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  1. My 2007 Lexus rx400h has also just passed its controls technique with no modification to the xenon headlights. I also used Autosur in Les sables d'olonne. Quitis fiscal sorted without an appointment, took about five mins. Still waiting for certificate of conformity and then ANTS.
  2. So you got the Quitis fiscal sorted within a week. Next is contrôle technique with the headlights being the biggest hurdle and then Carte grise and number plates. I wonder if the rx400h will have a discounted Carte gris with it being a hybrid. I know cars over ten years old are half price.
  3. In regards to the headlights did you get a response from Lexus? I am thinking of visiting the Lexus garage in la Roche sur Yon and asking at the service desk. It's probably quite rare that the question is asked and I'm sure they will prefer quoting for new lights. Knowing how things seem to work here in France, especially when a bottle of Ricard is envolved, who you know makes more difference than what you know. That could be why some people seem to get a CT paper and others not. I'm sure some French mechanics see the English plates and fail the lights without even testing them. I would guess any garage with a headlight testing machine will be able to tell if the headlights will pass or not. I remember the chap in the garage tried to adjust my Zafira headlights before he changed them. He showed me the machine and I watched while he made adjustments, this is why I am hopeful that flat beams will pass. If you do manage to get sorted with your mot document you will still need to pass a CT when the mot expires, maybe even before for the French insurance.
  4. Thanks for the info on the Quitis fiscal. This is news to me as I didn't obtain this document when I registered my car 3 years ago, maybe it didn't exist back then or perhaps the lady at the prefecture sorted it for me. I am having another look at cars in France after reading the thread that you started, I just find the price difference between second hand cars in France and the UK hard to accept.
  5. That's also interesting as my situation is that I'm looking to buy an rx400h in the UK in a few weeks time and a recent mot could help me register the car. I'm wanting a car older than 2009 as the Carte grise will be half price. I think registering the car is all online now so I guess the paperwork will either go though or it won't. Three years ago it was via the prefecture and the lady in the office here in Les sables d'Olonne was really helpful. Please keep me informed with any progress
  6. Here is the garage I contacted. When I registered my Zafira three years ago I needed the v5 log book, a certificat de conformité and a contrôle technique. I did change the headlights for the CT but this was simple as Zafira headlights are easy to find. However I the Rx headlights are almost impossible to find and buying from Lexus is not going to be cheap.
  7. If you Google English mechanic in france, there is a english mechanic a couple of hours from me who sorts out headlights for us expats. He told me he has passed at least 50 CT's with just beam deflectors, however he has never tried a Rx. He said flat beams should pass and that he can verify with his machine before sending it for CT.
  8. Thanks for the replys guys. In France the road tax is a one off payment when you register the car. It is also half price for cars over 10 years old, this is why I'm looking for a car no newer than 2009. I saw a post mentioning that xenon lights on the Rx have a flat beam and that they don't need adjusting in France. However I guess it depends on the French chap who is doing the contrôle technique.
  9. Hi rynd2it. Just wondering if you have an update on the rx400h headlights. I am looking into doing the same thing in a few weeks. I have also been told that beam deflectors can be used to pass the controle technique in france.
  10. First post on here so firstly, Hi to you all. So I'm a Yorkshire lad who has recently moved to France and I've just booked a flight to London with the intent of driving back in either a Rx400h or a Rx350. I'm looking for a model between 2006 and 2009 for between £5000-£6000. I'm wondering if any one has driven or owned both versions and could give me an opinion on both performance and reliability. I really want the hybrid but my head is telling me that the non hybrid is a safer buy. Any thoughts Cheers Adam
  11. Welcome to Europe's Leading Lexus Club! Please Enjoy!