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  1. Cheers, hopefully get loads of pics and videos of shows and driving come spring and summer shows. 1 things is for sure I definitely need better tyres for the high boost setting, these NS2-R's need a fair bit of heat in them to get them to bite and even then they struggle some.
  2. Cheers matey, well me and the tuner did discuss maybe switching to ethanol fuel if I really wanted more power. Its the easiest and quickest way of gaining more. The complete fuel system is ethanol capable I will just need a slightly more beefy fuel pump and a flex fuel sensor putting in. If I'm honest I think the way this car is currently setup it probably couldn't get more power to the ground so I would have to look into tyres and suspension changes. Yeah the number plate is an interesting 1, it came with the car from the previous owner. The car had no MOT and needed a fair bit of work to get it through which I had no intention of doing as I had the long game plan in mind, as a result he couldn't get the plate on to retention so gave it up.
  3. Cheers mate, yeah it's been great fun. Been some tough times but far outweighed by the good.
  4. So ive finally got this thing back on the hub dyno to have the boost turned up, boost controller, and 2step launch control setup. This visit was straight forward no issues to report, it made 633 at the hubs and 510flbs at 30psi. Turbo at this point was pretty much at its limit, so the boost was pegged back to 27psi just so the turbo was sitting at a happy, comfortable place. Final figure was 601 at the hubs and 483flbs. Im over the moon with it. I've only tried high boost once and it is absolutely insane! Scary quick! VID-20211022-WA0004.mp4 Also had to test out the 2step/rolling anti lag of course 🤣. VID-20211021-WA0009_1.mp4 So after 4yrs and 3months of graft blood sweat and tears I've finally got the point I dreamt of. We all know these projects are never finished so there will always be little things to do but for now I'm just going to drive and enjoy the damn thing.
  5. No issue here, I'm on BC racing coil overs, not sure on the exact drop but it's alot more than H&R springs would be.
  6. Yeah it makes me quite the hypocrite as I fail atleast 1 car per week for this when I'm testing 🤣
  7. I have LED headlights in mine and the beam pattern is absolutely perfect. Doesn't dazzle other drivers and vision is way better now. I swap them out for the mot then drop them back in after. The CT200h uses a projector style lamp so the beam pattern is not affected like it is on a normal style lamp. I used Novsight LEDs.
  8. Thanks man, the wheels are... fronts 18 x 8.5j +40 and the rears are 18 x 9.5j +45. Will eventually switch to a 265 on the rear tyres.
  9. I'm 1 going against the grain here as my 2005 IS300 is over 600bhp 😂. Although I do have a CT200 as my daily driver which I don't think has ever seen any more than 50% throttle.
  10. Fitted my catloc myself and absolutely no rattle from mine. Guard is solid and tight all fixings are tight. So it may have been incorrectly fitted or the rattle is from something else.
  11. Nice, love these things. Such a nice looking car!
  12. Thanks matey 😂, that 5 picture was on a small car park Snowdon view point on the A498 just past the turning for Pen-y-Pass. should get to 2 or 3 shows this year then hopefully next year will be at a fair few. Still no sign of a re arranged Lexus meet.
  13. 🤣 yeah "don't let that old take away delivery driver car catch you on a roll"
  14. Not come across any yet, would definitely suprise a few 😂
  15. Not alot happening with the build other than putting miles on it. Done almost 700 miles since the end of June and chunk of that was a B Road blast to Snowdonia. Car was great, had the exhaust bottom out a few times when pressing on with these kind of roads but other than that and tinnitus when I got home it was great! 20210816_211159.mp4 Just love how nasty this thing sounds on idle, even more nasty on boost! Also got its first show coming up next week with the Max Power Reunion show, now I know its not to everyone's taste as the car scene is just like fashion, we all look back and think what the hell but its still a big part of the past when it comes to the modifying car scene. It should be a good mix of how the car scene was compared to how it is now. So with that coming up I gave the old girl a good scrub to get all the dead Welsh flies off it! That will be it then, next thing it will be off to get the boost turned up!
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