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  1. Won't bore you all with what I've done, but I will say, hold on your F cars guys, the grass isn't always greener. Once I've got my head round my new car, I'll write a mini review discussing why I swapped out.
  2. Heh Dave. ENJOY! Great meeting you - and you have a lovely friendly family 👍 Look forward to hearing the results!
  3. Sorry - I wasn't clear, I was driving it. Not bought it. Epically fast car! Don't play with one in an F!
  4. Very good @Linas.P The IS-F pic is through the E63S windscreen
  5. More dribble about ride quality 🙈 Rear tyre wear. Really? It’s not bad at all, and I used to spank mine. IS-F, an excellent car. And it doesn’t suffer from some of the issues associated with the RC-F.
  6. Looked great. Sat behind you as you were parking 👍
  7. Should be 3.2, but I'm buggered if I can do it 😎
  8. I did it 3.7 seconds yesterday - but I haven't got a Lexus anymore. 😶
  9. Right - this is back on the market now that the car has gone. Price £600. If you want to hear what it sounds like - here you go.