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  1. Hi Guys, Firstly a Happy and Safe New Year to all. Has anyone fitted Alloygator rim protectors to their 17" wheels? I had a perfect set of 4 until I stupidly parked to close to the kerb and damaged the LH front wheel. I am thinking of having a set fitted when I renew my tyres. Cheers, Greg
  2. Thanks Brendan, I will follow your example, and change my tyres to 50 profile when the time is right. Greg
  3. Hi Brendan, did you notice any drop in performance or reduction in fuel consumption? As you have increased the tyres circumference I wondered if you noticed any difference. This is something I would like to do once my tyres require changing. Cheers, Greg
  4. Thanks, I did have the Sat Nav turned on, I don't have lane departure on my car so it must be the speed camera warning. It's good to know it is not an EMC warning, Thanks Guys
  5. Hi, I am new to ownership of a 2016 CT200H. I have noticed that the car makes a rapid beep beep sound every now and again. At first I thought this was a change of speed limit warning, but this does not appear to be the case. Does any body have the answer to what this noise is supposed to indicate?
  6. Hi, I have a late 2016 CT. If I press the Home button in front of the joy stick the screen shows 3 options, select the Navigation map and you are away!
  7. Hi Martin, Thanks for your advice, I have now tried it with the parking brake set and it works perfectly. Result!!! It makes sense when you think about it, and no I am not planning to by-pass it. Cheers, Greg
  8. Hi Eltel, Because the car was parked in my garage the parking brake was not on. Now I've pressed it the DVD plays perfectly!!!!! Thank you for this information. Best Wishes, Greg
  9. Hi John, thanks for getting back to me. According to the hand book, just putting the DVD into the slot should set everything in motion, which it does up to a point. The sound track plays and a small blue screen appears with a red no entry sign 🚫 (red circle with a diagonal line). There are 2 greyed out buttons at the bottom of the screen, one of which says "FULL SCREEN" the cursor will not move into this area. The DVD is an original . I am aware that you cannot play a DVD whilst the car is in motion, and the hand book tells me this. The car was stationary in the accessory mode s
  10. Hi, I have just purchased a late 2016 Lexus CT200H Premium in Mesa Red. I am delighted so far with the car, but I am having a problem getting the DVD player to operate. When I insert the disc I get the sound track but there is a "no entry" sign on the screen. The car is parked up and only the accessory circuit is operating. Is this a dealer fix, or am I doing something wrong? Greg
  11. Welcome to Europe's Leading Lexus Club! Please Enjoy!

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