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  1. Each car should be allowed to be in its optimum gear - that would be fair For me, I’m more and more in favour of a car being less fast and more enjoyable. As you know that was one of the reasons for leaving the F. I felt I had to spank an F car to get enjoyment out of it and third gear just egged me into fourth (if you know what I mean)
  2. Reading around, this test is a complete mess. The W204 isn't stock and the M car had a remap. .
  3. I taxed the AMG today, was thinking about SORNing it, but sod it, I'll use it for shopping and popping out to pick up my daughter (which is allowed).
  4. RC-F is a great car to pass the time with. In all fairness, I came to the conclusion when selling my RC-F, the market for them is minute. This conclusion takes into consideration that a £30k car would usually be bought on finance and that most people want M, AMG or RS. I think it's a case of sucking up the loss on trade in, or waiting until the value drops.
  5. V8 Esprit - brave 👍 NSX for me..... I had a pic on my wall as a student (right next to Kate Bush). I just think the NSX could well be the sweet spot performance wise on the road and it's already a classic
  6. It is possible to commit no errors and still loose. That is not a weakness. That's the Lexus RC-F 🤪
  7. Yes, driving an AMG, I do find myself 'torquing' a massive amount. All quiet in the RC-F I guess? 🤣
  8. £50k...... I'd get two cars. Maybe a 997 and a GS-450h / Volvo S90 Oooooooo - Honda NSX. Yes, an NSX
  9. Funny you should say that. There was a funny noise coming from the front of the car. I pulled over and you'd never believe it, but there, stuck right in the grill was one of those Toyota RC-F things. Can only think it had got sucked in. Poor little thing. Never mind, it wasn't a Carbon edition, just one of the poverty spec'd Blue ones.
  10. For my no 1, I am going to rob @emjay82's No 2 - the induction noise. I think that eventually people will realise that the noise inside an IS-F will always be better than the noise outside. IMHO, any after market exhaust for an IS-F, GS-F or RC-F will spoil some of the pleasure presented via the induction noise (and add annoying boom). 2. Build quality - felt like a rock 3. Downshifting from third to second whilst braking hard for a corner. Loved doing that! Of course, there were things I hated about the IS-F / RC-F, and here are three. 1. Gutless engine i.e. low down torque. 2. Wolf in sheep's clothing. Of course this is a major plus point (sometimes), but on ocassions, I really wanted people to notice that F cars are blimin mega. The RC-F sort of cured this. 3. 8 speed gearbox. Linked to number 1. Caught in the wrong gear, the box takes for ages to pick a cog. I'd end up driving it in manual most of the time, but you still had 8 ratios to ***** about with. Got to be on it when overtaking!
  11. Damn. I missed this! Was it a good turn out?
  12. Can I 'buy' the cheaper guitars off you on PCP? I'll take care of them and hand them back to you in 3 years 😀No strings attached.