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  1. cheers for the replies, i have the car with me as im looking after it whilst hes away :winky: ( i dont mind roughing it every now and then ) so i will check the vin plate, i take it is the same as on the is200 i used to have ( the last 3 of the number ) cheers chris
  2. the mats are now sold but the bike is still for sale :winky:
  3. hi there, my dad has tried to get a touch up pen for his ls400 recently, its the amethyst pearl which is pinky silver colour, but his local lexus dealer reckon they cannot get hold of it anymore as it was a discontinued colour there must be a way to get hold of it somehow surely. i dont know the paint code, i did look in the knowledge forum but i cant find the paint codes anywhere. anyone wth any ideas on either the code or where he can get some. he is currently in the USA so he is gonna try over there to see if they have any but any help much appreciated chris
  4. yes they do, they have lexus stitched into them in brown.
  5. further to my last message. does anyone have any idea how much i should be asking for two genuine lexus is200 oakham front mats in very good order. i thought somwhere around £25-£30 is this too much cheers chris
  6. a great 125 for sale, not to confused with honda g125`s etc.. this is a proper sized bike with 17" supermoto style wheels for great cornering speeds. 70-80mpg on average ideal for anyone learning to ride or for commuting. offers over £1000 considered. also anyone after any oakham car mats from my is200 se,the drivers side is in good condition with little use, and the passenger side is virtually unused pm me for pics of both items cheers chris
  7. as described above, they are out of my 2003 is 200 se, they are both in good shape with only minimal wear to the drivers mat and no wear at all to the passenger mat. they are genuine lexus mats anad have hardly been used because I put some ruber ones in instead over a year ago. any interested parties pm me with your offer. postage will be around £8-£10 i guess going by the standard parcels rate. cheers chris
  8. Car now sold so I will see you all again if I ever decide to get another car. But the way petrol is going i will stick to the bike for now cheers chris
  9. well i just couldnt resist it any longer i had to add my fuel to the fire. i have been trying to sell my car for 2 months to dealers, privateers and anyone with a pulse basically, i started off at £13150 FOR A 2003 IS200SE 14500 MILES, immaculate condition fsh the lot. I then reduced it to £12500 still no calls, it was advertised on the autotrader, here, local papers etc.... no interest. my lexus dealer firstly told me they would buy it for £11500 only to knock a grand off when i drove the 55 miles roundtrip coming up with some crap about them having to warranty it again ( its got 7 months left ??? ) so I was less than happy and left. :tsktsk: Now I have just managed to sell her for £11500 today. So dont believe the hype from the dealers, they wontpayanyway near the going rate and will happily lose customers rather than pay near to BOOK price ( which is what they use isnt it ). from my experience the market is dying quick and im pleased to be getting out whilst I can.
  10. i know its not a good time of year but i thought at this price it would fly its must be the sale of the century
  11. Well I know i said it wasnt going any lower but I passed my bike test today and I am really looking forward to getting myself a nice shiny KTM Adventure. so now I am really giving it away £12150 stay safe Chris
  12. Still for sale folks £12350 and no thats not a typing error looks like i cant even give it away cheers chris
  13. ok folks so far only a few people called but so far no firm offers. now reduced further so im hoping it will sell quick £12650 NOW 14300 miles on the clock, still got 8 months man warranty and still glenarvon pine green. 01947 840856 see you later chris :winky:
  14. just out of interest how much do ebay skim off you if you sell it on there, just im considring putting mine on there aswell as the autotrader. cheers chris
  15. ok folks its still for sale but now at £13150 now has 14000 on the clock just pm me if your interested cheers chris
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