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  1. Love the idea of this but do hope it looks a bit less ricer. It certainly needs to go on a diet. There is room for a gt version in today’s market. Again though, like the 911 I really hope this platform remains and simply becomes gentle improvements over time.
  2. Stuno1

    2020 RCF

    Boom! About time Lexus. Keep the f brand going. It’s a bloody corker. Can’t wait to see this one. Bet it will be mucho ££££
  3. Stuno1

    Anyone else like watches???

    Missed opportunity!!!! Madness. I am learning whenever such an offer is made grab it with both hands!
  4. Stuno1

    Anyone else like watches???

    Absolutely. A £20 Casio will be more accrate than any mechanical watch. Because it’s mechanical. If accuracy is the goal watch’s as a hobby are not for you. It’s around the history of the watches, the complexity of the movements, development of materials within the movements, the hand craftsmanship and more.
  5. Stuno1

    Anyone else like watches???

    That is what watches are about imo. Hopefully he will see your enjoyment of watches and handing them down is such a cool and nice thing to do. It certainly won’t lose money that’s for sure. Lovely looking and timeless design the sub will always be relevant.
  6. Stuno1

    Anyone else like watches???

    Nice. There was a big delivery of the hard to get Rolex and Tudor watches in the last 2 weeks. You are lucky they are not tataining the card for a year. Personally I don’t subscribe to watches being investmensts. The ss Rolex sports watch bubble will burst and watches will sell used for around list at some stage. Prices are too close to two tone at the moment. Also, money well invested will make far more than a watch never worn.
  7. Stuno1

    Anyone else like watches???

    Maybe I am being dense but not heard that one before...
  8. Stuno1

    Anyone else like watches???

    Well I added another watch (Tudor black bay 58) to the slowly growing collection last week. Didn’t mean to but having tried on its bigger similar looking brother I had to put down a refundable deposit to be sure I didn’t want it. It’s a classic size with diameter of 39mm and height of 11.9mm. On the leather strap it’s an absolute corker. Once it arrived and I put it on it was only ever going to come home with me. Hadn’t intended to buy a watch until my 40th in 5 years but yeah.... couldn’t resist.
  9. If I had one I’d be on it! What are the results for the stock isf? Assume they will be similar to any rcf tune.
  10. The house I was looking to purchase has fallen through so my car purchase will be later than planned. Will be interesting keeping an eye on prices. They are now in my price range which is great news.
  11. Yeah wtf is that about!!! Madness.
  12. Lovely spec. Really low mileage as well.
  13. This seems very good value and love the red. F&sort=price-desc&page=2&make=LEXUS&onesearchad=New&onesearchad=Nearly New&onesearchad=Used Also, the blue carbon is now just under 40k with other carbon cars with 3-5k miles on the clock also reduced 40k and I believe they started at 45k. Stu
  14. Hang on... are they relaunching the lfa??? I love the potential of the rcf gt. Good clip.