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  1. Strange how he borrowed an RCF from a member on here, wasn’t very impressed yet loves the LC. Granted - different cars, but also very similar.
  2. Nice one. Tamora - don’t see many of those! I’ve driven Tuscans, T350s but never a Tamora. I test drive an Alpine. The one I drove didn’t have adjustable seats - didn’t suit me at all. But definitely another special car. I fear you won’t be the last to leave the F fold. Tough times round the corner
  3. I wonder if Lexus cars get to the end of the production line and sit there shaking, thinking "Please don't let my owner be a modder!" 😉
  4. As the saying goes, each to their own, not for me.
  5. Bjorn 😂 Yeh, steering rack was replaced under warranty. There’s a Toyota service bulletin that covers it. Symptoms….when going through a sweeping bend, just as your want to straighten the car, there’s a resistance to straighten and then the wheel gives. A bit like undoing a stubborn nut - resistance and then it lets go. I’ve heard of several others encountering it and have just ignored. I (and the Lexus technician) found it really unnerving!
  6. Right now, I don't see a very rosy picture for any 5.0 V8. People, without doubt will be cautious about buying an F car / LC. The price of fuel and tax are concerns. However, the bigger fear would be when it comes to sell the car - how many people will buy it? It may not be so much of an issue with the likes of an IS-F, but the higher priced RC-Fs and especially the LC, I can see difficult to shift. I don't accept the argument that those people that can afford such a car don't care. I personally have considered buying an LC, but I'm really concerned about when it comes to sell it a) What will it be worth b) How easy will it be to sell. Let's also not forget that a large chunk of the potential performance car buyers out there are mainly interested in performance figures and won't look outside of an M240, M2, A45 etc. I know when I was younger, all I did was look at 0-60 times!
  7. Shame it is just for Lexus owners. @Womble72 can Volvo owners attend?
  8. Regarding the drone, most of the exhausts won't drone at motorway speeds, but more of an issue when trying to make medium paced progress - so getting some drone is unavoidable I'm afraid - unless you have a valved solution.
  9. I’ve never seen an F exhaust that doesn’t come with compromises e.g. drone. I’d personally only entertain a switchable system. If drone is not an issue for you - Quicksilver is good.
  10. So pleased you are enjoying your LC. At £60k+ there’s a lot of competition out there, there are really few Lexus F and LC fans around and people are getting cautious about large capacity engines. I think you are incredibly brave making the statement ‘will always hold its value’. Finally, you’ll probably find most cars have increased in value since your purchase.
  11. Well, I did say ‘by the end of the year’. Several have appeared below £55k.
  12. What do you reckon - will we see LC500s being sold in the mid 40s by the end of the year?
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