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  1. Have you considered an all weather tyre, The tyre reviews website quote a Nankang Cross Sport tyre . Apparently they sell this tyre in the US and Canada with a guaranteed 50000 miles warranty ...........see the link,,,,,,,,, // It reads really well.................Hope you enjoy the car Best wishes
  2. Have decided to plump for the Yokohama BluEarth Winter V905 tyre. They get reasonable reviews and are attractively priced. But before I do I will relook the Nokian tyre comments on Tyre Review site. Many thanks for all your inputs
  3. Many thanks for the replies to date ..........however the options on my current 20 inch alloys (235/55/r20) are very limited indeed.........michelins and goodyears are unavailable in my size.
  4. I own a 2016 RX 450H Premier and have been looking for a suitable winter tyre on my existing spec 235/55/R20 tyres. Does anyone have any experience of the Yokohama Bluearth Winter V905 235/55 R20 102V . Hoping to buy them currently at a better price off season. Many thanks
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