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  1. cheers for the replies, i have the car with me as im looking after it whilst hes away :winky: ( i dont mind roughing it every now and then ) so i will check the vin plate, i take it is the same as on the is200 i used to have ( the last 3 of the number ) cheers chris
  2. hi there, my dad has tried to get a touch up pen for his ls400 recently, its the amethyst pearl which is pinky silver colour, but his local lexus dealer reckon they cannot get hold of it anymore as it was a discontinued colour there must be a way to get hold of it somehow surely. i dont know the paint code, i did look in the knowledge forum but i cant find the paint codes anywhere. anyone wth any ideas on either the code or where he can get some. he is currently in the USA so he is gonna try over there to see if they have any but any help much appreciated chris
  3. well i just couldnt resist it any longer i had to add my fuel to the fire. i have been trying to sell my car for 2 months to dealers, privateers and anyone with a pulse basically, i started off at £13150 FOR A 2003 IS200SE 14500 MILES, immaculate condition fsh the lot. I then reduced it to £12500 still no calls, it was advertised on the autotrader, here, local papers etc.... no interest. my lexus dealer firstly told me they would buy it for £11500 only to knock a grand off when i drove the 55 miles roundtrip coming up with some crap about them having to warranty it again ( its got 7 months left ??? ) so I was less than happy and left. :tsktsk: Now I have just managed to sell her for £11500 today. So dont believe the hype from the dealers, they wontpayanyway near the going rate and will happily lose customers rather than pay near to BOOK price ( which is what they use isnt it ). from my experience the market is dying quick and im pleased to be getting out whilst I can.
  4. i am going to pick my next warranty booklet up in person, but it is 35 miles away and that is why we have a mail system in the uk.
  5. cheers raz , i thought there was a postie on LOC somewhere, cheers chris
  6. hi, Are there any postmen or postwomen in LOC or anyone else for that matter who can tell me what exactly happens to a letter once its posted, i mean where does it go from the post box and how does it arrive at the address. who has access to the letters before delivery to the address, and also what procedures are in place to prevent mail theft by employees. it s a bit of a saga at present but so far i have been sent 4 replacement warranty books and none have ever arrived at my address. I need to get things sorted before it gets out of hand and my car suddenly develops an identical twin racking up loads of speeding fines etc.... any help appreciated, i will be conducting my own investigation obviously but i just need a few pointers before i begin, thanks chris
  7. checked both pipes and they seem fine, although difficult to get a good look at them but i couldnt find any holes splits or damage, the cars only 2 years old so i cant imagine any rubber degrading that quick anyway, i can still hear the noise slightly but it may just be the throttle spring which is wound around the throttle assembly, this tends to vibrate like mad once the throttle is released. your right about the power steering fluid, its fine no problems there. I think the noise will remain a mystery as ive listened for ages today and i couldnt determine exactly where it was coming from. the revs have remained constant since that hard drive last week so i cant tell if they are connected or not. it will have to remian a mystery for now thanks anyway fluff, ill bring you some toblerone when im next in switzerland sometime over the summer. :winky: chris
  8. yeah fluff it was top right as you look at the engine from the grille, i was certain the noise was coming from the throttle area but my missus said it was coming from further to the middle, ill have a good look at those two pipes you mentioned they sound like likely culprits. if thse pies are split could they account for the revs altering slightly ? ? as for the power steering fluid its probably been like that since day one ive just never really looked or noticed it before, i need to pay more attenetion to the engine as i dont have a clue. cheers for the help :D
  9. i noticed the other night after i had got home after a 30 mile fast drive on some quiet A roads that when i lifted up the bonnet the tick over was up and down slightly between about 750 rpm and 1000 rpm, also there was a slight high pitched noise ( like air being sucked in ) somewhere near the top right of the engine, also i noticed that the power steering was bubbling inside the bottle a bit. i havent noticed it since but i just wondered what it could be and is there anything i need to check out or look out for. :duh: cheers chris
  10. well i emailed lexus gb and there answr was 63000 miles also with no mention of the age of the car, but my question is surely the belt wears with age aswell as use, so if the car is almost 7 years old it needs replacing, otherwise im gonna get to the situation where the car is gonna be around 12 years old before it gets to 63000 miles, that seems along time for a cambelt to stay on. anyway at least i know now i can relax for another 45000 miles :D
  11. pmsl now thats the sort of thing i would do, quality planning and execution :winky:
  12. one thing to remember goughy, if your taking a new is200 out on a test drive then there is no speed limits apparently you can drive as fast as you want to familiarise yourself with the car and it limits :P Or does that just apply to certain police officers
  13. i took my grille off first and scraped a small unseen section at the back of the grille, i was 99.9% sure it was anyway but it pays to check first. i used car paint remover nitromorse on mine using cotton buds to apply a liitle at a time then removing with a wet cloth it worked out nicely. i did post a pic before but im useless with pics so i dont know how to show you it again sorry. chris
  14. i used nitomorse and elbow grease on my is200 grille it worked a teat, im sure the 300 is the same IE: they are chrome under the powder coated paint anyway. i think colin barber did his old gs300 before cheaper than chrome stickers anyhow. cheers chris
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