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  1. Poundy

    Dash Cam

    In all fairness I wasn't really bothered about the rear cam it was just a bonus. The main objective was to record scammers diving on the bonnet or reversing into the car etc. The car is rarely used with more than 1 or 2 on board as it's the wifes run around. I use it for local use save getting the XF out which is not keen on the very short trips, but we both really like the CT especially it's no tax and low running costs, I think it will be a long term car for us. UTV!😄
  2. Poundy

    Dash Cam

  3. Poundy

    Dash Cam

    Thanks everyone for all the feedback. I decided to go with the Nextbase Duo and find the one unit up front with the rear Telephoto lense works well and keeps everything nice and tidy. Perhaps taking out the unused middle headrest would improve the view but I am happy with the results for now. The main thing is having the camera in view to deter any cash for crash scammers. Halfords labour for fitting and hard wiring into fuse box cost £10 so that was a done deal.
  4. Poundy

    Dash Cam

    I have been thinking of fitting a front & rear dash cam system to the CT200h. Looked at the Nextbase Duo which has some good reviews but am a bit concerned that the rear is viewed via the front mounted camera instead of a seperate rear mounted unit and as such may give a restricted rear recording. Any members having fitted cams, I would appreciate any feedback. Thanks
  5. Poundy

    Speed Camera Warning

    Keep getting the Beep! Beep! warnings when the Sat Nav Is on, it can be a bit annoying when travelling the motorway. I have now discovered, although no mention of it in the Sat Nav Handbook that it is the static speed camera warning. Pity Lexus didn't build in the option to turn the volume down or cancel the warning, or did they??
  6. Considering the cost of AA home start etc. Less than 250 a year is great value
  7. Poundy

    Front grill upgrade

    We do not ship to any International locations
  8. Poundy

    Overall performance/speed

    Lol! thats what wives do I tried to steer my wife towards a Civic as I liked the fold up/fold down rear seat. I thought it would be nice to be able to stand the golf club bags up, instead of knocking my car interior around. Sadly she saw right through me and bought the one she wanted, but I have no complaints and she loves it. I think it helps with her new saving the planet fad, we are now having our milk delivered in glass bottles and avoiding plastic wrapped food
  9. Poundy

    Overall performance/speed

    Agree the Ct200h just voted most reliable car, no road tax for pre 2017, and great economy, completely different market, a reliable low cost second car. By comparison the IS250 is very thirsty, high road tax and only 204bhp. I think it was termed a 6cyl with 4cyl performance. Having said that it is a sweet looking car with the Lexus edge to it and still a lot of upside. I think Hybrid & Electric will be the way forward for Lexus.The Japanese tend to look for better engineering & reliability over performance, just my 2c
  10. Poundy

    Sat Nav orientation

    Not at all Chris, always thankful for any help offered.
  11. Poundy

    Sat Nav orientation

    Sorted it, I tried pressing down again on the rotary knob while in map and it enabled movement to the compass icon. Pity they didn't state that in the manual
  12. Poundy

    Sat Nav orientation

    Hi Chris My problem is getting on the Icon to click it, turning the rotary dial doesn't take me to it nether does moving it side ways and up. I will try again later Thanks
  13. Poundy

    Sat Nav orientation

    Thanks Colin I had already seen this post but it didn't help without the Vid. Fingers crossed I have now PMd JLexusT in the hope he will send it to me :-)
  14. I suppose it is comparing apples with oranges, the CT is great as a city/short trip car where emissions and fuel cost come into play, easy to park and easier on the eye and a bit different from most of the other hatch backs. I have never been able to quite put my finger on what market the IS was aimed at, like all the Lexus range it has plenty of kerb appeal and the Lexus quality goes without saying. It still didn't tick many other boxes though with high vehicle tax, limited rear passenger space, thirsty petrol engine and at 204bhp a 6 cylinder motor with 4 cylinder performance. I think now it has been dropped and the IS300 hybrid is on board with similar performance and only 30% of the running costs the IS250 will be available at bargain prices for the astute buyer
  15. Poundy

    2013 or 2014 ct

    Just picked this up for my wife for similar mile usage she is loving it, we had to strech to £13,700 but the facelift Advance has a few upgrades and it came with front and rear park assist and sat nav. It had 33k on the clock and came with full Lexus approved 1 year warranty which includes Lexus Assist. I also added another 2 years Lexus warranty with Lexus Assist for the price of 1 year £495, I figured the RAC/AA at home cover with the same benefits would cost me close on £300 for 2 years so the extra £195 for total warranty for 3 years was a no brainer.