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  1. Yeh progress has been very slow, big change in my life since xmas and struggling to get time on it........ but ... im not giving up no way, im to far into it to give up and still chasing the dream.
  2. Been a loooong time!!!! So the battery relocation has started. 140amp circuit breaker, motamec battery tray, 2 post junctionbox, bunch of terminal connectors and all the cable. ripped all the rear seats and front passenger seat out. Pulled all the carpet up to find a decent place to hide it. Managed to push the cable through a hole in the wiring harness grommet in the firewall. Mounted the junction box. Mounted the battery tray.... Then realised the power cable is about half a metre too short!! 🤦‍♂️ so ive ordered another metre and a crimp joiner. Once thats come i can mount the circuit breaker and finish it off.
  3. So just realised its been a whike since i updated this! Not much done really life has took over and been flipped 180 so this had had to go on the back burner! Anyway ive managed to finish the fuel lines and also installed a sytec fuel pressure gauge on the FPR Also managed to make the oil feed for the turbo aswell, used -4 braided ptfe hose andfittings all from viper performance. managed to neatly run it around the engine and down to the mishimoto sandwich plate. All the fluids are in and next up is the battery relocation. Once that is done i can sort out the vac lines and turn the engine over to get the oil round. Few more things i need to do before i can fire it up on the base cal. Also if any of you guys are on instagram, give me a follow on there, i post things on there pretty much as soon as they are done 👍 lexus_turbo_2jz
  4. Thanks man, i was debating for sometime on a colour then decided on that.....took me a while to find a place that would do the exact colour i wanted though!
  5. So its been a while.... got more bits done then fuel system is almost complete apart from 2 small line to the rail. I will let the pics do the talking.... so there she is in all her glory.... using a walbro 450lph pump, -8AN feed into a "Y" block then 2 -6AN feeds to each end of the rail. A -6ANfron the rail to the AEM fuel pressure regulator. -6AN return from the pressure regulator to the tank. Injectors are deatschwerks 1200cc.
  6. So carrying on with the fuel system stuff i gave the tank a good clean off as it was out and it came up pretty well! I will be giving that heat shield a spray too once its all back in. Then pulled the hanger out and stripped it down to have a look at what will need cutting and chopping to make it work. Took a quick snap to compare the walbro 450lph and the standard pump! Next up was to mark up and drill the holes in the top of the hanger for the bulkhead fittings. The return line then had to be hooked up to the SARD jet pump killer, allowing me to use the full tank capacity pulling fuel from the other side. This replaces the stock syphon jet. The take off pipe facing down on the left it what connects to the rubber hose in the tank to pull the fuel. You can also see in this pic that the pump is fitted too. This had to be removed again and i had to trim the plastic at the bottom of the hole to move the pump up higher, when refitting the hanger it was sitting too high not allowing the retainer to go back on. I then had to cut the steel retaining plate that holds the hanger down the accomodate the new fittings. I found this very tricky and its a little rough around the edges, a bit of paint and its looking alot better. Dont know why i stressed about it though because its under the back seats 😂. Still more to do on the pump, i have got to get some fuel resistant conmectors and covers for the pump plug wires. Once thats done i can have a good look at the tank breather system and mock up the lines to the tank.
  7. Yeh march maybe a struggle. Yeh brexit is going to change things up a little i guess 🙈
  8. 😂😂 i never thought of that. Will have to do 5 lap stints 😂 no it should be ok..... i hope. Trip to the nurburgring will be fun🙈
  9. So i finally have all my fuel system parts .... And today i made a start, 1st up was to remove the fuel tank....... easy. Covered all the holes to stop the smell of fuel taking over, tomorrows job is to drain the tank and pull the pump out and see whats got to be done. Atlast i have plenty parts to crack on with this build!
  10. So ive managed to finish off the bottom mounts for the intercooler so now it is pretty much solid and also managed to fit the new power steering cooler. Just waiting on the other cross support for the top of the intercooler. all i had to do for the steering cooler was bend the pipes up at the correct angle and shorten the original hoses. Just need to get a couple of support clips to hold it in place now. Also had this turn up..... Just waiting on a couple of more fittings to come and i will then have all my parts ready to make a complete fuel system. So more updates to come.
  11. Yeh glad you got it sorted and like you say atleast it happened over here!
  12. Sods law isnt it that once 1 thing goes wrong everything else follows just to make things even more of an inconvenience!
  13. So my universal intercooler brackets came and its turned out quite well, although i do need a couple more brackets to secure the bottom of the cooler and another for the top to brace it. As you can see on the last 2 pics there is an extra brace to make it a little more sturdy just need another now to attach the other side. Also tried it both ways to see which way i prefer.... im thinking the blank side to make it a little more stealthy. Next up, more chopping of the bumper to accommodate its full height and area for the boost pipes to go.
  14. Oh yes theres going to be plenty of that, i was dreading the whole fabrication side of this project, chopping and grinding but tbh im actually really enjoying figuring things out and making it fit