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  1. this one is £125 inc. VAT, which seems cheap compared to your estimate. this youtube video from the manufacturer indicates that the materials used are strong enough:
  2. I checked your link and it says "‘Catloc’ device can deter theft and make it more difficult". Sufficiently vague! I imagine the thieves don't want to spend longer than a couple of minutes on each car and I would hope a well fitted catloc would deter them enough..plenty of unsecured catalytic converters our there which they can remove in under 2 mins.
  3. Hi, you say a catloc may only slow down determined thieves by a couple of minutes ... I just checked google and I cannot find anything about catlocs being ineffective. Please could you direct me to any sources you've seen to support your comment? Thanks
  4. I'll be fitting mine with a Clifford car alarm on max sensitivity aswell then. Does anyone know which catlock would be best?
  5. See following link for pic See following link for pic
  6. does anyone know the rough dimensions of a genuine Lexus replacement cat? I'm looking for the right size catloc to fit over it the new one...I've decided to make a claim on my insurance and I've asked the garage who are fixing it to also fit the catloc to stop them coming back a 2nd time! thinking of going for a catloc 1001 or catloc 1002. any advice appreciated.
  7. thanks for posting. I had my cat stolen yesterday when it was parked in N London (N15). I just rang Toyota about the catloc which costs between £200-£250 - they couldn't say if it would fit on a Lexus. Apparently Lexus are looking into manufacturing their own version of the catloc. They say the waiting list for a new cat is about a month, apparently loads of cats have been stolen in the last couple of weeks.
  8. Welcome to Europe's Leading Lexus Club! Please Enjoy!