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  1. Hi,

    Did you ever manage to resolve the IS220 central locking issue? I've an 08 model with the exact same issue, only driver's door opens and blinkers flash 5 times.




  2. From all i know the boot always stays close and you'll open from key fob or by pressing the button at the back while with key in ur pocket. Has norhing to to with doors, mine works that way.
  3. To be honest i never heard before this thing about pressing twice for different options on doors opening :-D
  4. Another weird think! When i purchase the car was locking automatically once i was start driving and for some reasons after a while i noticed also that this setting was gone. Never achieved back :-P
  5. Tried everything what was available here. Still no success. Only driver door opening. Some posts(links) above are for newer models which not apply to 08 model is220d. so no point guys to post it! This problem it's like i said above a factory settings and looks like more and more, it'll cost you to change it at ur local dealer! Hope there's still someone on this forum who can solve this issue whithout being ripped off by dealers. Strange how after 7 years model now, nobody spit how to sort this out. Keep the faith guys :-D
  6. I have the same problem with my is220d 08. I can open only the driver door from key fob while all 3 others doors can be open only manually from inside but can be all locked though from key fob. Heard its a manufacter settings and can be choosen freely to change on first 6months from the time of the purchase. Not free after. If i try to put my hand on the lever(keyless entry) its flashing and kicking 5 times but again only the driver door is opening. Any tips?
  7. As Normski said: Run away of that thing!! Doesn't sound healthy at all.
  8. Had same problem and was the expansion vas cap wich has a little gasket that fails under pressure therefore splashing out through the overflow pipe. I did wrapped with a blue very fine tape ( plumbers use it) a couple of rounds to make sure its from there/ before i throw 35 for a new one and success .
  9. And just popped out one more thing in my mind: Its not recommended to have any electrical on at cold start, especially AC. It's inefficient anyway as the engine it's cold so the whatever settings are for temperature, are equal to nill/zero. Even in the Lexus manual is specific stated to avoid short time switches of AC (less then 5min) + to not mention the battery also.Its obvious that at cold start the engine, fuel pump, senzors, computer, all pumps, alternator etc needs power!! By having autolights, radio, AC, navigation On, it will only do more bad for sure, then good. That's just me anyway.
  10. Mine its 1200 spot on @ cold start then 800 spot on again after @ 30-60 seconds. If its warm outside, it'll be @ 800 straight away @ cold start. If the revs are 1500 or higher, i heard that the DPF is cleaning himself ( after loads of short drives or city drives) and again, i heard, that it's good to take it to long motorway drive (200miles or more) to help a proper clean!! Read some reviews about this high revs at cold start and most of the peoples tend to panick! It is just a normal procedure for auto cleaning of DPF which by the way, everyone at Lexus fail to inform!! Good day. Another thing: - 2000 revs at cold start? That's way to high. Deffo something fishy there / sorry about bad news :-P
  11. Hi guys, Ive got numerous chips stones marks on front spoiler and bonet after motorway drive. Any way to professionaly hide them without overall paint job? Thanks in advance.
  12. The others way to do it it's by removing battery contacts(one of it) over night. Will reset the mpg, all of them... but also any other settings time, radio i.e. I do this any 6months or so as computer resetting also/
  13. Think what you did before 1st time your lights on dash appeared! There are hunderds reasons for all those Xmas lights to come on and stay there. I once fell up at a petrol station and after 5 min of driving all those hated lights came on. Took me 24 hours to realised that the diesel cap has a click when you close it but doesn't mean that always will close properly. It was loosing pressure and taking air in the diesel tank which i believe activated some sensors. I was lucky i guess but now I'm more careful when i stop for filling at the stations. Try this you never know. I was absolutely gobsmacked to realised that from such a little think my dashboard was lighting like a Xmas tree. :-D
  14. Loss Of Revs When Cold

    Hi, same here, when im starting cold engine i have a drop of revs like for a sec or two almost every time but notice that after motorway drive it's not happening, only after city drives which by the way i do a lot of short drives! I always use additive ( Miller) on feel ups to help the struggle but looks like its still not enough. Can't imagine how could be without it. Anyway its no reason to worry/ take it on motorways more offen for helping cleaning the dpf and rest. You'll see changes.