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  1. I have the A119 in my Lexus SC430 and the A118 In my Sprinter van...lots of screen space in the van for the plastic cable tidy and to be honest I think a better unit .
  2. I have the same dashcam but made by viofo A119 does the job and discreet .
  3. bleeping

    You may need to take the centre console out and inspect for any extra wiring left in place and see if it can be removed . sounds a big job but it’s not ....lift centre glove box lid get fingers under the heated seat control lift out and unplug, then get fingers under the end of the center console and lift up, have a look for and wiring that doesn’t look original .
  4. Reflector fell off!

    Not a bad price for a Lexus item well spent over looking at that hole eveytime you go out to the car
  5. Reflector fell off!

    Sounds like you have it all in hand or are at least working through it Just an option on the reflector could convert to the USA spec illuminate white side marks ....
  6. Wing mirror not working

    No they fold as a pair so not that but they are switchable left and right
  7. Reflector fell off!

    Hello Keith it's not uncommon for the SC430 to have a security tracker fitted and that runs 24/7, it will drain the battery after a week or so , also the battery back up in the alarm on older models will corrosion and fail ....also causing a battery drain. Tracker tended to be fitted i the boot but that requires a full strip out of all the boot panels . Does you alarm work ? Also does the alarm go off if the battery is disconnected ( I'm sure this will show up if the battery back up is working ). If unsure time to get an auto electrician to take a look. with your missing front reflector you could buy one from any country that has eBay .....or get a price from Lexus it might be reasonable
  8. Wing mirror not working

    As you know the hand book doesn't list the fuses so finding photos on google is the key, both drivers and passenger side kick panels ( down by your feet ) fuse 41 and 42 seem to be for powering mirrors / power windows/ gefogger etc . If its just one mirror it could be a poor connection in the wiring plug in the door .
  9. Quick question

    It's not uncommon for the unit in the boot to give up the ghost, if you buy a secondhand one you want to see it working first and it comes with a working disc
  10. LEXUS UK recall checker........
  11. Sc430

    Not used this company myself but it's an option all the same ......
  12. Power antenna spares wanted

    Reading up on the Hirschmann not sure it's universal sadly.. you may have to go with an eBay universal jobbie ?
  13. Power antenna spares wanted

    Two brands stand out from the rest... Hirschmann and Beru from years ago and a new kid on the block Celsus but unsure which one would have the correct angled fitting...unless you can use the orginal bit ? Hirschmann would be my choice but do make sure it come with pleanty of mounting fitting