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  1. Lexus Portal.

    Thanks NemesisUK, bit of a mystery to me, what you can do on the Portal? cant seem to get it to talk too my Online search menu in the car.
  2. Lexus Portal.

    Having trouble getting into this, Is it only me? Cheers.
  4. Opinions please.

    Really hope your right Wass, But in my opinion all they needed was to add Adaptive cruise control, rear armrest, sort out the suspension, tell us where the 13 speakers are on the Mark Levinson, more sensors on the front,...Job done. lol
  5. Opinions please.

    Thanks Ian, im wondering if its the car for me.
  6. Opinions please.

    See you have an Nx Ian, What do you enjoy driving the most?
  7. Opinions please.

    Thanks rayaans, but i thought it was a rotary knob now,on the newer Cts?
  8. Opinions please.

    Things like the pop-up Nav screen, the Mouse control on the centre consul,seem much more Premium then the static screen on the newer one. the only thing i would have liked is the Adaptive cruise control.
  9. Opinions please.

    I own a Lexus 200h Premier 2014, love the car, My question is are the newer models a patch on the older models ......if so why?
  10. Sat Nav Maps Update

    Think you will find that even the latest update is at least 18 months out of date. Unless the Lexus is totally different to the Prius.
  11. Brake Pads

    Hi Guys, just been told by main dealer that I need brake pads and possibly disks at £295. I have owned two Prius before and never had any brake pads in the 30,000 miles of the vehicle. Just wondering if you guys have needed brake pads and if so what mileage. I have done 28,000 miles currently. I know we all drive differently but this sounds unreasonable to me. Thanks Stompe
  12. Had mine done yesterday at Lexus Coventry. No big deal. Back seat removed and some fuel drained and put back after the filter replaced. They then took it and filled the tank to full. No complaints.

  13. Recall

    Finally got my recall letter, evidently to change the charcoal filter it takes one day. Oh well got to be done!
  14. Personally i would. go. for the Premier, as the Fsport is just a trim spec, no faster.
  15. Hi would suggest a test drive first, but make sure your fillings in your Teeth are sound first, the ride is not really suited to our roads, in my opinion. The driving seat can be a bit awkward to get in if you are tall.