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  1. Advice About Tyres

    check these out very good prices , ive searched many sites and these seam to be the cheapest for the SAME TYRE !!
  2. i cant figure this 1 out ! ive had the tyres checked by the dealers and they say there is no puncture (not even a slow 1), :) yet two (yes only two) of my tyres lose pressure..... ;) more when its cold, or if i leave car parked for a WHOLE DAY without driving, then the tyres drop to about 10psi (which means when i make a turn they completely lose all air !!) BUT when i refill the tyre, (back to 35psi), i can drive it for 200 miles non-stop and it ont lose any pressure?? NOW, heres another thing, my friend has an is200 also, but his is a yr newer to mine. YET HE IS HAVING THE SAME PROBLEM !! could it be a fault in the alloys? the guy at the dealers said that alloys can expand and contract in different weather conditions and that the alloys may have become pourous, (ok i can believe that) but y only 2 tyres then if its the alloys? y not all 4? can any1 help explain whats going on? OR IF ANY1 ELSE IS HAVING A SIMILAR PROBLEM ?? :shutit: (and if its the alloys, could i get Lexus to replace them (my car is an 02 reg tho so waranty etc is over isnt it)??
  3. Big Drop In Tyre Pressure

    to Jocksuper7; yeah they did change a valve on 1 side only tho... didnt drive car yesterday so gonna take it to filling station to c if its stopped/slowed any leakage??
  4. Headlights Staying On

    what if you leave the switch on the 'auto' then switch off engine, take key out and open driver door... do they still stay on? or have you tried cleaning the sensors on the front right corner of the dash (could be covered so lights stay on .... but then agen, should still go off when driver door opened... puzzling that one... cant help you any further ...sorry mate
  5. my is200, has "dunlop 9000" directional tires (cost £120 each), and lately they keep losing too much pressure?? i cant understand it? anybody else get this problem? im havung to check the pressure twice a week and they drop from 40psi to 20psi in a week.... but funny thing is, its just the rear two (front 2 ok). ive taken it to lexus who have checked for slow punctures etc but NOTHING !!! theyve even taken the tires off and resealed them... ....i was on the motorway and it went tottaly flat, luckly the tires are high performance so did not come off the wheel even when doing 80+mph!!...kept driving on the flat rubber till i realised happend! i was told by lexus that they have reinfoced 'wall-like' sides ..... otherwise at that speed they would have probably torn apart.... i just want to know if this is common with lexus alloys/tires etc or if any1 else has had this problem??????
  6. Pwr Outlet 15 Amp Fuse

    had exact same prob myself, but bought some fuses from local car parts place for 65p each. bought a spare of each amp just in case. theres one thing i havent managed to fix or find in the manual and thats the fuse for the 'reading light' (the 1 near the sunroof) does any1 know if that has a fuse and if so where is it? or is it the actul bulb that could be fused (not checked that cuz not sure how to take light cover off ) ta
  7. Key Issue

    ah ha .. if doubt.. ebay ! cheers !
  8. Cd Player Is Is200

    I GET THE SAME problem ! copied discs at high speeds you can just 4get it.... but at 4x it ok, tho stil not brilliant !! even with original dics (works best ) but still skips at times, what ive noticed is that you have to leave the cd player off for a minute or so whilst sriving then try it. if it still skips, swich it off then on.... hey presto it works. thats what i do... off then on and it works. BUT if u swich off engine when player is still on , then turn on engine, the cd (which was playing fine) will now skip, so i have to off/on the cd player ands its ok again... strange !!
  9. Snow

    if using the snow mode, does that make the car more heavy on fuel ?? or is it just the same economy as when driving wihout snow mode at the same rev/speed ?? (does that make sense?) .....
  10. Key Issue

    right, thats great if they will suplly a blank. but do u know if that will that have the 'holes/buttons' for the door un/lock and boot ??
  11. Key Issue

    IVE JUST BOUGHT AN IS200 SPORT, 2 things i got to say: 1: i have 2 keys, 1 black eith boot relase (no snapped in two) & 1 grey , with out boot release button ???is that normal. i didnt get 2 master keys !?? and 2 :: the owner gave me 1 black key and 1 grey key. the black key has snapped (metal key snapped from the remote plastic fob) . i contacted lexus &was told it all had to be replaced ! (cant rejjoin / swap cases etc ) and will cost £180 inc vat + labour @ £70/hr (should take no more than 1 hr thet say) i was also wondering if i could get a key to code in myself ??? could i get a key which has a boot-releae on to code myself??
  12. can u use normal unleaded fuel in the altezza rs, or do u have to use the super-unleaded? been told different stories and as im about to receive my altazza v shortly, was beginning to get anxious/worried , incase i use wrong fuel -type? what about the AS version then? my friend has an AS200, which should he be using? also just quering, is it possible to convirt to LPG and use this? would this nacker the engine / cat etc?!?!?!