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  1. I have a persistant issue with the parking sensors on my MY2018 Lexus NX where by an alarm comes up on the dash stating "Parking Assist Unavailable Clean Parking Sensors" no matter how much cleaning is done the alarm will not clear but will clear spontaniously after a period time, these are smart sensors. the issue has been occuring for over a year Lexus have made 4 attempts to resolve the issue, resucuring the front number plate and making adjustments to the software, Lexus Cardiff have stated that they have seen the issue on other cars and applied a repair that they had used before but with no resolution. Lexus GB have said that they have identified a software issue with the parking sensor ECU and reflashed the ECU again with no resolution. The appearance of the alarm cannot be predicted and it will stay up, disabling the parking sensors between 15 minutes and several days, it does however appear to be more common in damp weather and continues for a few day after being driven in the wet even if there is no further rain. Has anyone else had a similar experiance?
  2. I went to a dealer and was advised that my forward looking camera needed to be recalibrated based on this fault code, as it was a recalibration it was not covered by the warranty and would cost me £240.00
  3. I have had the fault code B2438 reported on my 2017 Lexus NX, can anyone advise what this code means and what will need to be done to rectify the problem
  4. Welcome to Europe's Leading Lexus Club! Please Enjoy!