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  1. No the new service date will be June in future unless you want to change it. Lexus honour any warranty because of the extension. Mine was the same due late March and the MOT was due on the 29th but Lexus shut down. I couldn't extend my MOT because it was only extendable for car MOT's due on or after the 30th so I had to get it done elsewhere although it was part of the Lexus service plan. Like you our car has only done 1-2k since last June but I have now booked it in for service back to late March so I can get the MOT & service done in one hit to save 2 visits.
  2. Hi Karen Judging by the thread title your battery is not the usual one but the rarer 12 Vault version. If the Tacklife Jump start doesn't work for any reason, you could try doing this. Simone Biles - Vault 1 – 2018 U.S. Gymnastics Championships – Senior Women Day 2 - YouTube SORRY! 😄
  3. I have 2 vehicles in Australia that have been on C-Tek maintenance charge for over a year now because of travel restrictions during Covid19. a friend pops in and makes sure everything is going strong no problems. They don't come any smarter than C-Tek with pulse charge and all the safety devices incorporated to auto shut down in the event of a battery or charger problem. No way you could boil a battery with these pieces of kit regardless of which amperage you choose. I think the Ukrainian guy is talking out the other end of his body if he spouts doubling the battery life with a charg
  4. My Father used to say " cheat me once, shame on you" " cheat me twice shame on me " 😉
  5. I am a somewhat of the opinion that Hybrid cars may be a bit unorthodox service wise for the local indy. But you do need to have confidence in the people who service your cars, I am very happy with my Lexus dealers performance and as such would recommend them. Our Ct200h only does about 3,000 mls a year, even so it is serviced by Lexus on a fixed price 3 year service plan that is paid monthly which includes the Hybrid battery report. I have the MOT done at the same time and the car is picked up from my home address some 15mls away and returned when all work is completed. I also take
  6. Scroll down to the free warranty extension on the right in this link. Hybrid Health Check & Services | Lexus UK
  7. As long as the yearly Hybrid battery health check is done, additional hybrid battery warranty is extended for another year for up to 15years. So traction battery change should not be a worry for the ownership of most.
  8. Unfortunately the YCXO.8 is only really suitable for small batteries, lawnmowers etc. While it will charge the CT which in comparison to bigger diesel/petrol variants is reduced amperage it is still going to be a long winded job. For example it is only putting 0.8amp per hour into the battery so a completely flat battery like my 45amp Ct would take in the region of 56hrs to charge. Added to which smart chargers take longer to do the job as they go through various correction processes. In comparison my C-tek MX 5amp smarter would reduce the 56hr charging time to around 9hrs if in the
  9. Mine is a C-Tek smart charger but a similar beast I should imagine
  10. I find a permanently fitted C-Tek comfort lead an ideal add on for easy charging and voltage check. Mine goes on a top up charge as needed or around 3 weekly in lockdown when usage is a lot less.
  11. Well they managed to get it sorted, apparently a glitch in the system adjusted the warranty expiry date to the breakdown cover extension date. Most have been corrected but a fair few fell through the cracks, so might be worth checking yours. I was also informed that all calls are now diverted to the head office call centre, mainly because of customer feedback on waiting times at the service desks when in branch because of the service desks constant time spent on incoming calls. I was told that if I had a need or preference to speak directly to the branch service dept the
  12. Yes it's getting them on the same page though, the warranty admins are saying 17th of April but it has to be renewed via the dealers. The dealers have it in the Lexus group vehicle system as 17th July and keep saying the renewal date will start from then. I know they have in error bundled the warranty in with the extended covid19 breakdown cover and April is the correct renewal date, but now it is all done by remote call centres it is like trying to teach a cat to bark. I will persevere for the time being then try Customer service next week if no joy. Failing that I will just give th
  13. I have left it with a young lady to investigate, said she would be getting back to me but not holding my breath lol! It seems that Birmingham used to be Vantage but is now Stephen Eagell. Not sure if that is relevant but it appears that all my calls no longer are answered by the dealer branch in Birmingham but are now diverted to various call centres. The new future service plan call centre couldn't help with a current service plan query and booking my next service while trying to add additional work proved problematic. It's a shame because they have always been spot on when I
  14. I took the Lexus extended 2 for 1 year warranty when I purchased the car which should expire on the 17th of April according to when I took it out and the documentation I have. I have been told by the dealer that it does not expire until the 17th July and is in the Lexus system as such, I contacted the lexus warranty number on the Lexus site who contradicted that and said it was 17th April. I did get a letter from Lexus several months back saying that the included breakdown service had been extended by 3 months because of covid19 lockdowns but there was no mention of the warranty bei
  15. This is how quick and easy it is without a catlock fitted Catalytic converter theft Gone in 60 Seconds - YouTube
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