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  1. How boring - a bunch of Lexus cars of which none will break down. Pah !!! 😂
  2. Agree with everything you say there. Great car, but the 63 has more drama (visually and aurally).
  3. I found the C43 more fun than a GS-F. On a twisty B road, I'd certainly take a C43 - it feels so more placeable than the GS-F. Cracking exhaust on it as well.
  4. Not driven the M5, but I’d be tempted by a C43. Fun car - however, is the C43 an AMG?
  5. My old bus went to SS when I bought my current car. They’ve been pretty good.
  6. Seems to be all very random. When I sold my F, I posted a link to the garage selling it. The mods banned the thread. Madness 😢
  7. Orange - I would agree. Having said that, there is one suspect orange car that has been on the market since 1066 White - don't seem to hang round.
  8. Thanks for that. I particularly like the sheep running away towards the end of the clip!
  9. 'Pint of cold sick'. Where can I buy that? Sounds great! 👍😂 Can I also add that both my F's were modified. IS-F - That had a vanilla tree thingy air freshener RC-F - I put a brighter LED reversing bulb in it. Don't think it was any brighter - crap mod. 😂
  10. An LC-F would definitely be the car that would pull me back.
  11. LC500 Looks better (subjective) Sounds better Performance - splitting hairs Edit: I’ve driven several LC500’s
  12. Crumbs. If I had a red RCF, I think I’d be keeping a low profile.