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  1. Out of interest, where'd they all go? FlyTvr - Mercedes C63 (205) @Rusty Crobar - Seat Cupra @emjay82 - GT86 - Peugeot @Warrington guy - BMW M4 @Big Rat - Lexus RX450h Where'd the rest of the x F car owners go?
  2. Sorry!!!! PINK!!! I'm good mate - thanks. How's you? Yes, still got the ASBO Merc. Been busy scaring dogs, small children and everything else 😂 I might now wear Merc underwear (skid resistant), but I still feel quite at home in the F world 🙂
  3. It's a red one. Deserves to be tracked!! 😀 If anyone buys it, I've got a nice set of IS-F seats in my garage..... along with an RC-F exhaust 😂
  4. MODs, considering the circumstances, please can you cut this post some slack? Due to long term illness, my very good friend's GS-F is likely to be coming up for sale soon. 2016 Lexus GS-F, Blue, 45k miles, FULL Lexus service history. Cherished and garaged. As soon as I have more information, I'll post it, but if you may be interested, PM me and I'll keep you informed. Thanks all. Dav 😞
  5. Yes sir, it's perfectly normal. All F cars do it (Not sure about the LFA 😊)
  6. Mesa red - definitely the last IS-F colour I would have. It's too wishy washy (IMHO)
  7. Outside!!! 🙈 Give me the keys back NOW!! 😂😜😜 Text apology on way to you as well 😢
  8. I’ve had to use that several times already. I’m on their frequent returns programme 😂 It’s ok however, I’ve had several weeks in the company of an E63s and a GT63. 😂
  9. Now your Lexus 'Crap' Nav can be bang up to date 😝
  10. I’m sure it would be fine being serviced by a competent garage. Would I buy an F car without FLSH? No chance!