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  1. Thanks @4969_LXS. Definitely. Always loved them. Sound great as well. I would imagine they drink fuel however 😞 I used to be a big VW fan. I've owned..... 6 Golfs (GTi 16v x 2, VR6 x 2, 4 Motion and R32 MK5) and 3 Passats.
  2. Passat R36 seems pointless to me. Rather have a Passat W8
  3. Cracker!!! it’s often said that you can’t be a proper petrol head unless you’ve owned a Volvo 😂
  4. It’s not really the volume. It’s down to drone. All the after market exhausts will suffer from drone at certain rpm / load. Even the stock exhaust has a little. Some people don’t mind it others do.
  5. I’d think long and hard before buying an aftermarket exhaust unless it’s electronically switchable.
  6. I’m sick of storing some IS-F seats in my garage. Black. Good condition. Rear seats and driver’s. Have passenger leather as well (not seat). PM if you want to make an offer, otherwise they’re going in the skip next weekend.
  7. Having owned an IS-F and an RC-F, I moved to the 63 (w205) almost two years ago. There is life after F 😆 IMHO opinion, the 63 is more fun than an F car at low / medium speeds, but for my next car I might seek something even more involving..... maybe an A110 or an old school NSX.
  8. Amazing. Congratulations. You'll be selling ice cubes to the eskimos next!
  9. Dude! How you diddling? 😁 German cars. More reliable than expensive Swiss watches 🤣
  10. Go German. You’ll never look back 😜
  11. I wouldn't entertain an F car as a motorway munching machine. 8 speed box and lack of low down torque, I'd find it frustrating when overtaking. F cars are best when they are spanked. Up and down the motorway.... waste of a good car. There'll be better options out there.