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  1. I used a automotive locksmith to sort me out a key ...most towns have them . First I bought a genuine used Lexus key off eBay, took that to the locksmith, he cut a fresh key using my original as a template, then put the transponder internals from the eBay key into the newly cut key and programmed It and only cost me £80.
  2. Big welcome to the forum 👍🏻
  3. Richard did punt them about the Lexus clubs but had little interest, I have the pair he sent to me but will keep them I case I want to use them on my car or a future SC430. As the generation 7 Celica items are the same lens you might get lucky and find a pair of them 👍🏻
  4. Hi Bob, I just had airbag recall done at Lexus Bristol and now only passenger side demist works. Nothing comes thru drivers side! They denbigh doing anything wrong and say it's a common sc430 problem! It worked fine before the recall. Any info or advice gratefully received. Harry Eves 

    1. Bob King

      Bob King

      So sorry for late should work so get back to the dealer and get them to sort it out .

        Get onto Lexus UK if you don’t get any joy .

  5. Been a mixed bag of repairs on the Lexus World forum , out of a possible 17 members with SC430’s ..7 have had the passenger airbag replace and 4 have had damage ! Ranges from , body damage, trim rips and scratches, problems with heater afterwards . This really is a massive job and it’s pot luck if you get a good dealer or not, myself I had trim damage around the radio and heater panel, yet my dealer says they have done loads of this recalls, I wonder if the mechanics get complacent and rush through the jobs. Book time is 6.5 hrs but my dashcam was only off for 5 hrs before the car moved back out the workshop🙄 ....good luck to anyone having the job done 👍🏻
  6. Bob King

    Sc430 amp

    Do they have the same part number on the side ?
  7. Congratulations on your new motor you’ve made a great won’t have any regrets....we’ll unless you want to take more than one person out 😉
  8. Mines booked in Monday for two day ..will have a UX loan car .
  9. Received my letter as well..seems it’s a dashboard out to do the passenger airbag 🙄
  10. Great looking car and should be a quality car if sold to you by Rich 👍🏻👍🏻
  11. Go for the facelift if only for the 6 speed auto manual mode gearbox 👍🏻👍🏻
  12. The battery back up batteries in the alarm can corrode and go bad in older Lexus models ☹️
  13. Stunning looking car and one of the best colour and trim combinations...well after blue 😉...enjoy 👍🏻 As to your tyres.. treat the car to a new set Dunlop’s and use the Mobil company Tyres on my drive ..very good price 👍🏻
  14. My last SC430 had discoloured black window moulding and I wiped them with Celulose thinners it took the surface coating off and left them clean ..not of caution DON’T get it on the bodywork 👍🏻
  15. Buy the best you can afford as everything should work if it’s been looked after ....full dealer service history can take the worry out of buying one but getting rare to find on a 10-15 year old car ☹️