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  1. Perhaps I was a bit harsh to use the term "rip off" but I feel that the proposed increase in premium is totally uncalled for. I will stick to the same tyre size, but be selective in what brand of tyres I choose.
  2. Hi, I am getting close now to having to buy a new set of tyres for my CT200H Premium, the recommended size is 215/45/17W 87 load rating. This is the size of the Yokohama tyres that are fitted to my car. I have been following the posts on changing the size slightly to 205/50/17V or W, in order to reduce the amount of road noise in the car and soften the hard ride a little. This seems to be the route that quite a few forum members have taken, and seem to be pleased with the results. As a precaution, I enquired with my insurance company (Saga Insurance) if this was ok to do and after a 2 day delay they replied that it was OK, but wanted to charge me an additional £62.50 per year for fitting in their words "larger tyres". There is no way I came going to pay extra for something that as far as I can see poses no extra risk to the insurance company. I would be very interested in hearing from anyone who can recommend a quiet 215/45 tyre. Greg
  3. I can't help but wonder what the publics reaction would be, if following Brexit, petrol/diesel pumps returned to displaying the price in gallons instead of litres!
  4. There is no need to panic. If your car is pre 2005 just switch to premium petrol which will still be E5.
  5. Hi Guys, Firstly a Happy and Safe New Year to all. Has anyone fitted Alloygator rim protectors to their 17" wheels? I had a perfect set of 4 until I stupidly parked to close to the kerb and damaged the LH front wheel. I am thinking of having a set fitted when I renew my tyres. Cheers, Greg
  6. Thanks Brendan, I will follow your example, and change my tyres to 50 profile when the time is right. Greg
  7. Hi Brendan, did you notice any drop in performance or reduction in fuel consumption? As you have increased the tyres circumference I wondered if you noticed any difference. This is something I would like to do once my tyres require changing. Cheers, Greg
  8. Thanks, I did have the Sat Nav turned on, I don't have lane departure on my car so it must be the speed camera warning. It's good to know it is not an EMC warning, Thanks Guys
  9. Hi, I am new to ownership of a 2016 CT200H. I have noticed that the car makes a rapid beep beep sound every now and again. At first I thought this was a change of speed limit warning, but this does not appear to be the case. Does any body have the answer to what this noise is supposed to indicate?
  10. Hi, I have a late 2016 CT. If I press the Home button in front of the joy stick the screen shows 3 options, select the Navigation map and you are away!
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