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  1. 22 years old and still looks amazing the paint on these Lexuses as it changes from red to blue in a sunset I never used to be a fan of silver cars but this colour is special
  2. I bought my 99 is 200 already lowered 40mm but ride is quite crashy.. question is, is it because the dampers are set to a different ride height so don’t work and bottom out and potentially not doing what they should and need replacing to suit.. if it wasn’t hard times ideally I’d get the tein street replacements and just get it done but with the roads around here need a quick fix 👍🏻
  3. I agree it was just to compete with bmw .. I have a 1999 I S 200 sport which they didn’t sell many of in the first year due to it was heavily priced with all the options it had on .. then in 2000 they took most of the options off them made it affordable and sold **** loads and they made a hell of a car.. was never meant to be a performance car but I’m the same think it could do with a bit more power.. mines oem apart From a 25mm drop.. looks great factory timeless
  4. Indecisive if to modify my oem 99 is200 sport.. want more power but almost impossible without spending a small fortune from the learning ecu to the fact the electronic TB is a d£&k and does what it wants.. throttle response is let’s say.. non existent.. anyone got any advice on improving the dated tb ..I’ve heard about putting the jzx Tb on but standard that throws engine management problems in the mix.. being honest the uk IS is meant to be a bmw beater not a B road basher like the Jdm altezza .. just seems like the platform has a lot more to offer.. love the car .. a lot of car that everything works on 21 years later, Lexus ought to be proud 👍🏻
  5. Hi all✌️.. I have apex 40mm lowering springs on my 99 is200 way too low and bumpy for where anyone lives in the uk .. also sank quite a bit I’d recommend anyone stay away going to go for some 30mm h&r heard they have the best ride out of the springs out there 👍🏻
  6. I own an original fully loaded is200 sport from 1999 .. my mate owned it for 9 years bought it from a Lexus dealer who owned it from new, did 3 thou a year maintained it no expense spared. I paid £1000 for it put a new clutch in, full Service, gearbox oil, diff oil, four tires and had the tracking done .. be good for another 100k .. you would pay five grand for the German equivalent nowadays to get worse reliability than an IS that you could get for a grand . Japanese quality of the 90’s is a good investment, either the to use as a work horse or to appreciate what it it is knowing it will only rise in value.. amazing car.. only wish it was a rs200 4 pot and didn’t have a the throttle that had a proper **** mind of it’s own, rant over a good day to all 👍🏻
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