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  1. I own an original fully loaded is200 sport from 1999 .. my mate owned it for 9 years bought it from a Lexus dealer who owned it from new, did 3 thou a year maintained it no expense spared. I paid £1000 for it put a new clutch in, full Service, gearbox oil, diff oil, four tires and had the tracking done .. be good for another 100k .. you would pay five grand for the German equivalent nowadays to get worse reliability than an IS that you could get for a grand . Japanese quality of the 90’s is a good investment, either the to use as a work horse or to appreciate what it it is knowing it will only rise in value.. amazing car.. only wish it was a rs200 4 pot and didn’t have a the throttle that had a proper **** mind of it’s own, rant over a good day to all 👍🏻