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  1. Poundy

    Hybrid Badges

    Interesting you should say that I had MB caps on my SL and Jag caps on my RSport, both took a walk when parked in the city. Still nice to be in a position that you can replace them instead of being in the position you need to pinch them 🙂
  2. Poundy

    Hybrid Badges

    No repair done, the outline of the previous badge was still visible upon close examination. Perhaps it was eased off by a collector lol!
  3. Poundy

    Hybrid Badges

    The new one they sent is on and rock solid, need to make sure it's in the right position though as you only get one chance lol!
  4. Poundy

    Hybrid Badges

    No repair work has been done, so I presume it fell off or was taken by someone. Still the nice Lexus salesman is getting me one F.O.C sorted 🙂
  5. Poundy

    Hybrid Badges

    Hi Guy's I just wanted to confirm that there should be a Hybrid badge on both rear doors. I only have one on the nearside rear door. I have the forecourt pics pre purchase and there isn't one one the drivers side, so if there should be one I will chase the salesman for a freebie lol!
  6. Poundy

    DAB radio interference

    So cracked on and eventually made progress today albeit probably the long way round, as the nav book was of little help and refreshing DAB just came back with no signal. What I found worked for me was to go into DAB and select Manual, I then pressed the right arrow on the dash (between the Radio & Media buttons). Once it had searched and found a clear channel, I toggled right to the next page with the joy stick, selected preset from the menu and pressed and held down on the joystick and it preset that channel to number 1 I returned to manual, right arrow to next channel and repeated the presets another five times. Once I had my six preset channels showing on the preset screen and had selected one to play, I toggled right again and selected Stations from the menu this brings a drop down list of all the stations on whichever preset channel is selected. So even though it was a long winded effort from an old timer lol! I now have 6 preset channels all of which provide a number of station each and at the moment seem unaffected by the dash camera.🤞 fingers crossed
  7. Poundy

    DAB radio interference

    I think it is probably a set up problem as much as anything else. It only shows a handful of stations on a Hereford & Worcs channel, whereas the DAB on the Jag, lists Multi Channels and loads of stations. Of course the CT Nav book is about as much use as a candle in a storm for information on the unit, which seems quite common for Japanese produced cars. I think the books lose a lot of information when being translated into English, where many other foreign car makers tend to do a stand alone language publication. Too hot to sit out there and mess with it today but will try and get into it when I have a bit more time and patience, it's been a hard day and I need beer lol!
  8. So our DAB radio seems a bit hit and miss, sometimes works great and sometimes no signal. I recently had a Nextbase Duo camera fitted and noticed when no signal and I turned the Cam off it came back on. Not convinced it is purely down to the Cam though as it had happened before I had the Cam fitted on a couple of occassions. FM is fine so happy using that but have noticed when travelling any longer trips in the XF that DAB seems more stable than FM. Any help appreciated, Thanks
  9. Poundy

    Dash Cam

    In all fairness I wasn't really bothered about the rear cam it was just a bonus. The main objective was to record scammers diving on the bonnet or reversing into the car etc. The car is rarely used with more than 1 or 2 on board as it's the wifes run around. I use it for local use save getting the XF out which is not keen on the very short trips, but we both really like the CT especially it's no tax and low running costs, I think it will be a long term car for us. UTV!😄
  10. Poundy

    Dash Cam

  11. Poundy

    Dash Cam

    Thanks everyone for all the feedback. I decided to go with the Nextbase Duo and find the one unit up front with the rear Telephoto lense works well and keeps everything nice and tidy. Perhaps taking out the unused middle headrest would improve the view but I am happy with the results for now. The main thing is having the camera in view to deter any cash for crash scammers. Halfords labour for fitting and hard wiring into fuse box cost £10 so that was a done deal.
  12. Poundy

    Dash Cam

    I have been thinking of fitting a front & rear dash cam system to the CT200h. Looked at the Nextbase Duo which has some good reviews but am a bit concerned that the rear is viewed via the front mounted camera instead of a seperate rear mounted unit and as such may give a restricted rear recording. Any members having fitted cams, I would appreciate any feedback. Thanks
  13. Poundy

    Speed Camera Warning

    Keep getting the Beep! Beep! warnings when the Sat Nav Is on, it can be a bit annoying when travelling the motorway. I have now discovered, although no mention of it in the Sat Nav Handbook that it is the static speed camera warning. Pity Lexus didn't build in the option to turn the volume down or cancel the warning, or did they??
  14. Considering the cost of AA home start etc. Less than 250 a year is great value
  15. Poundy

    Front grill upgrade

    We do not ship to any International locations