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  1. Bob King

    Black beast

    Graham there is still the option to buy a complete car and swap everything over then sell the other car on again on Auto Trader for 4K with a tidy black interior .......uncle bob 👍🏻
  2. Bob King

    Convince me

  3. Bob King

    Convince me

    Just get one in the right colour my baby .....
  4. Had an i phone 5s now use a SE and both work fine 👍🏻
  5. Bob King

    SC430 with 500 000 miles on the clock

    I done the belt on my last SC430 .....nice mechanical job not complicated just load of layers to take off ...and follow the timing marks and the second set of marks it must be turned too. A fair few clips on YouTube on the subject to familiarise yourself with the job in hand . two needed tools .....torque wrench and a puller to get bottom pulley off 👍🏻 Also a few pipe caps to stop fluids leaking out .
  6. Bob King

    SC430 with 500 000 miles on the clock

    Here you go...
  7. Bob King

    SC430 with 500 000 miles on the clock

    It’s in with this thread ......
  8. Bob King

    SC430 with 500 000 miles on the clock

    Mel what’s the underside like at the back....surface corrosion can be bad on boot floor and suspension areas
  9. Bob King

    SC430 with 500 000 miles on the clock

    Great looking car and It would seem it’s has a new caring owner .....look forward to reading about the other jobs you have planned Silver button below the radio but above the ashtray should shut the radio panel. Side note....if the centre gearshift panel has been removed the switch wiring may have been pulled out ! easy to check ....lift centre armrest ....remove switch for heated seats...get fingers under wood panel and carefully lift up .....check wiring plug is well pushed in and no wires hanging out
  10. I have the A119 in my Lexus SC430 and the A118 In my Sprinter van...lots of screen space in the van for the plastic cable tidy and to be honest I think a better unit .
  11. I have the same dashcam but made by viofo A119 does the job and discreet .
  12. Bob King


    You may need to take the centre console out and inspect for any extra wiring left in place and see if it can be removed . sounds a big job but it’s not ....lift centre glove box lid get fingers under the heated seat control lift out and unplug, then get fingers under the end of the center console and lift up, have a look for and wiring that doesn’t look original .
  13. Bob King

    Reflector fell off!

    Not a bad price for a Lexus item well spent over looking at that hole eveytime you go out to the car