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  1. Matt Hillyard

    Decisions! Help!

    See these are the problems I am having, The pic of mine looks mint and just needs a bit of lowering but the 18's are a nice optional extra to add to the IS. I am leaning towards reconditioning the 18 inch sport alloys dark grey and fitting them and seeing what i think. I like my 11 spokes but just wish they were a bit bigger......the TTE Chicanes are the ones i really want though as they are lovely!!!
  2. Matt Hillyard

    Decisions! Help!

    Hi All, I have an IS200 and I have just managed to get hold of a set of the 18 inch sport alloys. Like these!!!! I currently have the 17 inch 11 spoke dark grey wheels on my granite sky car which I think looks the nuts. Like this: Now the sport alloys need reconditioning so the choices are: - Keep the car as it is even though i really like the sport wheels. - Recondition the sport alloys in the original silver and keep it OEM - Recondition the sport alloys in the same dark grey as my 11 spokes I am leaning towards the recondition in the dark grey like my 11 spokes but wanted your thoughts!!! Cheers!! Matt
  3. Matt Hillyard

    If It Was Your Money......

    El_bandido I've heard that coilovers stiffen the ride more than springs and as it's a daily driver I don't want to compromise a lot of comfort for looks. Avi have you got Apex springs on ur Lex and if so would you recommend them as an option?? I am concerned 30mm wont be enough to look any better??
  4. Matt Hillyard

    Is200 Clocks In Is300?

    My IS200 auto has the power and snow dash lights?! I am not 100% sure if they are interchangeable but am guessing they should be? I am not sure if it is dependent on which year of clocks you get though as i think that pre and post May 2001 are different in the IS200. Hopefully someone will be able to clarify!
  5. Matt Hillyard

    If It Was Your Money......

    Hi All, I am undecided what springs to order. I do a lot of motorway miles with passengers so don't want a bone crunching ride, its more for looks purposes than performance. I have heard great things about Eibach but not that much about H&R..... What would you order if it was your money??? Thanks, Matt
  6. Matt Hillyard

    Sat Nav Update

    I have a suspicion that the Sat Nav (if like the RX300's) runs off a CD and if so can only be updated by buying a new CD from Lexus
  7. Matt Hillyard

    Anyone Using A Japseed Exhaust?

    I always tend to think you get what you pay for and I've been doing a similar thing with springs but saving for the Eibach's as these seem to be the ones to run on the IS's. Save a bit and get one you really want i say!!! HKS all the way!!! hahaaaa
  8. Looks nice Ormi!!! Looks mint! Love your car! The stance and mods are awesome! Nice choice of window stickers too!!
  9. Matt Hillyard

    Converting Is200 Dash To Smd

    I have just changed the Dash with the kit from Auto Illuminations on Ebay (lightmeup - LOC) and the SMD kit looks awesome, I am really happy with it and it certainly pleased i did it!!! Now to decide what to do about the center console. Thanks for the help guys! :)
  10. Matt Hillyard

    Anyone Using A Japseed Exhaust?

    Cant say I've seen them before but i have been eye-ing up the HKS Silent Power as I don't want the noise just a nice note and nice exhaust tip. :P
  11. Matt Hillyard

    Converting Is200 Dash To Smd

    Ok cool, thanks Phil, I might have a re think on that then! I am not totally against soldering and am quite happy to get stuck in but I just get very nervous doing stuff to the Lex as i know its not a cheap fix if it goes pete tong!!!
  12. Matt Hillyard

    A More Sensible Alternative To Lfa Wheels?

    They look awesome!!!! Really really nice!! B)
  13. Matt Hillyard

    Converting Is200 Dash To Smd

    I mean the air con switches. I know the Stereo requires all sorts of soldering which I wasn't too keen on getting into. If there are no kits, does anyone know the bulb types I need to do this?? Thanks, Matt
  14. Matt Hillyard

    Converting Is200 Dash To Smd

    Are there any Center console SMD kits????
  15. Matt Hillyard

    Converting Is200 Dash To Smd

    Thanks Dinho!!