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  1. Special pass granted - but keep it under 300 words 😀
  2. I was asking the opinion of F drivers - not 320d drivers!!!! 😜
  3. I’ve discussed my possible ‘jumping of ship’ with some F buddies today. The main consensus was ‘do not buy a C63’. So, would any of you F drivers be tempted by a switch to a Mercedes C63 (4.0). Love to heat your thoughts 👍
  4. 15,000 miles. Here’s one on Autotrader.
  5. The other advantage of NGenco is that it does a pretty good job of filling existing chips and can be colour coded. Important for those cars with a vanilla bonnet. Chances of finding an RCF with no chips will get less and less. What’s the average RCF mileage these days - 20.000?
  6. With the NGenco guarantee - no brainier. Being endorsed by my Lexus dealer is the icing on the cake. Two issues with stick on ppf. Firstly picking the right product and secondly finding somebody to do a good job. You can tie yourself in knots. Finally, I found PPF to be on par price wise with NGenco (which is a vastly superior product). Anyway, running an RCF ‘bare back’ is not something I’d consider. I’ve seen several RCFs with peppered bonnets. Each to their own. .
  7. Pretty sure that the NGenco website lists accredited garages.
  8. Yes - caugh our in a shower. I seem to recall being the only one out of EIGHT F drivers who refused to take my P&J out in the monsoon conditions. 😀
  9. F world is tiny mate 👍 Cant wait to hear it! I was dealing on the very exhaust earlier i the year in behalf of Ratty.
  10. It's this one -
  11. Lexus Cheltenham recommended one guy, but the cost was crazy. I went with Bayliss Accident Repairs. The exercise was mainly to protect the carbon bits - after all the carbon bashing that has taken place on this very forum 😀. My car is a garage queen covering minimum mileage so I didn't bother with the whole of the car.
  12. I spoke to Ratty about this. He told me that getting your tyre pressures right is more important. Yikes - five to nine - time for a cup of tea!