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  1. tyre recommendations please

    Yes, before you replace the tyres take it to WIM at Chesham ( should be near you ) for a full 4 wheel alignment:
  2. My new ct200h sport

    That looks really nice. The pick-up in the showroom is a normal Lexus treat and some have a special room with lights for the pick up.
  3. New member saying hello...

    That's not too bad, looks more gold than yellow to me.
  4. New member saying hello...

    Got a picture of yours Clarkey? Only I've seen a few orange Lexus cars and a few yellow back in about 2005 but not a recent yellow.
  5. Looking at buying a CT200h

    Well the Tokyo motor show is the end of this month, so hopefully there may be something there
  6. Navigation mouse and Audio not working

    Have you tried battery disconnect? Could it be a button stuck in?
  7. Navigation mouse and Audio not working

    Is the sat nav an SD card one? If so turn everything off, take it out, clean the contacts and put it back in, turn everything back on and hope .........
  8. Test drive CT next week

    They do upgrade some cars port side for things like wheels and body kits so that bit may be true, but how can they lose it? Doubt if you will get anywhere tomorrow as it's Saturday and I don't think Lexus UK will be open.
  9. Winter wheels and space saver

    Don't they do a steel wheel as a space saver?
  10. Lexus Nottingham Dealer

    Well I agreed to purchase a used Lexus ( about a year old ) a number of years ago. Put a deposit on the car over the phone based on description and pictures. Turned up to pay but inspected car first, massive deep scratch on bonnet, plus smaller scratches. Scuffed wheels. Salesman tried to blame it on a cat. Needless to say I walked away and eventually got my deposit returned. This was about 10 years ago so dealership hopefully would have improved, but I would never go back.
  11. Looking at buying a CT200h

    Probably, but waiting for the new CT. Think it's going to debut in Japan now in January. So will wait to see what it's like. Otherwise it's likely to be a used XE .... chalk and cheese ...
  12. Looking at buying a CT200h

    Buying a Lexus is an experience ( good and different ), been there four times so far ..........
  13. Leaving my CT in a carpark

    Surely lights and wipers go trough the ignition? So auto shouldn't matter.
  14. No DAB signal

    So what was wrong?