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  1. MrADeveci

    Remembering Johnboy

    I've not been here for a while, but I've seen this and was very sad. Such a nice guy, I didn't even know about this till I read this post. RIP John.
  2. MrADeveci

    Fully Fledged Member Again! :-)

    Nice anees .......... well done :)
  3. Good so far, keep up the pictures..... we like pictures :)
  4. MrADeveci

    Paypal Latest Stunt

    Thats ridiuclous ... I hate it when big companies take the p.iss ... and pretend you can't do anything about it! Aren't payal no even based in he UK though ..... so they wouldn't have to adhear to the financial institutions here?
  5. MrADeveci

    Diesel Spillage : 1 Vs R1 : 0

    Managed to get a few bits from ebay... just ordered the remainder from Yamaha direct! Rather have new than stuff that had small scratches and kinks from ebay!!
  6. MrADeveci

    Diesel Spillage : 1 Vs R1 : 0

    ... I wouldn't really say it was a 'big' off .... but certainly my 1st :)
  7. MrADeveci

    Number Plate Question

    Legally you can only have the GB as the emblem. For more info please click here :
  8. MrADeveci

    The 'my Console Name' Thread!

    I've changed my xbox gamertag ..... it's now SatanR1
  9. I was thinking the other day ... that there a few 'older' mebers who are just not around anymore? Have you moved on ............. bought new cars, where are you? A few that springs to mind, in no particular order are.............. Matthew McNally ColinBarber Zee Aido Rodders Ifraz Brettster JiberJaber Kazi Adie Fargo .............. Come out from hiding, say hello :)
  10. MrADeveci

    80 Million Tiny Images

    Very far bottom right corner .............. some nice pics there ;-)
  11. That's exciting news ..... I wish I could have done it to mine now :) Don't think Mr Morse ever did get his done, although I could be wrong ? Where are you getting the conversion done? - we all like pictures too :D
  12. MrADeveci

    Question For Windows Xp Experts

    Neil, you can always download this free software : It will sync all folders you select and backup accordingly. I use this, on a pocket hdd to sync all the computers at home. :)
  13. MrADeveci

    Know Your Limts

    23 for me .... kaaapoooooow!
  14. MrADeveci

    Free Loc Cd/dvd Case!

    Well done Moffett .... eveyone's a winner.