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  1. Thanks John Yes the new battery supplied by Lexus is 45ah, I did notice that it is now a AGM type battery which should hopefully make it a bit less subjective to low voltage problems than the previous wet cell battery. How is the keyless entry function turned on and off?
  2. I find our 2014 ticks all the boxes as a local town/city car and like 200h's post ours averages around the 60mpg mark with a best of 90mpg when concentrating on keeping battery use at a max. We pay no road tax because it is pre the recent changes to the tax. We have a low fixed price service plan including MOT etc for the last service and the next 2 years. They are liked by insurance companies and fairly cheap to insure, and very easy to park in congested areas. Lexus did a special extended warrenty 2 for 1 years which includes full Lexus breakdown service and worked out at .£225 a year, for me a no brainer. The Lexus customer service is great and they pick up and drop of my car FOC to their depot which is a 45min drive away from my home saving me a 3hr double trip. The only negatives for me is the radio/Dab is a bit of a pain and use of the navigation system is a little over complicated. It's not a very exciting car to drive if you are used to a bit more oomph! but I don't think that was really in the design brief and not what I bought it for. My other car is a Jaguar XF R-Sport and I find that as stable mates they make a perfect combination between them to cover all my excursion needs.
  3. I had a new battery fitted even though the OE one seemed ok. I still find if I don't use the car for a week or so even after fully charging the battery with my CTek the Voltage still drops down to about 12.2v. Is this normal? The car stiil starts ok but I was wondering if it is worth turning auto lights and wipers off when parked up are they likely to have stuff running in the background?
  4. Thanks Guys, Herbie I got a Tacklife T8 MAX for xmas, nice bit of kit, lol! it is in the jag so am well prepared, I also have CTek smart charger so I might wire the comfort lead up to make it easier to get to. The car only does 3-4k a year local stuff.
  5. So if the 12v battery is charged off the hybrid I/C is it still subject to the car being run for a specific amount of time to make this happen. Or will it always have power available as long as the hybrid battery is charged? i.e if the car is stood for a long period and the hybrid battery has charge could the 12v still go flat.
  6. Thanks Herbie that's great information, I am a glutton for car Knowledge and will start to research the CT more and try to get a bit more up to speed on it. Perhaps that was why the Lexus tech thought the old Aux battery still had some useful life in it and I had jumped the gun getting it replaced when it was reading low 12s. It has a very small part to play in the great scheme of things. Still all done now and good for a few more years hopefully. Thanks to you too John I have copied it to my Lexus info folder😊
  7. I cannot really see the sense in buying new when you look at the massive depreciation hit they take in the first 2 years. I bought a 2 year old dealer approved Jaguar with 13,400 mls and saved over £20k on it. It came with 2 years full factory warranty and I purchased another 2 years which gives me 4 years trouble free usage plus Jaguar breakdown cover and MOT failure insurance The same with our Lexus CT200h, low mileage, Lexus 12month warranty and they had a special on 2 year full waranty for the price of one for £450 which included full breakdown cover. When you look at what AA and RAC are charging for their top cover, that would cost close on £300 for 2 years. It's nice to buy the New and latest models but when I think I have saved over £35k on these 2 which are both in top condition, it's a no brainer for me 🙂
  8. When we last visited Lexus for a new auxiliary battery fit, the service tech informed me that the CT200h was neither fitted with an alternator or a starter motor. We were a bit pushed for time so I didn't get him to elaborate on it. I am okay with the way the hybrid battery system gets it's charge from, but I am wondering if that is the case, where does the Auxiliary battery gets it's charge from and what starts the petrol motor when required? Still feeling my way around the hybrid lol! so any knowledge on the matter would be appreciated.
  9. The same scams been going around for years now, there is also a variaton using paypal deposits. Just different people using the same scam they also try and suck owners in selling there cars to part with them then cancel the payment. Chase your bank to pull some strings with Nationwide to try and get it back, also Ebay should have a customer protection in place somewhere so keep at them. Unfortunately it's the way it is now, if you avoid getting robbed on the net the chances are they will try and get you on the loads of phone scams or email scams. Sorry for your loss and hope you get your cash back and find a nice car.
  10. Very valued comment's I have spent many years in the motor trade and am aware of most of the failings in it.lol! I have done many ground up renovations on higher end classic cars in my time. This is my Australian 1992 MB V8 500sl Convertible, pictured being the most recent. Having retired now and spending most of my time back here in the UK and leaving others to do the bulk of the work I still have a habit of checking the work that's been done afterwards 😉☺️
  11. There is a Lexus Essentials Care service available for cars over 5 years old that is around the prices you posted currently £165 interim & £290 major. You don't get the full service though so hence the reduction in price. Our Ct is a very low usage car and the one we use for local town use etc, it will probably be lucky to see 4k a year but it still has nigh on 2.5years warranty, breakdown cover etc. Also being zero tax and having great fuel economy I will just keep it to a high standard of repair and run it indefinitely. My wife loves the practicality and ease of parking of it and it keeps her out of my Jag lol! so all good for now, I have done the deal and will see what is on offer when this one finishes. They did do a free puncture repair while it was in for a battery change so that was a bonus 🙂
  12. Thanks guy's I was out getting a new battery fitted today as per my other post and signed up for the 3 service and MOT deal, seemed a no brainer considering the future price rises thay may be on the horizon plus 10% discount on anything I need. Depending on Traffic my nearest Lexus at Fort Dunlop is between 30 & 40mins away so the fact that they are happy to come and pick up the car do the required work and then bring it back, which means a minimum of 2 hrs travel time for them takes some pressure off me. If I needed a car I could drop it off and get a loner until it was sorted, but that's something I am unlikely to need, so all good.
  13. Thank for the comments guy's Lexus battery now fitted 🙂 So I took my car out to Lexus at Fort Dunlop today to have my tired 12v battery changed, it could have probably lasted longer as the tech said it only initiates the system at start up and then the hybrid battery does everything, but at 4.5yrs old and showing 11.8 to12.1v I got a new one fitted. It appears from my research that Yuasa are making these as Toyota only supply and the 45A wet cell is not available elsewhere via online or retail supply. The nearest in other makes I could find being around 35A, which are cheaper but slightly different dimensions. So they fitted the new battery, disposed of the old one reset whatever was needed did a video health check and found a nail in the front tyre which they repaired FOC, the tech said this is always a free service as long as they are repairable, so that's worth remembering. While all this was going on I was sat drinking some very decent coffee and eating all their biscuits in the lounge They eventually bought the car back round to the front door washed and vacuumed and relieved me of £95 inc vat. I thought this was decent value for money and was impressed with the service delivered so thanks Lexus 🙂
  14. Lexus have just offered me a 3 year service plan for the coming year 5 @ £172, year 6 @ £356.25 and year 7 @ £161.25. Plus 3 MOT's @ £39 each plus 3 fuel treatments @ £15 each. all inclusive of vat They are saying this is a saving of £278.05 or 23.98% but I am not sure if that is kosher, looking at these prices, Any comments appreciated, it is my intention to have regular Lexus service every year although the car will only do 5k or less per year. Just not keen on direct debits unless the savings are really worthwhile lol!
  15. Thanks Colin, I couldn't find anything left on so presume it's just age related. I presume the 12v must play some part in start up as the handbook says the car will not start up if it is flat.