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  1. LOL.... 'twas a lovely evening for everyone who were able to make it... and for those who didn't please try and make it next time :D sorry for the delay in sending the pics over... for a event I think it was a fairly decent turn-out.... hopefully next time, we can get more of that car park filled ;)
  2. excellent :) it'll be getting dark very early, so it'll feel like a late night meet :)
  3. not officially for the Jap Cars no... but they can't stop us from turning up :D they just refuse entry into the car park for any japanese vehicles! quite discriminatory i think, but ahh well.... it's still a good show :)
  4. next month is a possibility with me too Wozza :) wanna plan something?
  5. not for me tonight... just got far too many things on :( sorry lads
  6. woohooo :) Congrats Sagitar! Definitely a worthy winner! Fantastic Image :) Chris your question about what camera people used, mine was the 5D (on this occasion) at 30mm F6.3 ISO1600 and 0.6s exposure, handheld. Here are a the other images I promised to post, out of the ones I had difficulty deciding which to enter :) enjoy...
  7. Okay here it is... I'll upload the others once the comp is over :)
  8. Sorry mate only one pic per user .... rules on page 1 :winky: okay here's an idea... i'll upload all 5, and you guys pic the best one to enter :D
  9. I can't decide which to enter :( shall i enter all 5 ?
  10. darn it... Chris's entry is fantastic... not sure if i'll be able to top that... I gave it a try on the way home tonight, so i'm just transferring it from the camera... I'm not happy with my entry, but i'll upload it anyway :( actually my avatar aint too far bad for a Lexus at night :)
  11. i'll close my eyes when i take the pic? i won't use a tripod? erm... pleeeeeeeeeeease
  12. oh no :( i want to enter!!!! I'll get a pic online tonight!!! DEAL?!
  13. Thank you everyone for your lovely Birthday wishes :D Apologies for not having more time to clock-in a few more hours here on LOC but glad you guys are still thinking of me :D :D Ciao4now, but i'll be back..... soon :D ;)
  14. Hello Everyone, Just to let you know i'll be seeing you there, I'm planning on staying up over the weekend with a few friends, so had to buy the full weekend pass, with overnight stay. Do we have a club stand? If so, I can bring my car over on the Sunday...? Either ways, i'm looking forward to it, and looking forward to seeing those that are coming. Niraj.
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