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  1. Haha i would love to have it sticking up through the bonnet but there is just absolutely no room at all. I did consider maybe having it poking out of the drivers side wing but it would be pretty tricky to do. Ive still got loads more to post on here of stuff i have already done but the picture uploading situation is so frustrating!
  2. Just realised half my update is on the previous page because ive done seperate posts 🤦‍♂️
  3. I also got chance to make my own external wastegate dump tube. Was pretty straight forward just measured, cut and offered it up until it fit. Also managed to do a slash cut on the end of the pipe, that was pretty tricky to do using a grinder! Another thing i managed to get done was the rear light LED conversion. Now i originally started this 2yrs ago early on in this build thread 🤣, got side tracked and didnt finish it but now was perfect chance to do it. I also decided to do the US rear brake light conversion so the fog lights also light up with the brake lights. I had to install diodes so that when the fog lights are switched on it doesnt light up all the brake lights now the wiring is joined. 1 thing i didnt want to do was have the fog lights light up with the side lights as i wanted those LED rings to stand out on there own. Im just waiting on some pulse width modulating boxes to dim them down a little as they are as bright as the brake lights at the moment, also the PWM boxes will allow me to use the LED rings as a brake light aswell as a side light!
  4. Because of the new manifold ive also had to relocated the power steering bottle, lines and cooler. I went for a neater cooler and 1 i could mount to the crash bar. There is so much i have done and so much i want to show you but its so frustrating whats going on with the pics, some load some dont🤨. So next up on my to do list was something ive been quite excited about, now that the auto box has gone i know have a steering wheel with 4 useless button on...... well was useless. these could be very usefull so i decided to pull the air bag off and have a look at the wiring. Very simple setup, front buttons are wired together and so are the rear as they both have the same opperation. Now they dont, i manipulated the wiring and switched it up so now the botton on the right can be linked to the AEM ecu and the 1 on the left for another toy i want to fit. so i traced the wiring on the buttons down to the junction box in the passenger footwell, i de pinned them from the plug connector and added my own wiring in to link to the AEM. Added loom protector to it then pinned it into the ecu. The button on the right now activates 2step rev limiter and launch control. And the button on the left will be used for line lock... if i get round to installing it. Dont even have to take my hand off the steering to activate launch control and still has that factory look to it!
  5. So with the new mani and fuel setup pretty much sorted i decided i no longer want air con🤣🤦‍♂️. I know it was 1 of the comforts i wanted to keep but this has made life so much easier!!!!! Again i cant post pictures the site sucks! I was then able to shift the intercooler back loads to the point the crash bar now fits back on adding that rigidity back to the front and also fitment of a standaed bumper with no cutting needed. To get this to work though i had to attack the frame work with the grinder, cutting the end pieces off to allow the intercooler pipework to be fitted! Treated all the cut metal work to some dinitrol to protect it. i then measured cut and mocked up all the intercooler piping then had it all welded. BOV also fitted, that thing is huge!!
  6. I decided to use the original lower runners and a plenum which is meant to bolt to it. Would love post pics and show you all as this thread is pretty much useless without them but it still wont let me load them! So instead of bolting the plenum to the runners i had it welded to 1 eliminate a gasket and 2 the thought of having bolts in the intake scared me tbh! It wasnt an easy fit either, ive had to shape (hammer) the plenum where its close to the suspension turret. Ive also had to cut the throttle flange off and shorten the entire thing as it was just way too long. Out with the pretty 1 and in with the ugly 1, function over looks i keep telling myself! So this has now meant i need to use a new fuel rail. I got a radium engineering rail with blanks for the air assisted injector ports, it also meant i can change the fuel line configuration so instead of the 2 -6AN feeds and a -6AN return i now could use just the larger -8AN feed which i had for the original branch off and the same -6AN return. This simplified the fuel system alot and kept the lines to a minimum. what a piece of kit that is!!
