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  1. Hello OP here, I have just checked the MOT history and it goes back to 2006, so I think it will be a UK. It is definitely IS300 3.0 straight 6 engine. He said it has the 2JZ GE engine and is an auto. I was supposed to view it today but it now looks like it will be the weekend. Will update you all then. Thanks IceBoy
  2. Hey Rich, Are they all fully loaded or are there specification models like Premium, EX, etc? Also, what are the timing belt intervals? 100k? IceBoy
  3. Thanks Rich, will keep you posted. The car is not advertised and is a friend of a friends car, who I have been told is a bit of a petrol head. Apparently it has a TOMS bumper and headunit upgrade. I will check about cambelt changes. IceBoy PS Are they sluggish or are they responsive?
  4. Hi All, I'm going to look at the above car later today and wanted some pointer around what to look out for? The car is a 2002 salon has 130k on the clock and has a square number plate at the front with an Asseto badge or something similar on the front grill. Is this an import and non-uk car? Anything particular I should check on this? Any help tips and advice greatly appreciated. When should timing belts be replaced? IceBoy
  5. Thanks All, I will try and get a drive in one, over the next week or two. Iceboy
  6. HI All, As you have probably seen from my earlier post, I'm thinking of jumping in to the RX450h as a daily driver. Probably the only reservation I have in my mind is that CVT gearboxes have such a strange feeling/usage compared to a normal torque converter gearbox and this somewhat impacts the feeling and driving of the vehicle. I have only owned one CVT gearboxed car in the past, an Audi A6 of 2004 vintage and I didn't like the way it hung on to revs for the speed to catch up. The only saving grace was that it did have a manual mode which simulated gear changes. Ultimately this car will replace my S-Class, so space, pace and grace is the most important factors for me. Discuss please, as this is my only reservation at the moment. Iceboy
  7. OP here, is there much disadvantage going for a cheaper non-face lift car? Iceboy
  8. Hi All, I'm a newbie here and am looking for my next daily family car. The RX450h has caught my eye. With a budget of £9-13k I see I can get either a pre-face lift or face-lift car. A few questions: Could someone explain the difference, except for the grill? What are the various trims available, Luxury, SE ? What should I look out for? Can these cars run electric only up to a certain speed or distance? Can I expect 30mpg average? Thanks all in advance, I look forward to searching for my first Lexus! Iceboy
  9. Hi All, I'm a newbie here but not new to being a petrol head LOL. I need a new daily and want to spend £9-13k and the RX450h seems to fall in to this bracket. Any help and advice would be appreciated and I will post specific questions in the RX forum. Iceboy
  10. Welcome to Europe's Leading Lexus Club! Please Enjoy!