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  1. I'm selling my baby, N reg 3.0 Sports 102 Miles She has had Stainless Steel exhaust (Custom made). New 18" wheels (Original available but one rear damage) Very good condition, fully loaded email me for more details. My Home page :zee:
  2. :zee: Well its time to sell my car, She's had a few mods since I have owned her that may interest some of you. 96 Reg 102k Miles Stainless Steel exhaust, Tinted black windows and after market wheels. Full electric pack, climate control, 12 disc CD player, gray heated leather trim, power steering, service history. She sounds and drives lovely. The Original wheels are available but one of the rear rims has an hair line fracture on it, so is a right off. Contact: David Tel: 07956904772
  3. I own a GS300 Sport and on my Logbook it dose not mention GS300 at all only 2-Axle-Rigid body for Model Type so I don’t think Logbooks are any thing to go by. I was also told that the Sport had a different trim from the standard GS300 but I have not seen one to compare.:?:
  4. I own 1 Mrk1 GS300 Sport and was looking to replace the head-unit with a TV nav system but im not sure what head unit would be best or if it can be done. Any help would be good. David
  5. Try this site may help or just give you some ideas. David:cool:
  6. Thanks Guys looks like Mark at TDI will be getting quite a bit of my money. Oh well easy come easy go (if only it was easy come). Thanks again for the help. David Curley
  7. Just had fitted a set of Avon's fitted to my GS after previous owner had a assortment on her, plus one went all pear shape (I now know why). Any way got up this morning the rear was flat so pumped it up inspected it for nails and air loss, but none. So back to the tyre shop to have the valve looked at and there they were two air line fractures in the rim. So I am in need of a rim 10x18 Borbet 9 spoke has fitted by Lexus :(
  8. Im trying to find a Induction kit for my Mk1 GS300 Sport, if any one could help i would be grateful or any other tunning option.
  9. Try this site, look under Toyota, Admiration, Aristo 91. They have a car with eyelids for £150 or you could change lights for these. :cool: Enjoy. David Curley
  10. Been looking my self try these. Look under Toyota for Lexus Kits. These are just pic's of kits. One shows a mk1 GS300 with a Mk2 GS300 kit but i dont know the company that makes it. Scroll down page on this site. i do have more site so email me if you want more. David Curley:D:cool: