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  1. Excellent Once fitted, do post some pics 👍
  2. How does that attach to the car? The option that might work is a CD holder variety
  3. Been three times with the Porsche club and loved it. Definitely go if you get the chance! As others have said, it can be full on, rowdy and chavtastic depending on where you stay. Memories for me: 1. Grandstand at 3am and the noise the Corvettes made 2. Watching the Audis and other LMP1 cars literally stick to the road as they travelled through the Porsche curves 3. Black Friday. Simply mad!!! 4. Driving the road parts of the circuit
  4. Owned from new 😮 Imagine that depreciation!! He’s lucky he didn’t hear your QS!
  5. Looks like it. The other guy probably didn't recognise Ratty's Trans Am
  6. Right chaps - let’s now leave this thread for those that want to enter the competition (please).
  7. The theme is SPEED. Seems quite fitting for a 5 litre V8! Don’t forget - one entry per member and the photograph must have been taken by YOU!!
  8. I’m going to run a monthly photography competition. Each month there will be a new theme / subject. Towards the end of the month, members can vote for their favourite image. Rules: 1. The image must be COMPLETELY your own work. 2. The image must adhere to the monthly subject / theme 3. The image must contain an F car 4. Only one image per member Right, I’m off to start the June thread!
  9. Sorry - Connor - I have voiced my opinion too vocally. Point taken.
  10. It's so that other chavs can recognise a member of their clan. Cosmetic crap - in all seriousness.
  11. Looks great BTW. Love the lighter ISF seats
  12. Going to sound daft, but I’m sure someone said you can use a steam iron and a tea towel to get the creases out
  13. And you’re daft enough to document your plan on here. i can just see the interview with plod. ”So, Mr FlyTvr. Do you know anyone who may have stolen your wheels?” 😂
  14. I would be surprised actually. Nearly all the people I know that own F cars are connected to the building trade!!! So, I’m sure they’d understand!