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  1. Go for the facelift if only for the 6 speed auto manual mode gearbox 👍🏻👍🏻
  2. The battery back up batteries in the alarm can corrode and go bad in older Lexus models ☹️
  3. Stunning looking car and one of the best colour and trim combinations...well after blue 😉...enjoy 👍🏻 As to your tyres.. treat the car to a new set Dunlop’s and use the Mobil company Tyres on my drive ..very good price 👍🏻
  4. My last SC430 had discoloured black window moulding and I wiped them with Celulose thinners it took the surface coating off and left them clean ..not of caution DON’T get it on the bodywork 👍🏻
  5. Buy the best you can afford as everything should work if it’s been looked after ....full dealer service history can take the worry out of buying one but getting rare to find on a 10-15 year old car ☹️
  6. Main dealers do try their luck and to a degree get a good result...someone will buy it just because they trust a dealership over an independent or private sale. my car was from a main dealer and was young enough to get a year Lexus warranty and I made good use of it 😉
  7. Well done Graham cracking car ..shame they didn’t do a cream interior 😄😄😄😉
  8. Bob, that is AMAZING! Are you allowed to divulge the secret of your leather upholstery success? thank you, Varun 

  9. Well above is how bad the Lexus seats can get and here’s is the improvement after added some liquid dye ...this was the results a couple of hours later and 24 hours later .
  10. Out of interest do your seats look as bad as this from my first SC430 ?
  11. Worst car a Rover 216 EFI VP was advised not to buy as an unreliable help of poo but purchased all the same, as a mechanic I was sure I could keep on top of it, fuel injectors would pack up at random and then start working again, would also cut out at junctions but with no mixture or idle adjustment it was the computer with a mind of its own, then the auto gearbox would loose a couple of gears at random......put it up for sale as it was sold within a week . Best car my is my current Lexus screwed together car I’ve ever owner 👍🏻👍🏻
  12. Being a Lexus I’m sure it’s very logical in construction....push fit for most trim with 10mm for the radio & sat/nav 👍🏻
  13. That’s one big hole in the dash with it all stripped out ☹️
  14. This company list genuine shocks £267.00 the pair plus duty and shipping....... part number 48530-80352👍🏻
  15. Good find on price but I’ve never heard of of that brand are they a budget part from the states ? Problem would be warrenty if you get a problem, what’s the best price you’ve had from Toyota parts ...£125.00 each ??