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  1. I traded my July 04 Lex RX300SE no sat nav or ice with 19900 miles on it to a Ford dealer 4 months ago and got £19800, there taking the P me thinks
  2. That would appear to be "job done" by Lexus then...or am I being cynical? Most of the people who cared gave up and sold their cars... me included Hope everyone is well Roger
  3. Well, I've finally given up. I have traded in my RX for a Mondeo ST Tdci. I can hear you laughing now but I don't care. It drives like a dream, goes round corners without falling over and best of all I can change gear without slipping a disc! I fill it up at the garage and it says 520 miles to empty, not 320! No more driving like a vicar in the hope of getting 28 mpg. I cannot believe how fast the RX is depreciating, the last two months 'glass's guide' have seen it drop £600 each month!! I know I'll probably lose more on the Mondeo but at least I'll enjoy driving again. Would just like to
  4. If you never listen to me ever again PLEASE listen just this once, you MUST drive the car you are going to buy before you hand over any cash. The journey you do to commute each day will drive you nuts if your car lurches. To test, pull up to near stop like you would approaching a rounderbout but then before coming to a complete stop (about 2-8 mph) go back on the gas......wait for the thump in your back, the car has no idea what gear it should be in, it's horrible. Sorry to put a downer on your new car but I would NEVER EVER buy another one. Roger
  5. Only in slightly lower maintenence :) I bet the IS200 hasn't got a crap auto gearbox either!!!
  6. Youknoweventuallyitwillgetevenworsewhenpeoplestopusingtheirspacebar
  7. Don't know if this will appeal to anyone on here, but Channel four are finally going to show the final 3 series of the best cop show ever on More4, four nights a week starting Mon May 8th at 11pm See Hear
  8. I agree with everything above, a few of mine would be... One speed women, they will do 40 down a side road with cars parked both sides having no idea weather a kid is about to run out in front of them and then continue to do 40 on a clear 60mph duel carriageway. Anyone male who thinks it is a requirement to drive hunched over the steering wheel wearing a baseball cap thinking he looks 'bad!' Ford Focus drivers, don't know what it is about them but 95% are morons, think they own the road, probably just gutted that their crappy job didn't entitle them to a Mondeo! (have a look next time you
  9. Filled with Optimax at 98.9p and it cost £61.99p although when done my trip computer said 359 miles!! You need to ease up on the right foot :D
  10. Playstation 3? Is that the replacement for the megadrive then? :D
  11. sorry your wrong, the people on hear moan if they have a problem yes, but i bet there are hundreds more with the same problems that have them fixed and dont even know about this site!
  12. Who ? Coming from Leeds you wouldn't know who Chelsea are, there in the premiership, thats the league above where you'll find Leeds.....ask your dad about 1970 :D
  13. Yes we do, you know it really :duh: Liverpool have won quite a few since the prem was formed actually. Especially since the 2000's :winky: And who said i was a liverpool fan anyway buddy boy Sorry, I thought you were as you don't live in Liverpool, a bit like Man U fans don't live in Manchester!
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