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  1. Yes AJ, its reg. date is Oct 2019 I think; that actually hadn't occurred to me,could be an error in data input, or just they the way they've decided to notate these things.
  2. I haven't had an email, but when I got the recent warranty work done on my LC500h, detailed here: my LexusLink app was updated with confirmation:
  3. Got this back yesterday; all now fine with the central armrest; I don't think it would have been £4,500, the service manager wasn't sure but thinks the LC centre console isn't as large as the LS, so would have been a bit less. Also, the petrol flap is NOTICEABLY better; instead of just popping out half an inch or so, it now pops out probably 2 inches. Must be a more powerful spring/ejection mechanism.
  4. I hope that was under warranty, Graham!?
  5. To me, nothing, as it's a warranty issue, but I might ask the question.......
  6. Just an update on this, it's been delayed as the armrest parts haven't arrived yet. Probably be next week now.
  7. Mines in next week for a software update and one or two other things, I'll mention this to my service guy then, and if I don't get anywhere, I'll approach Lexus UK as well.
  8. I knew about it in advance but didn't mention it; when the dealer rang me to give me an update on the service they were doing and any issues/cost, he just mentioned it then as 'it needs to be done' as if it was a known issue and just needed scheduling.
  9. Dealer just contacted me, it's scheduled for a full unit replacement week after next, all under warranty. Seems to be a total one-off problem.Going to do my petrol flap recall and software update all at the same time.
  10. Spoken to my service manager about this, he's never come across it before. I've sent him some pictures, he's going to investigate what's needed and will come back to me.
  11. Yes, me also. I had my LC serviced at Lexus Bolton (no issues) on 23rd September; the service history in the app shows a hybrid health check on that day, but not the service itself.
  12. Had a problem with my LC today, for the first time. The lock on the central armrest cover (the one that locks and unlocks it so you can lift it/keep it down), has broken off & is just rattling round inside the lid. It's a semi-rectangular metal flap. The lock to its left, that allows it to slide back and forth, is fine. Luckily the weight of the lid keeps it 90% closed and I have my left arm on it most of the time, but its still annoying. I'll get on to the dealer tomorrow, hopefully a warranty job at barely 2 years old & 9,000 miles. Anybody else had this issue?
  13. I looked on and off for 4-6 months and I know what you mean. I got very lucky with mine because it was a Head Office marketing car and they just delivered it to my local dealer once I'd paid a deposit. So I didn't have to travel far! I bought it 'unseen' but I knew it was going to be fine, so I didn't feel I was taking a risk. (It only had 4100 miles on it). Don't forget to check the official Lexus used list as well as Autotrader, etc: there are cars that appear on one but not the other.......
  14. If you configure a brand new LC on the Lexus website, it doesn't mention Car Play at all and the pictures of the interior don't show it either. Not sure why this is?
  15. Lovely that Martin, I've got the hybrid in black with black interior, its more than fast enough for me! Had it since March and absolutely blown away by it. Still getting ridiculous attention from people about it, I'm sure you'll get the same. I had mine serviced for the first time last week, no issues at all. Apparently there's a software update due: it's not actually in the dealers yet so they are going to bring it next month when it's available, along with the infamous petrol flap recall. With yours being a model year newer than mine, you may not need these however.
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