  7. Well its been a few months since the last update and lockdown got me thinking..... alot! Ideas started to change and after a grim discovery and a potential dream (and life) ending fault occuring ive switched things up. 1 day when going to start the car to do a bit of data logging the starter took a sh!tand was just making a clonk. Little did i know that the starter had shorted out internally and was causing the outer casing to see battery voltage when cranking.... this coupled with the stainless steel braided fuel line just ever so slightly touching the starter on 1 the fittings caused the voltage to go down the fuel line, this then was to arc out where the fuel line was by the chassis rail. When electricity arcs it causes a hot spot which melted the ptfe inner lining causing fuel to blow out of the stainless line!!!! Spark and fuel..... well we all know the end result of that but i fell lucky.... very very lucky it didnt ignite but it was enough to put the fear of sh!t into me that i almost jacked it all in. Lesson learnt, it wasnt even like the fuel line and fitting was reating on the starter it was barely making contact but enough for electricity to pass!! So i had to change the starter and fuel line, not a problem. Until i came to remove that lovely looking inlet mani i have, i assembled everything outside the bay and dropped it in, i never thought i would be lifting the engine out to take an intake manifold off!!!!! This you can imagine was almost the final straw and when i spotted how off the port matching was well that was it! I scrapped it and started thinking if new ideas.
  8. I would love too but there is alot more to get done and many more pennies to put into it. I will 100% be bringing it to some meets when its done 👍
  9. Haha really?? Yeh its taking some patience but im getting more and more excited each and every thing i get done. Cheers for the kind words 👍
  10. Some more loose ends tied up, finally put the interior back together. Its been a long time with it all stripped i forgot how good these cars look for there time. (So i cant load the all import pic of the seats back in as it keeps showing me a warning message saying -200) ??? Any way..... ive also started on the exhaust. This has had to have some fabricating done to tuck the huge 4inch system up to the body to help not grounding it out. As you can see its sitting pretty close to the prop shaft, its also very close to the drivers side lower arm inner joint, im planning on heat wrapping certain sections of the exhaust to protect components from heat. I currently have the center section off the car and im repositioning the vband to get the exhaust to angle better towards the body. Pics to follow..... hopefully! Ive also fitted the accelerator cable, i got a universal 3meter kit off ebay and just cut to to fit. As ive had to flip the throttle 180 degrees the cable is now attached from the underside, this has also allowed me to tuck it away neatly. 20200205_183545.mp4 Ive been left with a small issue though, i cant get a fully open throttle the pedal is hitting the carpet. So looks like i will be removing the pedal and bending it up to allow more travel.
  11. Wow loads has been done since the last update.... Power steering bottle, bracket and pipes sorted! Filled with fresh toyota fluid. AEM afr gauge wired up to the AEM v2 ecu. Fuel pump wiring completed, nice simple circuit set up, relay with 12volts ignition feed which then supplies the pump with 12volts direct from the battery and a cut off switch installed in the cup holder. I did have an issue with this, the 12volts ignition feed for the relay which i took from the cigarette lighter is not good enough.... on cranking the engine the 12volts is cut causing fuel pressure to drop! I changed this to 12volts ignition from the barrel. You can see in the video here the pressure drop as the voltage drops out... The noise you can hear is air in the fuel system when its 1st been switched on 20191223_192317.mp4 20191226_124403.mp4 (Some reason im having a problem loading the pictures onto here, some will but most wont) Then it was time to load the base calibration onto the AEM.... more problems. I was only getting 4volts at the AEM power wires. Very strange reading which changed whilst pulling other plugs from the patch harness... anyway cut a very long story short and after some very late nights working on it it turned out to be a sticking relay causing a volt drop which the AEM takes its power from! Base cal now loaded and little things set like battery offset for the injectors, TPS and timing sync. Finally fitted the cover to the ecu box in its new location.... Was then time to attempt a start, 1st attempt it started and stalled, just needed a small adjustment to the throttle. 20191226_132016.mp4 Then 2nd attempt...... 20191226_132152.mp4 SHE RUNS!!!!!!! Bit groggy and hunting but it soon levelled out! Im absolutely over the moon, so much hard work, blood, sweat and tears has gone into this to get to this point!! Ive had some help from a car friend of mine who knows the AEM like the back of his hand! This was a massive step to me in this project after completely rebuilding this engine and extending the wiring harness i was worried i would have issues. During that you can hear a metallic type chinging noise, this worried me pretty bad.... The huge SPEC clutch assembly was catching on the bell housing inspection cover, so ive made a small adjustment to that and its all ok. Thank god it was just that!!
  12. So on to the intercooler pipework now need to cut, chop and weld to get this to fit. Not done alot just made a start on cutting the hole in the engine bay to route the pipework. Got myself a 90degree elbow form viper performance 2.5 inch to 3inch for the 3 inch pipework Got this cutter from B&Q, cut the metal very easily! still loads to do!