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  1. I've been thinking about a catloc as I'm reading more about these being stolen but someone on another forum I use had theirs stolen off a Prius with a catloc fitted. It's the 3rd time they've done it too. So I'm wondering if it would actually make much difference having it fitted. Maybe the Prius one isn't as well designed as the CT version.
  2. I thought this one was the CT catloc? Is that an old version?
  3. Did you take any photos of the carbon build up before cleaning?
  4. Have a read of this thread with some photos I took of mine. That's also reminded me I said I'd do a how to but haven't had time. I've had no issues since cleaning the valve, and if your pipe was bad I'd imagine the valve itself will be worse.
  5. Anything that slows them down or deters them completely is better than nothing. But like you say, if they really want it they'll have it!
  6. Most of the crap is around the valve itself and not the pipe. If you unplug the connector and remove the 2 screws on the black plastic cover, does the rod move in and out freely or stick? Do you get any vibrating? I did before I cleaned the EGR valve.
  7. Is the fitting just removing those 4 bolts, sliding the cover on and refitting? Can all 4 be removed at the same time, does it support anything?
  8. Ours just passed the MOT. Was due in June but with the extension I didn't bother rushing to get it done. The car has done 2000 miles in 18 months and there was one advisory for a slightly binding service brake.
  9. Thanks. It seemed it wasn't blocked as I swapped the hose from the passenger side to the drivers and it worked. But I'll definitely try that if it is blocked.
  10. Looks like it's the return valve. Are cheap eBay ones ok or go for Lexus/Toyota at 4 times the price? Also, is the bonnet liner supposed to be foam? If it is, it's not any more. It's so brittle that it was snapping all around the holes and making a right mess!
  11. The passenger one sprays to the top of the window screen but the drivers is a dribble! I've tried using a toothpick to clear and debris in the jet but it's not worked. I can't work out how to remove it so I can see if it's the jet or the hose, any tips? I've got the MOT on Thursday so need to get it sorted.
  12. I've not had the chance to clean the old pipe yet but from the quick check I did it was still solid. For how much longer it would've lasted is anyone's guess.
  13. That looks the same or even a little worse than our 2011 CT. We bought that from a main dealer (so I didn't look underneath!) 4 years a go and until this year it was serviced by Lexus and they didn't mention it once or the rusty fuel pipe. The service videos never really captured the suspension. I also have a 20 year old MX5 and a 17 year old Accord. They are both rusty underneath a bit more than the CT but at that age it's too be expected. For a 9 year old car I wasn't expecting this level of rust. The previous owner lived in Stoke so it wasn't by the sea. I ran out of good weather
  14. Yeah as said the Ctek wouldn't start if the cables are the wrong way round. I'll try the comfort lead on another car but I can't see what could go wrong with them.
  15. Wow, that one was bad! This is the first filler pipe I've had to replace and considering most of my cars have been a lot older than this I really wasn't expecting it. Yes it would've been nice if Lexus gave me the heads up about it. That's the first and last time I'll be trusting a dealer! I'll check everything myself from now on.
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