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  1. I think with F cars, the issue is not just the lack of low down torque, it's the gearbox's insistance on getting into 8th by the time you are doing 6mph (slight exaggeration). Obviosuly this is done for fuel efficiency, but it's PITA when you want to make effortless progress. Yes, you can stick the box in to manual, but let's not forget that the IS-F, RC-F & GS-F are not balls out sports cars and are arguably every day cars.
  2. Sorry, don’t agree. Having covered a lot of miles in my previous F cars, to really get enjoyment out of them, they have to be spanked. This is mainly down to the lack of low down torque, something that the likes of M and AMG cars have in abundance.
  3. I can’t see it coming to the UK If it does however, for those wanting a new, beautifully built, ultra reliable naturally aspirated V8 - a great car.
  4. Obviously I’m swimming against the flow here with a lot of NA type fanboys o frequenting this forum. However, don’t believe all the hype about NA engines. Yes, they are suited to balls out driving and on the boil they are great. However, F cars (exception of the LFA) are not balls out racers - they are more GT. Having a high revving engine in a GT car - frustrating. FI engines - ‘suck to drive’, not sure about that..... really not sure about that at all. They allow you to utilise torque and make easy progress. The argument of ‘turbo lag’ is very 1980s. Hand on heart, as an F driver,
  5. Interesting. I'm hoping for a smaller capacity forced induction. Maybe they'll go the NSX hybrid route.
  6. I understand that it makes financial sense not to develop a new engine. All I can think is that Lexus have been listening to all the hype about naturally aspirated engines and hope people will buy more me of the last NA V8s. I’d save the cash and buy an RC-F
  7. Complete shame they’ve stuck the old V8 in it. On the plus side, maybe they’ll do something equally crazy with the LCF.
  8. I respect Harris, but it's beyond me how anyone can test an RC-F, pretty much dislike it and in the next breath rate a GS-F above an M5. I've driven RC-Fs and GS-Fs back to back so many times - and I dare anyone to seperate their driving characteristics.
  9. The only reason to go for a GS-F is if you want 4 doors (or to do some taxiing on the side). Don’t listen to the hype about the GS-F being so much better than the RC-F.
  10. My views are unbiased. Having years of F car ownership I'm allowed to have an opinion. I gave up my last F car for the very reason that you are accusing me of being biased. As for making derogatory 'truck' comment - I''ll file that under 'harmless banter' 🙂
  11. Definitely take off the after market stuff. I wouldn't touch anything other than a stock car.
  12. Has Jayemm driven a Lexus IS-F? Could get a bit of promotion.
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