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  1. Hard to get past that colour. I know that's subjective. I don't think it's as pretty as the coupe.
  2. Can definitely be done. Best part would be that you wouldn't be dicking with your own stock exhaust.
  3. Actually @Drssg , John's got a good idea there. I've got a stock RC-F exhaust sat in my garage. Could make a nice project!
  4. Ha! My limited time driving with you, I'm not sure I entirely agree! 😁 Anyway, when you buying an AM V12 V?
  5. Whatever you go for - make sure it's valved.
  6. No - I didn't know. Will look now....... WOW! Is that your's?
  7. Amazing to think that you’ll soon be able to get an RC-F for under £20k. Big Bang for buck 👍
  8. Hi Mark. I've owned both an IS-F and an RC-F. Not trying to push you in one direction, but I found the RC-F had plenty of space in the back. My daughter (11 at the time I owned an RC-F) fitted in the back no problem at all. The RC-F is pretty flexible. From what I remember, the IS-F was no better than the RC-F regarding rear space...... maybe worse. Good luck!
  9. @Big Rat, the most infamous LOC member of all time has gone AMG. Surely, his Lexus understudies will follow?
  10. I wonder how Covid-19 is going to impact F car prices? Possibly some bargains out there once the government stops propping up the industry.