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  1. the cold weather will impact it by at least 5 mpg. It will get better as the car loosens up and as the weather warms up. If i sit at 70 on the motorway i can see 45-50mpg. at 55-60 mp i have managed to 55-60mpg Andy
  2. its nothing wonky... the cars only 2 years old and the tyre wear is standard for milton keynes (especially when people drive like my wife) it's pretty much 70 mph everywhere and you are on roundabouts leaning on the outside edge almost as much as you're going straight! just need something harder wearing than yokohama's. think bridge stones will be better..
  3. Hi, my wifes CT 200h F-sport needs new tyres... again! we live in Milton Keynes which has quite a few roundabouts and we're only getting around 10,000 miles out of the fronts before they need changing due to outer edge wear. Thats the worst although across the whole tyre it's not particularly great. It has Bridgestone AE50's on it (which is what it was supplied with) wondered about other people's experiences, particularly from a wear perspective thanks Andy
  4. Ouch indeed...Not wanting to be the bearer of bad news but i suspect you have little comeback against the highways department. My understanding is that the local council have an exemption for liability against damage caused by potholes, kerbstones etc based on their ability to prove that they have a suitable "process" in place for maintaining the highway. Basically this means that so long as they can show that they check the road regularly and it wasn't like it last time they checked they are exempt. If a member of the public reports the issue then they have a "reasonable" period of time to fix the problem. As long as they do that they are covered :-(
  5. what have any of you other guys done or what are you planning to do about the "spare bulb" requirement.. is it even possible to change bulbs in the is300h? i thought it was all pretty much dealer fit now
  6. i was at the dealership today and first thing i noticed was the new style hybrid badges on the side sill. look so much better than the ones on my MY14. so i ordered some to replace my "old" ones. £64
  7. Simon, I can confirm F-sport white is hard work to keep clean......but..... When it is clean it looks fantastic.. i wouldn't change to another colour. i am considering the GS300h F-sport next though :-)
  8. I'm going to travelling down through france and into spain in the summer with an 11 year old and 7 year old in the back. has anyone managed to find a decent iPad mounting solution and method of getting power into the back of the car? i've also noticed that the usb points in the centre console don't provide enough output for iPad's.. thanks Andy
  9. been looking at this with interest.... I have an F-sport, with 15.5k on the clock now in 10 months. I live in Milton Keynes and spend 2- 3 days a week working at home with the odd short journey around town.. It's a killer on MPG as it's 70mph dual carriageway for 1/2 mile then a roundabout.. repeat, repeat, repeat....! I also head into london a couple of days a week and do the M1, North Circular and then back roads into the office.. I'm surprised by some of the mpg figures being quoted also.. Around MK i get around the 40 mpg mark.... when i'm on the motorway consistently higher bringing my average to 48-52 in the summer, and 44-48 at this time of year. Interestingly if i fill up on my way out of MK into london i often get between 58 and 62.. 64 is the highest I've seen on arrival at the office.. I've done the brim technique and my on-board reading is very accurate, maybe 1-2mpg overstated tops. I'm no angel but tbh in commuting hours the cruise control is set to mid 60's as it's difficult to achieve more than that anyway! My car is almost permanently in eco-mode, apart from the odd flip into sport when i want an overtake out of the way.. after various BMW's and Merc's this is my first Lexus and i absolutely love it.. Andy
  10. i'd work on your negotiating skills.. I bought a new f'sport for the wife in October. White, Black Leather, Premium Nav, Sunroof. Got the car for 26.5k and got a good price on our trade in too. Andy
  11. I was in central london today and heard sirens.. pulled over to see a black unmarked IS 300h f-sport. Blue lights behind the grill, in the door mirrors, side repeaters.. looked excellent...!
  12. pump? whats that... mines a company car... i didn't think you needed to pump up tyres, check oil and water...etc... seriously though.. how do you perform a system calibration... the manual that came with my f-sport talks of a button below the steering column.... I've had my head in the footwell and still not found such a button!
  13. I regularly drive from Milton Keynes to London, W12. All the way down the M1 at about 70 (if I'm lucky with traffic), 10mph round the north circular for about 4 miles, and then 5 miles or so of stop start through the back roads into the office. I'm getting between 50 and 55 mpg regularly. and for reassurance I've also notice the tyre sensor on cold mornings. and it normally goes off after about 5 miles
  14. just checked the manual again, the online manual on the lexus europe website, ct200h, 2014 model (manual is dated May 2014) Page 188 clearly states lane flash is a feature, Page 593 shows its a dealer customisable function (although the default should be 3 flashes)
  15. Hmm, so it might be a 2015/US only feature.. I'm really surprised, didn't even think to check this functionality when we purchased. I thought this was pretty standard across most cars/manufacturers now..