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  1. Happy Birthday EvilOmar!

  2. just downloaded n qualified as sharpshooter, no set up my commander yet but once thats done gonna do the obstacle course cool looking game tho ←
  3. Cool BF1942 is a good game, tho i must admit sice gettinxbox live its so much simpler, Burnout 3, Forza and Ghost recon2. defo interested tho
  4. EvilOmar

    Evil's Lexus

    My favourite toy
  5. Finally sussed out how to do this here you have before and after pix of both car an d wheels. Im chuffed tho didnt go down the too dark tint route (I think)
  6. Im biased but only wanted the GS300 sport, nothing else would do cos i just love them wheels!
  7. forgot to add, he now has silver colored carbon fibre as developed by NASA alledgedly, looks like the usual stuff but silver as it has an aluminium weave! raw materials x3 the cost but a product usually works out x2 the normal cost
  8. Im getting one from styling fx £170 (roofline height) £150 half height fitted tho no sprayed. bloke actually makes them n they are well smart 01294 213222
  9. hi there saw someone putting a posting up about someone having the plastic lids covered. Spoke to the nice man at Styling FX and has quoted £30 for the cruise control cover all in carbon fibre, not just covered and £37 for the fuse box lid, these will be for the GS300 Mk1 as he's using mine to make the moulds. The fuse box lid is just a cover for the plastic due to the clipmountings he'd need to machine into the lid if it was just out of carbon fibre. Tried to persuade him into making the complete lid without clip mounts and using a strap to secure it but cost would be bumped up due to making a male n female mould to do the tight radiuses n edges! He would prefer an initial run of about 10 of each due to having to make the moulds. He's in the process of building a website but you can contact him via email on or 01294 213222 and please mention "Omar" and the Lexus Owners Club He's also is trying to source me a bonnet and boot in carbon fibre from contacts in japan (he brings a container over every 8 weeks or so to keep shipping costs down)plus a body kit to match On a sad taste note im also getting an supra style wing come payday for what i think is a reasonable price of £150 for half roof hieght or £170 for full roof height modified and fitted tho need to get it painted elswhere. He does have someone to recommend. Iv seen his work and to me is faultless. Most of the fibregass work is done in the workshops which i got to look round and well impressed wi the jobs undertaken (of particular interest is the removing of the door handles on a honda crx! really nice) Hope this is of interest to people
  10. I do believe there is an element of some truth to the gadget tho do not have a clue how it works. Way back in world war 2 hurricanes taken to russia fitted with a similar device (actually was a wee bag o the activating bits which did include tin) to enable their engines to run on the ruski avgas and it did work. Have heard mention that it catylyzes the fuel but no being a science boffin sort o guy, do not have a clue how, why etc. Also heard of a similar gadget being used on older motors Will try n post a validating link anyway if i can find one Cheers Evil Omar
  11. Ok wish id read the forums before doshin out £30 on mintex pads n having a wee afternoon o chibbed knuckles n comments bout my arse showing! Went out checked rear brakelights n now so sorted n in definite moody wi myself! Bit new to this really nice intelligent motor sort o thing after years o "classic" fords n landrovers Doh!
  12. Well wheels fitted by the firm who refurbed them, major shudder thru braking and plus red brake warning light on last week, wheels off(powder coating preventing use of the wheel brace), any fouling powder coating removed, front pads changed thinking pads on way out, and wheels back on and carefully torqued all round. Whoo hoo, no shudder at all, at any speed of braking and pedal travel back to normal BUT red light remains! Any ideas. Back pads and discs changed about 3 thousand miles ago cheers Omar
  13. In reply to my own post, have tracked down someone who will remove my 18 inch 8in f/10in r wheels and tyres, sand blast etc and powder coar in a high gloss anthracite finish (no-one willing to even attempt to diamond cut unfortunately) refit tyres and balance wheels and refit to car with a 3 day turn around! In addition he's supplying a set of 17 inch loaners while this is getting done. Im also getting a 35% smoke tint all round and the cars having a full valet too once the tints have been done (hes aiming at a 4 hour turn around for that) I've seen examples on cars in the workshop n it looks a cracking job. This was priced for a total of £500 (he knocked £50 off for combining the 2 jobs) which going by all quotes up to now is competitive but also with the loaners very handy too. The company is alloysdirect the phone number is 0141 840 5588 Im getting the wheels swapped over on tuesday nite after work then its in for the half day on friday. will let you know how it turns out but from what I've seen can only be good and i'll post a couple o pix before n after styly Cheers EvilOmar
  14. Hmm have the same prob between 55 and 30 only when i really brake hard, is this the same thing, theres no drifting in the steering and it otherwise feels planted when going round corners
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