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  1. Overtaken by my tyre!!!

    Jon our ISFs don't mate. Strange but true.
  2. Overtaken by my tyre!!!

    i guess the manufacturer thinks the flying tyre was sufficient warning lol
  3. Overtaken by my tyre!!!

    The rim didn't come off just most of the tyre lol
  4. Overtaken by my tyre!!!

    I still want to get headers and remap lol.
  5. Overtaken by my tyre!!!

    No never hit anything. I have the winter tyres in the garage but might just do all 4 corners tomorrow and then off for spray up on front bumper bonnet and wings and now rear too grrr
  6. Overtaken by my tyre!!!

    So rim is scuffed up as is the back bumper wheel arch
  7. Overtaken by my tyre!!!

    I think it got a puncture and lost pressure and then heated up and where they are low profile the walls have no flex
  8. Overtaken by my tyre!!!

    Was on my way back from the airport and as I did a overtake the rear of the car started to squirm and then ripping and crunching sound followed by a high speed tyre! My next fear was what damage was done followed by changing the wheel on soft mud!
  9. When your rear tyre passes you on motorway at 100mph you know it's bad!!
  10. Pete your a star and yea gotta arrange a meet up to do all the bits and pieces. I will miss the F whilst on holiday but I'm sure the drink and sun will ease the pain.
  11. Pete I think our best bet is to meet up and go through options in person and your a legend.... would your map not work on mine as they are both uk spec right? I go holiday Saturday so would need to be when I get back lol
  12. Hahaha I have a primitive brain it seems. I guess should see if any isf guys have a handset hahaha. I was thinking headers to go with the custom exhaust that's on the car. Is the base maps not the same for these cars?
  13. That's great Pete thank you although I am one of those people who likes to take the car watch them remap and go home with the car hahaha. Is there no uk people for that. As for parts I am more than happy to get them from pioneers such as RR. Thanks andrew
  14. Bluewater Meet

    Hi Peter I hear you may be the best person to speak to regarding performance mods for my isf.
  15. Thanks David will do