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  1. Gs450h engine rattle on start up, tappety, help?

    As ive said already its probably the cam gears loosing pressure on rest period then rattling when starting
  2. My IS Rear Ended

    The back panel that gets pushed in on to the spare is very easy to push back out. It can be tricky trying to get the spare out itself but once its out, just hit it with a rubber mallet from the inside and they easily bend back out.
  3. IS300 2JZ-GE NAT #no compromise

    Progress has slowed right down now, hoping to to get back on track soon. Got the power steering pump and dipstick sorted today, not many pictures so doesnt look alot but was quite time consuming. The original location of the dipstick is now blocked by the new inlet manifold and it also bolted to the old inlet. So i had to reshape the dipstick tube still allowing the dipstick to go in and out easily, find a new way to bolt it to the engine whilst keeping the lower end in the sump flush so there is no leaks. Took a while but i got there.... as you can see i managed to get it into a decent place and it also fell lucky that i could bolt it to the same hole that that the oil feed pipe for the vvt-i bolts too! It was made very tricky because as you can see in the next picture it was in the way of the powersteering pump so i also had to bend it slightly out the way of that. I also gave the pump a quick spray aswell as the silver bracket for it, as you can see ive had to remove the reservoir as this was being obstructed by the inlet and throttle body. Im going to order a union pipe for the supra pump and relocate the reservoir. Still need to sort the valve shims, its all been measured i just need to get round to ordering them.
  4. IS300 2JZ-GE NAT #no compromise

    Another update, engine is back in the bay!! Looking right at home too! Will let the pictures do the talking. as you can see in the last picture the manifold is VERY close to the suspension turret! Looks like i will be using the competition vibratechnics mounts to minimize engine movement. I had those in my mk1 focus rs and on cold start/idle they would literally shake the car to pieces!! 6cyl engines are more balanced so im guessing vibrations wont be as bad not to mention the lexus is put together better than an old ford 😂. Also there is an issue with the powersteering pump and reservoir, looks like i will need a relocation kit as the reservoir is going to be obstructed by the throttle body. As you can see ive just thrown this back in, ive not done any of the loom as i just needed to create space in the garage. Its easy enough to lift back up to change the mounts and put the loom back on if needs be.
  5. IS300 2JZ-GE NAT #no compromise

    Thank you 👍i showed the mrs when she got back from work, her face was a picture 😂 the neighbours are going to hate me!
  6. IS300 2JZ-GE NAT #no compromise

    Cheers matey 👍👍im getting excited now, looking forward to getting this done and hopefully attending some meets even though its a long time away.
  7. IS300 2JZ-GE NAT #no compromise

    Big sexy update time!!! So i got all the valves lapped in, brian crower springs and titanium retainers fitted and the head back on! once that was on, i banged on the 2 manifolds and the a/c compressor. This was the exciting bit as i can now see the engine taking shape! Its looks pretty damn amazing! At this point i was about to pack up for the day but ........... it would be rude to get to this point and not trial fit the turbo!! Also thrown on the 90mm throttle body. Could not stop staring at it! Still thinking of a colour for the valve covers but im thinking of maybe orange but we will see. Let me know your thoughts guys 👍
  8. IS300 2JZ-GE NAT #no compromise

    Small update, head is almost done now will post pics when its finished and bolted down. Exhaust has turned up, ive had a 2nd hand system from another is300 turbo this has come from america off a guys car ive been following on you tube, ive posted a link to the guys channel earlier on in the thread. He has broken the car for parts as he is looking to do other things. It was cheaper to do this than get my car transported to an exhaust place to have a costly system custom made. It is a 4inch system straight through with a small vibrant silencer .... which doesnt really silence it tbh 😂 im over the moon with it and cannot wait to get it welded back together and on the car it has saved me a fortune. back using pop bottles as demonstration props 😂 2ltr bottle slots inside it. On the 1st picture you can see the silencer on the middle section towards the right hand side. I will try and get a picture side by side with the original system tomorrow, the difference is unreal!
  9. IS300 2JZ-GE NAT #no compromise

    So got the head back today, skimmed and angle job done, hard to capture the angle job on a picture and is alot more clear in person. Will be lapping valves in on tuesday and hopefully fitting the crower springs and titanium retainers.
  10. IS300 2JZ-GE NAT #no compromise

    So got the sump welded today... then cleaned it up and gave it a spray, looking nice and fresh again..... 1 last final inspection of inside the block to make sure nothing had fell in there and hiding and all was ok, applied the toyota sump sealer and dropped the sump on.... Then fitted the sump baffle..... Also noticed something really cool which toyota did. Where the oil return boss has been welded in, the baffle tray already has a nice moulding to it to catch the oil and return it into the sump pan.... Then got the pick up pipe fitted with new gasket and fitted the lower sump pan again with toyota sump sealer.... Also painted the alternator, now i could have stripped this down but i used a trick i think i found on this forum for painting this. I just tucked bits of news paper in between all the gaps so the paint didnt go inside it, then pulled them all out and it worked a treat.... Thats it for now, next plan is to paint the a/c compressor and bracket for power steering pump, also paint the large metal coolant line that goes around the block and make a new coolant line to bypass the auto transmission cooler. Head will be back on saturday now and by then my gasket set should have come from toyota, no over night parts from japan like toretto here!!
  11. IS300 2JZ-GE NAT #no compromise

    Got some done this weekend and im happy with the progress, im gona have to crack on now because ive changed my job ive got to bring my toolbox home so i need the garage space. This means i need the engine back in the bay by the end of feb so i can pack the engine stand and crane away in the shed. So my new water pump has come along with the seals and i also got the oil pump fitted too, gave these a bit of paint just to keep the engine looking fresh. Water pump next to the old 1 before painting.... Oil pump painted ready for fitting ... And with them fitted, looking minty fresh.... also got the rear crank housing cleaned up and the seal fitted in the housing Tomorrow i will be taking the sump to have the turbo oil return boss welded in as i finally finished cutting the hole.. will post pictures tomorrow of this welded in 👍 May also be getting the head back tomorrow if its finished at the machine shop im pretty excited to get that back and see the results.
  12. New Lexus's

    I remember when i worked at lexus more than 5 years ago now and even before then there was always talk that they would go towards a complete hybrid range. Every car to be hybrid, obviously it would take years but looks like its happening
  13. IS300 2JZ-GE NAT #no compromise

    Mmm well i did it with her out the house..... but she came back and caught me in the act 😂😂 i think if it was covered of oil she would have had a problem. Aslong as i leave it spotless she leaves me alone
  14. IS300 2JZ-GE NAT #no compromise

    Cracked on today with the head, i cleaned this at work last weekend to make this job less messy. Took a couple of snaps before i started. plan was to completly strip so i can get this to the machine shop for a skim, so i removed the collets, valve caps and springs. Then made sure i removed the valve spring washers and pulled all the stem seals out. all done, need to find somewhere now to do the skim and also thinking of having a 3 or 5 angle valve job done. Also will be sending the valve covers away for powder coating im thinking of going orange as i would like a black/orange theme going on but this idea may change with the wind. Will soon be ordering an adjustable exhaust gear too thinking of going for either titan or power house racing so i can get the head, cams and belt fitted. Coming together nicely now, really enjoying this build, hope you guys enjoying reading/seeing it too
  15. How many stooges out there?

    I used to work for them and was a member on here back when i did, although i was not very active back then on here