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  1. Could be.. last keeper never bothered to properly service car... So far sorted cam belt, fresh oil, oil filter, air filter and decent coolant. Last keeper lashed in cooling system water... For last 7 years had bmw's, was sick to fix them even if you look after them they will break for no reason! This Lexus is so well built that it survived all poor service! No other car could survive... Another thing it's so easy to work on!!! Car was on knees when i bought her, but absolutely fall in love! Ordered thermostat ( take ages to get to normal operating temperature) Bosh su
  2. Hi! Noticed that when car started up on cold it smells of fuel. When car is hot i can here bangs in exhaust every time i switch gears ( remove foot from gas pedal) Please help 🙂
  3. Hi again! Thanks to everyone for reply 🙂 Noise was coming from cam belt pulley 🙂 Fitted new kit and noise gone!
  4. Could someone with same car and engine give advice? How bad is it from what it should be 😅
  5. About diesel same thoughts here 😅😅😅 Yes will change oil and give feedback
  6. Just an update on this, when engine is cold it's sounds normal... So i suspect wrong viscosity oil...
  7. It was private seller mate 😞 It's my problem now 😖😖😖
  8. Welcome to Europe's Leading Lexus Club! Please Enjoy!

  9. Hi! I'm newbie here 🙂 Purchased Lexus IS 200 few days ago, on test drive engine seamed ok, but after few days i stared to hear rattling noise from engine... not sure maybe it's normal.... Please advise 🙂
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