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  1. Happy Birthday Sudesh!

  2. Thanks for that! Noticed that car forsale on Piston Heads, looks very well and great spec.
  3. Just wondering if anyone has pics of MK1 GS300 Sport alloys on a MK2 Sport?? Prefered with wider rears if possible.
  4. Just a query. I recently email TTE about buying a set of wider rears off them but they just defered me to Lexus with the wider rear part number?? I though you could buy wheels direct from them!! Obviously not?
  5. What I would try first is to remove the changer you have in the boot. Take a picture of the male socket that goes into the CD Changer. Then take the changer plus the pic to an in car Audio specialist as they will be able to determine if there is anything available to replace the old CD changer. I had a 7 series BMW that I done this with and the Audio specialist was able to supply special cables and a changer that worked! If you can post the pics up here also and I'll see what I can do.
  6. Sounds like your car is an import?? If it is you can do 2 things. Either replace the stereo system to a UK system or buy a band expander on ebay for about £10/£15 and it will enable you to pick up the UK stations.
  7. love the TT Aristo. I would like to either buy one and put the full Sport parts on it or turbo charge my 300 Sport!
  8. I ordered 2 keys with part no: PZ439-10671-2P on thursday and got them on saturday with no problems!
  9. I think the problem was with the spark plug change. When I done the the plug change I didnt drive the car right away. So once I changed the plugs and started the car it still idled badly, but after a good 15min drive and a start stop it seemed to reset itsel and all systems were cleared!
  10. Well I bought a complete set of Sport wheels with wider rears!! So I now have a full set of 8.5J sport wheels that I will be selling if anyone is interested. Please PM me or email they are on ebay now too.
  11. Well I got it running smooth again. I took everything apart, cleaned the throttle body, sparks plugs and wells, distributor cap and all the terminals and idles air control sensor, then done an ecu reset. Everything back to normal again I'm happy to say!!! just going to do an engine oil and filter change plus air filter now and replace the gearbox oil and filters also.
  12. I took my radio out today as there was a tape stuck in it from the day I bought it. Getting the tape out was very easy and didnt involve any dismantling of the radio itself. Problem I have now is, since I installed the radio again, it wont switch off via the push button!! Any ideas??
  13. Its rough as well! I done an ecu rest also which didnt help anything. The car is very poor through out the rev range.
  14. Just a day ago I noticed that my MK1 300 Sport was ideling rough and even when I accelerated the car vibrates poorly on acceleration also. So I changed the plugs today as I thought it might be off the cylinder but when I fired it up again it was just the same?? Anyone any suggestions??