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  1. My local Lexus dealer used a system that I don't think was Techstream (but must have been similar). He programmed everything in about 5 minutes.
  2. You are about to dive into a rabbit's warren of obscure and mystifying sorcery! Anyway, I bought a blank for my RX400H from Car Keys Online ( It wasn't too expensive. Cutting the key can be done by most good high street key sellers. I'm not sure that many in the UK can programme them though. No key cutter here in France could programme the key to start the car - only to get into it without the alarm going off by selling me a cloned chip. I ended up going to Toyota to get it fully programmed (60€). You will finds loads of posts and articles online (includi
  3. A bit more information, which may still be relevant (it's from a while ago). The Five Stages of Prius Hybrid Operation | PriusChat It's a lot more complex than I first thought. PriusStageModeReference051408.pdf
  4. I did look at the HA site before I posted, but the documentation doesn't go into detail about those particular items. It's the"idle check" I'd really like to know a bit more about. I think it's something to do with the"glide" way of driving which can be turned off in the settings. The video you linked to shows it but not in enough detail for my curious mind Let's see if the developer comes back to me on YouTube
  5. Maybe someone who uses Hybrid Assistant can help me out with this. On the display on the right that looks like a piston, it shows if the engine is running (when it's green). Under the rpm display it shows S1A S1B S3, S4 or "Idle Check". What do these mean? I've looked through the documentation and it's not detailed. There does not appear to be an easy way to contact the app developer (short of going on Facebook which I avoid like the plague). I have left a comment on one of his YouTube videos, so maybe I'll get an answer from there. Given that HA gives more detailed information than
  6. I found that even after a 2 hour run my Ctek charger considered that the battery was"flat"and took another 3 or 4 hours to get it up to"full". And that's with a new battery. Now it's warmer, I found that the small battery keeps its charge a lot longer than during the winter. I'm still monitoring with a Bluetooth monitor and over the last 2 weeks the loss in voltage is about half of what it was over the same period in February/March
  7. I'll join the "Grom working well in my RX400H" club. OK, it's not 100% trouble free, but I think that's normally down to the apps I tend to use most (b****y Sygic being one of them). Most of the time, it does exactly what I need it to do.
  8. On my old Navara, the battery clamp actually used the "lip" to hold the battery.
  9. I just visited my local Lidl (Villefranche, France) and the bars were there for 39.99€. They fit really well.
  10. Quite often the "protrusions" around the base of the battery are only clipped on and can easily be removed.
  11. I find that 2 empty cans and a bit of string works well.
  12. And this is their answer to my question asking if it's ok to recon AGM batteries seeing as the manual for my Ctek says (or implies) that it isn't. So now it's 😞 again. "Yes, it is very much true. Still. Recond program is developed for flooded batteries (including EFB), to mix/balance the flooded acid inside. Recond can be used to treat an already stratified battery, or to prevent severe stratification. As a preventive treatment, we recommend once or twice a year, depending on battery characteristics and usage. AGM or GEL batteries are not flooded, and therefore does not suffer
  13. The manual for my MSX 7 which is about 10 years old says that the recon programme is for wet and ca/ca batteries. Hmmm...I'll drop them an email.
  14. If it does not say AGM, then it isn't one. AFAIK, you can't use a Ctek reconditioning charge on an AGM battery although I would be happy to be proved wrong!
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