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  1. Hello all, Just been thinking about all the problems associated with the IS220d and i was wondering did any of them ever get fixed from factory throughout the years of production such as a better head gasket design, more reliable injectors, 5th injector, DPF etc? I currently have a 2008 model with 101k with no problems as of yet apart from seized caliper pins in each caliper, i would of liked to keep it as long as i could but the thought of several expensive problems as ticking time bombs is putting me off. Thanks
  2. Glad you got it sorted and sold your spares! I bought the exact same kit as that from ebay and i wasnt able to use the bigger boot (for top pin) because it was a tiny bit too small on the inside (top pin wouldnt pass through) so just had to reuse old boot with new pin
  3. Haha just taken from a different forum with still no answer its for a Is200, i also have a is220 thats behaving itself these days do i need a different part number for the is200? Thank you!!
  4. As shown from this stolen picture.. the bolt head spins but it just wont come out 😞
  5. Hello all! I managed to snap the nut side of the rear anti roll bar bolt and i was wondering where i can get a new one? Ebay? Can you buy them as just a single bolt? Thank you!!
  6. Lexus IS220D 2008 Just hit 100,000 today on my way home from work, 5 months and 4000 miles in so far, great car shame about the mpg 😁
  7. 21mm spark plug socket and hammer for the guide pin boots finally worked, happy to have it done
  8. Decided to head out and get this sorted, 20 minutes later everything is cleaned, greased and back to silence! Happy days! Thanks for everyones advice 👍
  9. Going to attempt this in the morning, at least you are all sorted now!
  10. I have ordered a set of pins for the rattling side, hopefully this weekend it will be sorted! I currently have the 2 shorter pins in without the rubber bush and my caliper is just knocking about as i go over rough ground even though everything is all tight. My rubber boots for the guide pins that fit into the mounting bracket are not fitted properly so i would need to sort that out also
  11. I've tried using a 21mm socket but with no joy, i wonder how a G-Clamp would do for the job I have new pins ordered, am i correct in thinking that the longer pin goes to the bottom? Thank you
  12. Just ordered a set of pins with boots to see if that cures it No idea how to install the boots to the bracket though :/
  13. Hello all! After changing all my brake pads and freeing up seized up guide pins on my calipers there is now a rattle out of my front caliper.. While removing the seized guide pins on the front, one of my longer pins was not worth saving (luckily i had a spare) so i had to do with 2 of the shorter guide pins on the one caliper. I wonder if this is why there is now a metal knock/rattle (bumping on top of brake pads i think) because i don't have the longer pin, but what is the purpose of having them different lengths? I don't believe its the brake pad hardware, i can grab the caliper and move it up and down slightly for it to make the noise while poking my hand through the alloy. Also.. How on earth do you install the rubber boots for the guide pins on to the mounting bracket, every time i try it just bends them out of shape.. I've been trying to hammer them on with a 21mm spark plug socket to avoid damaging the rubber Help appreciated! Many Thanks!
  14. Cheap as possible, thanks!