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  1. What colour are you looking for - i.e what colour leather. I have a wheel I bought (secondhand) from the US which my wife now doesn't want me to fit. Speejo
  2. I thought I would add to this debate. I have owned two Mercedes ML, the first a petrol ML320 and then a diesel ML270. I changed to the RX300SE in the last couple few weeks. To restate what many have said you have to decide what you are looking for. In my opinion the Mercedes does have some clear advantages, the boot space is significantly bigger, it can have 7 seats, the interior is tougher, the external looks are more pronounced (tonka toy like). In these areas the Lexus has no strong image (this model not the brand), and the lack of space and 7 seats give far less flexibility. Comparing the Lexus to the ML320 (ML350 now) I have to say performance is very similar. I think the box on the Merc may have been smoother but my Lexus is new so I reserve judgement. Clearly the diesel is an added option and bonus BUT in my opinion woefully underpowered and down right dangerous in overtaking manoevures (especially with the family on French holidays). Personally I would not have replaced my ML270 with another the same, the engine is simply not upto it, so you then have to compare the ML350 and the Lexus. The Lexus has some very strong advantages, better ride quality, less body role, much better comfort, far higher specification or lower price for same spec. Never go off road so not an issue. Finances were also a concern - on my last ML the 270 I kept it for 28 months and sold privately for £6,800 less than I paid for it. The previous ML320 was £8,000 in 2 years for a petorl model. Both quite remarkable. I may have been forced to think about the ML270 again for this simple reason had it not been for the new ML due in 2005. This will (& is already) hitting ML residuals hard. In July, August and September the Glass/CAP valuation for a 2 year old ML270 has dropped by well over £2.200 in 3 months! Mercedes wouldn't even PX my ML because they had too many, they tried to find another dealer to take, couldn't, and offered £2k under trade book. As for discounts off new - you can get 10% off the Merc and £2k contribution to finance at the moment. Having said that you should expect no less than £2,500 off a RX300SE or above. I personally never like buying a car just as that model ends,the uncertainty as to future valuation is too big a risk. I have no regrets the Lexus it is refined, comfortable and amazingly equipped and will suit me very well for 2 years. OK 23mpg isn't great but I'll cope 29mpg in a diesel wasn't that much better. What happens then with the new ML and the RX400h - who knows that might be a different story. John
  3. Slightly hijacking the topic.. I have just installed 2 SAVV 7" headrest screens in my RX300 SE (this is a complete replacement headrest in OEM leather - just a bit bigger, see www.savv.com). Total cost of the screens was £780 including 2 pairs of wireless headphones. DVD player under the seat for £100 from Maplin. Took 15 mins to install (the cables come down the headrest tubes). Had the same system in my ML before I saw the light. Anyone else interested in the screens I can give you the contact details of an ex-pat Brit in the US I imported them from (twice now). Speejo
  4. In fact go into the US forum and read the message Rx 330 Transmission Problems?, Lacklusture transmission Sounds very interesting and very similar, possible on a different scale but clearly there is an issue with transmission and lack of power, particularly at low speeds. Speejo
  5. Browsing the US forum talking about the 2005 model and it included this paragraph "According to my local dealer, the EPA mileage for the 2005 Lexus RX330 has been reduced by 1 mpg compared to the 2004 models. Although the dealer did not have an explanation, I wonder if this reduction is a result of changes made to the computer-controlled transmission to improve acceleration and remove the transmission lag some people have complained about. " I wonder if this is referring to the same observation - ok different engine but interesting. Speejo
  6. Photo would be really good. Anyone know how much the rubber version is / will be? Speejo
  7. I'm in - only had mine a couple of days and I have noticed what you mean. Speejo
  8. Thornef Have been looking at this product by don't fancy the DIY approach, have you had this fitted, if so where, how much and was it a good job. Speejo
  9. For the record - current discount on drive the deal for UK RX300SEL is £2,576. Price £35,598 with metallic So go for new - you wont save enough on a nearly new from a dealer to make it worth the difference. Speejo
  10. Has anybody imported a "bra" or half mask. There are a few available in the US including a Lexus version for about $150. I am wondering whether anyone leaves them on or whether they just put them on for long trips. Any thoughts / experience Speejo
  11. That is the big question & one I went through. My considerations were: 1. You can get the RX300SE for £2,400 discount at the moment, there will be no discount on the hybrid. 2. The hybrid has been delayed a few times (as members with deposits down will testify to) noone is certain when it will finally turn up. 3. If you haven't ordered one yet you could be looking at end 2005 to actually get one. There is always a new model of something available 15 months away but on that basis none of us would ever buy. 4. The big uncertainty is price. If the hybrid matches price (& discount) then I can see a hit on residuals but if it creeps up by say £5k - so a real £7.5k difference I am not so convinced. Being an early owner of the hybrid should guarantee high residuals for the first year or so whilst availability is low - whether that will really hit the RX300 will for my mind depend on how close to being in competition they really are. My view buy the RX300SE now and then put an order in for a hybrid for about 24 months time when the technology has bedded in. I am sure others will have different takes - I am just too impulsive :D Speejo
  12. After 5 years and two Mercedes MLs we have just taken the plunge and gone for the RX300SE. As a driving experience there is no comparison to the Mercedes, I still beleive the Mercedes has the style edge but its old technology and the family will remind you of this everytime you go round a corner and they roll with you. (We also have w2 girls under 4). Personally the X5/X3 and XC90 just do not have the style, can't put my finger on it but just not for me. I think in the case of the XC90 is because it looks like a normal Volvo estate on steroids. Can't give any feedback on reliability except for our friends (also 2 girls under 4) who have had their's for over a year and swear by it. In terms of discount, check out www.drivethedeal.com, I believe current discount is over £2,350 off the SE, my local dealer got close to £2,000 which I lived with for the convenience. Discounts will be higher for the next 2-3 months. By November it will be 2005 model and in likelihood discounts will drop a little. I have now sourced two replacement headrests with screens so we can watch the Tweenies on long journeys. Great screens for about £750. Look forward to hearing other peoples views on the realiability factor. Speejo
  13. Anybody gone to the expense of swapping the steering wheel. I am thinking of putting the wooden wheel on. Ignoring the cost of the wheel itself, does anybody know how much a dealer will charge for removing the old one, putting the air bag unit into the new one and refitting. Not sure I fancy playing with airbags myself. Thanks Speejo
  14. Steve I only have the standard SE with Sat Nav not ICE pack. I then have two SAVV 7" replacement headrests with a DVD player under the passenger seat. What I wanted to do is to be able to view the DVD player (when stationary to check whats playing) using the Nav screen. If you get the SE with Navigator and ICE does this also change the head unit to the Mark Levinson one? Is this the reason my desire is not straightforward. Please PM if you have any solutions. Thanks John
  15. Depressing though it is (having ordered my RX300 SE Navigator two weeks ago) but the discount price from Drivethedeal has dropped. Current discount is £33,193 against list of £35,574 (incl paint) a discount of £2,381! So get haggling. Speejo