. But only on a headlight levelling device fault. Trouble is that could be a potential £300 bill. And I'd rather not spend that on car I'm not keeping. If any of you would have any ideas on my next course of action I'd be interested to read them. ☺️
  13. Welcome to Europe's Leading Lexus Club! Please Enjoy!