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  1. I have recently moved the CT200h on and still have my set of winter wheels and tyres. These are the facelift version (p/no. 426117690) and have 215/45/17 Yokohama Winter tyres fitted, all with min. 5mm tread. 2 of the wheels were brand new last year, 2 of them have some curbing but are perfectly usable as a winter set. Will also throw in 4 x new genuine wheel centres and 16 x wheel bolts. Will post up some picture as soon as I get the chance. Available for collection from Basingstoke. Looking for 350 collected. Any questions, let me know.
  2. I can confirm that when I purchased my 8.5 year old CT last year from the main dealer, I was able to to add the 2 year extended warranty at the time, so in effect have the 1 year used car + 2year extended taking the car to 11.5 years old when it expires. Hope that helps.
  3. Thanks all - I am 5 months into a 1 year Select Used Car Warranty (which I hope covers this fault) and I purchased the 2-4-1 warranty to kick in at the expiration of the select warranty. It was only that I was surprised at the request for a diagnostic charge payment - I have never had this with my many German marques in the past but I am new to Lexus so wanted to see if it was common. Let's hope the warranty does what it was intended to!
  4. Hi All, my 2012 CT which I purchased from a main dealer in July has a bit of a problem. I have a wet a pillar and drivers carpet. I suspect it is sunroof related but don't really know, have checked the drains which all seem OK and all other seals. Anyway, reason for my post is I thought it would be a simple process to get this sorted under warranty, however, the supplying dealer tells me there is a £85 diagnosis charge to pay when I take it in. Is this normal practice for Lexus dealers? While I expressed my surprise to them, I didn't argue as I need it fixing. To be honest, I ha
  5. 🙂 Most Porsche owners tend to think there is only 1 brand of car - I am not in that particular gang and even though I think the 981 is a wonderful car, it is certainly not without its faults! Every car needs to suit an individuals needs - for me, this one was about running costs, size and specification and it ticks all those boxes. I can see why people stay with the German brands to a point, and I was guilty of that but this car has definitely changed my outlook. When it is time to change, another Lexus will ceratinly be on the list, but it will all depend on circumstances/needs at t
  6. Just wanted to provide an update after a few months of ownership.... Haven't done many miles as I am still WFH and try and take the 'toy' out as much as I can in the summer months, but my thoughts are as follows: Ride is not too hard as many journos would have you believe - I would say a times it is 'crashy' but not hard - I have absolutely no problem with how it rides Refinement is a little lacking - some of the plastics are a little creaky (centre console and particularly door handles) and it could do with some sound deadening around the wheel arches but for what it costs
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