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  1. Try HERE, hopefully will tell you what you need to know
  2. That's a good price, glad we could help. If you mention you are a LOC member you should get 10% knocked off the price too :winky:
  3. If the cambelt is due a change after 6 years which its is on the IS 200,I would have it done irregardless of milage,had mine done at 55000mls,the last thing you want is a snapped cambelt better to be safe than sorry. Totally agree with scudney, mine had only done 50k but it was 6 years old so had the belt changed. The original Lexus spec was 6 yrs/100k miles, whichever occurred first, but was changed to 6yrs/60k a few years ago. Better to be safe than sorry.
  4. I have taken my car to JEM for the past two services, one of which was the 60k service. They are in NW London (Colindale) and I cannot fault their workmanship. The major 60k service including cambelt, tensioner and idler replacement came to around £900 but this also included a few extras such as an MOT, brake fluid replacement and aircon service. I supplied both engine oil and spark plugs, which are available on ebay. They are not the cheapest around but they do fit genuine Lexus parts which for me is reassuring and as I say I would recommend them.
  5. I had my windscreen changed last year and recently suffered the same problem however am not convinced in my case it was due to the windscreen. I did indeed find some damp in one of the sockets in the fuse board and after drying out it seems to have cured the problem. I then removed the scuttle tray and directed water all around the windscreen so it ended up in the space below the wiper motor. This tested the bulkhead drain holes which were ok and I then checked for any water at the bulkhead wiring grommet above the accelerator pedal and around the fuse box wiring - found none. The windscreen glass protrudes about an inch below the sealant level and as water doesn't tend to travel uphill it can't get in that way. As the scuttle tray has holes in it water can easily enter there but should simply go out through the drain holes, worth checking they are not blocked. This was two weeks ago and since then we have had heavy rain and the problem hasn't reacurred. So how did the water get into the socket - I'm thinking possibly from damp and condensation rising from the drivers footwell - can't see any other way. Also, a few people have reported this same problem and have never had their windscreen replaced.
  6. Is200 Tyre Choice

    Can't help you with tyre choice but the above statement is incorrect. Many IS200/300 owners have had the same problem as you, the calibration figures used by Lexus for setting up the steering geometry are basically wrong. The correct settings are available from WIM. It's a long way from Plymouth but WIM do have authorised centres so there might be one near you. Had mine done at WIM a couple of years ago and since then the front tyres are wearing at the same rate across the tread.
  7. Headlights Staying On

    Seems a strange one, never fitted HID's, is there any wiring you have done that might have caused this? Perhaps try refitting the original bulbs if you can and see if it still does it? Back to my problem, I have been checking around the fusebox in the drivers footwell and found a very small amount of water in one of the connectors (a grey one). Cleaned it out as best I could and so far so good, but won't hold my breath. Couldn't find any evidence of water coming in through the bulkhead grommet, all wiring seemed dry - had a friend pour water over that side of the windscreen but couldn't see anything coming through. Hate these kinda faults, difficult to trust the car now, never thought I'd say that about my Lexus
  8. Headlights Staying On

    Just been informed by a neighbour that my headlights were on. Seems same problem as others have had or are having. Have checked drivers footwell fuse board and cannot find any evidence of water but did have my windscreen replaced last June :( Will try and check the connectors but they are recessed into the plastic kick guard (or whatever it's called!). Is it necessary to remove it before gaining access to the fuse board and connectors? I have removed the headlamp fuses to stop the battery going flat. The blue headlamp relay in the box next to the car battery was making a noise but I am having trouble trying to remove it. Does it just pull out or is it held in by a clip, pulled quite hard and it seemed to be moving upwards a bit but reluctant to pull too hard as I don't want to do any damage. Thanks
  9. Free Visual Inspection

    The results of the inspection weren't too bad; apart from a nasty little shocker - the front two wheels are slightly buckled on the inner edge. Annoyed, as it can only be parking up on kerbs which I haven't done. There's no noticeable effects on the handling so that's going to the bottom of the to-do-list (£380 fitted for two 18" refurbs from Lexus). Cam-belt and interim 'essential' service is being done next week at Lexus Bristol (£360 for the lot - not bad!). Anyone know what the differences between the standard and essential interim services are? Oh yeah, and they said I didn't have Lexus blades on my wipers which is why they were tracking slightly (£30). Never heard of needing a specific manufacturer of blades before! The parting-with-cash continues... :) Now that's interesting because I have fitted two different makes (and types) of non Lexus blades over the past few years and have suffered from wiper judder on both sides. I had a chipped windscreen replaced in May and am still having the same problem. I may well have to get the OEM ones fitted, hoping they might sort the problem. Out of interest does anyone know who makes the original Lexus blades?
  10. IS200/300 forum is probably not the best forum to post your question on - I'd try the Rx300 one instead :winky:
  11. Is200 17" Wheels

    That's a neat solution. Did they do this for Lexus nationwide? I ask because mine were exchanged during warranty and are now in a worse condition than they were back then!
  12. Is200 17" Wheels

    Think you'd be lucky to get a turnaround in a couple of hours tbh, especially if the wheels are in as bad a condition as Rob says they are. The ones I've looked at need the wheels for a day at least, if not longer. Some do offer a hire car if necessary. Also I tend to think the quicker the job is done the more likely it is to be bodged - just my opinion. There is always the option of the mobile refurbishers but I've not heard that many good comments about them, seem ok for minor blemishes but that's about it. I've just booked mine in to have them refurbed at £40 a wheel but with a three day turnaround time.
  13. Recall

    ... and they used the same site to check ;) That's possible I suppose. Interestingly on the IS250 forum some have entered their VIN and are apparently subject to a recall for the same fault - thought it was only the 1st gen IS 200/300 with the problem but it seems not
  14. Recall

    Anyone tried calling the Lexus Contact Centre on the quoted 0845 number to see if they give the same result as the VIN checker? Does seem odd though that not one poster has yet had a recall confirmed on the checker EDIT: I have just phoned Lexus who confirm my IS200 first registered in Sept 2003 is not affected so the VIN checker was correct in my case :P