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  1. Servicing costs are an issue if you take out extended warranty. I'm just finding out now, that unless I get my 6 year old IS300H Serviced at Lexus, my warranty becomes void. So I am currently looking at another service plan to spread the costs.
  2. That's a very good point. The difference will be minimal and much more likely to be down to a multiple number of factors and not solely the change of battery.
  3. Just had my 12V auxillary battery changed. Will monitor to see if MPG improves.
  4. I noticed in the original fuel consumption tests that the base model has better fuel economy. Not sure if it's the weight and smaller tyres? But mine is mainly a 15 mile commute to and from work each day mixed with a school run and shopping round town. 42mpgiz what I'm getting in Premier with 18' tyres
  5. I am approaching 40,000 in my IS300H premium. I'm running between 40-42mpg on average. The system doesn't like the cold weather and you've got to be very gentle on the accelerator. You'll get used to it.
  6. Thank you for the reply. Cambelt removed from metaphorical list. Kind Regards Stuart Aspey
  7. My apologies. Yes, the Auxillary battery. L28800-YZZQX. It's not the hybrid system battery, but it's low voltage is cause the hybrid system warning message.
  8. I am currently at Lexus Cardiff with what appears to be a similar problem to that which is being mentioned by some of you. They are initially thinking it could be the main battery as it is still the original. 6 years at 88,000 miles in. I shall update with the results. Kind Regards Stuart Aspey
  9. I am quickly approaching 100,000 miles in my IS300H. Just clicked over 88,000 this week. The cars previous owner had the first 4 services done at 12,500 mile intervals, which has skewed the servicing points. So, my 90,000 mile car will be going for its 80,000 mile service. All Lexus and they've said this is standard as a result of the first four services. But this means my 100,000 mile service will be at 110,000 miles on the car . . . Anyway . . I just wanted to ask whether the 100k service was to change water pump/cambelt belt/auxiliary belts/spark plugs/oil filter/air filter/pollen filter/coolant/oil. The full works. As it was on my previous IS, the first gen? Or is this what is changed at 20K service too? Kind Regards Stuart Aspey
  10. Good morning everybody. Has anyone else found that the straps and holdings in the boot have broken? IS300h

  11. I am considering this too, as the wheels, for me, are not close enough to look flush with the lines of the car. Yes. They are a SAXO owners wet dream and I completely agree with most of the comments that these cars should be left alone. I also wish to lower the car by 10mm , again, as I think the ride height is a touch too high. Get your car on a flat piece of ground, level too. Get a piece of string or a plumb bob and hold the string from the inner lip of the wheel arch (To ensure you don't risk rubbing the arch when you bring the wheel out) then measure the distance from the string to the wheel (maybe 10mm.) This is the size spacer you need to get. Check the different types, you may need a hubcentric spacer with it's own threads. Check the thread measurement, I believe they are M.12 x 1.5. Check the extending thread currently on the hub assembly doesn't foul the wheel and stop the spacers from connecting with the wheel correctly. All going well, fit the wheel and enjoy a slightly wider track that will have a minimal improvement on the handling as you will be 2cm wider now, watch out for curbs and contact your insurance provider. There will be a change. not much, but best to notify them encase something happens, related or unrelated, they will find a way to get out of paying if they can.
  12. At least I know how easy it is to take out, I'll vacuum over the week. Off to Donington on Saturday, so that £1.10 will come in handy for extra petrol money. 😂
  13. Completed and WOOHOO me. £1.10. That was much easier than I thought.