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  1. I’ve had to use that several times already. I’m on their frequent returns programme 😂 It’s ok however, I’ve had several weeks in the company of an E63s and a GT63. 😂
  2. Now your Lexus 'Crap' Nav can be bang up to date 😝
  3. I’m sure it would be fine being serviced by a competent garage. Would I buy an F car without FLSH? No chance!
  4. Personally I’d stick with an ISF and save your pennies 👍
  5. Google is your friend 😂🙈
  6. You’re an amateur. I spent an hour trying to change it myself 🤣🙈
  7. Thanks Jon. I guess exhausts are a personal thing. I adored the QS on full chat - really - very good. The downside for me was the resonance when I was trying to make normal progress. It wasn't an issue at high revs or when pottering. Probably doesn't bother most people, but it did bother me - sometimes. I should say that this problem isn't just with a QS exhaust - I think most Lexus after market exhausts suffer the same.
  8. I actually prefer fake tips to real tips - glad the predictive text didn’t correct me there! 🙈 I loved the ISF tips 👍
  9. Thanks. I took me a while to photograph the F. I should take some pics of the Merc! I'll update the thread once I have.
  10. Yeh - I get that. Fortunately, around my part of the world there seem to be more John Deer, Massey Fergusons and BMW M4s 😁
  11. C63 drivers........ the worst 😂 And, who'd ever buy a white car? 😉
  12. LC500 V8.......probably difficult to compare against an IS-F, easier to compare with the RC-F. LC-500 is a lovely car. Feels very special. I'll underline those points. However, for the money, the performance is no better and the drive is very similar. So, I'd argue it's not worth the money. Having said that, some would say that the RC-F (or GS-F) isn't worth the money over the IS-F. LC-500 does however sound better than any (stock) F car. Very much looking forward to the LC-F (if it exists). Would love to see it having more low down torque.
  13. So glad I'm not the only one that has encountered this!
  14. :) Thanks Sean They are tucked up asleep
  15. Agree. I've driven a few GS-Fs and owned an RCF. On the road I couldn't tell the difference. The only thing I believe the GS-F has over the RC-F is better visibility over the bonnet - oddly making the GS-F feel smaller than an RC-F. I still cannot fathom why Harris was wild over the GS-F yet indifferent towards the RC-F. Same as Clarkson. Maybe I missed something!