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  1. If you put IS300 manual cluster into google it doesnt show that bottom display
  2. Ive only seen the speed diaplayed there on the Altezza custer but maybe there is another version? That is identical to my is300 auto cluster.
  3. That is an auto cluster, the little display in the bottom right is what shows gear positions. Manual cluster does not have that bit, only the odo display above it. Unless its an Altezza cluster but they normally have Altezza where is says Lexus
  4. Nice and welcome to the club, not many knocking around on here with 2jz-gte conversions or built/turbo converted 2jz-ge. I have a project thread on the go on here with a built 2jz-ge.
  5. Ive got BC racing BR series on my IS300 (not sportscross) i love them so far, height and dampening adjustable, come with top mounts and easy to install and set up.
  6. Ive seen this before when the junction box in the footwell had water leaking into it. Has the car had a windscreen replaced before? Check in the front foowell carpets for water.
  7. So seeing as my wheel arch roller has come i decided to give it a go. Tried my best to not crack the paint but i think its pretty much impossible. I heated the paint/metal with a heatgun and gently kept adjusting and rolling until the lip was rolled and arch slightly pulled. Only a couple of slight cracks on the edge, prettt hard to see so i will probably have a go and get this cleaned up and painted. Anyway heres a few pics... Image quality seems to have been completely killed by the forum, i tried 😂. Also got my Fuel pressure sensor installed too
  8. 300-320 at the wheels would feel pretty fruity. I look forward to updates and videos!
  9. Nice to see 1 of these get fettled with, good list of things done too. What kind of power will the mapping see?
  10. Good write up, thanks. Glad its a good bit of kit, i may invest in 1 soon. Is it pretty loud?
  11. Yeh the dealer experience was good although it was an Audi/VW dealeri got it from so not the usual Lexus standards. I do love black cars, my IS300 is black and like you say it just shows up everything, it needs a good detail. Yeh those blo dryers look good, ive seen people use leaf blowers too. It will need a real good clean once all this snow goes.
  12. Hi, no i travelled to Lincoln to get this, even though im just 10 mins away from Lexus Wolverhampton and 30mins from Lexus Birmingham. Thanks, yeh im looking forward to having another go at it tbh as that moisture really did ruin it. Also looking forward to getting some side by side shots with the turbo IS300!
  13. Thank you, nice i did look at these and the new Corolla Hybrid too. I do love the look of the new Corolla.
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