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  1. Finally found the leak at the top of the strut just behind the top of the boot so I am guessing that the air is leaking between the boot and the metal. Both sides are leaking at the same point. I don't know if these can be repaired, and ideas? Has anybody got drawings of the assembly?
  2. Thanks for the info, yes TR7 owner still, Silver drophead X reg had it for 35 years.
  3. Checked all the connections an unable to find a leak. As both front struts go down evenly I suspect it may be leaking from an air release valve but where is it? Also found what looks like an air tank half way down the car but unable to see it purpose?
  4. Had it into Lexus the other day for assessment but all they could come up with was to replace both front struts with no guarantee of solving the problem. I don't think they tried very hard to find the leak so will try the spray liquid on all the pipes. Would be useful for have a pipe layout plan if anybody has got such a thing.
  5. My front suspension deflates overnight on both sides evenly and then pumps up when I start the car in the morning. The rear retains the air OK. During driving I occasionally hear the compressor kick in so I am guessing there is an air leak somewhere, but where? As the front deflates evenly it would not suggest the struts themselves. Any ideas? RX300 2003 second generation.
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