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  1. Someone on the forum messaged me about it and said the wheels are in need of a refurb but more worryingly the front bumper has some gaps so looks like it may have been involved in a shunt. This may be a small thing but you never know. The interior looks pretty abused to be honest. You cant really bring abused seats back to life unless you you re-trim. Also,if someone is willing to let a mint car get into this state what else will you find? It has not been cared for so I would not buy it back.
  2. It was good, actually pristine and great, under my care but seems to have fallen from grace and is at best very well used now. I wouldn’t buy it in its current state. Sad to see a great example so badly cared for.
  3. To a point I agree but you can buy sensibly. My money in one car funds the next. I bought and sold my isf for the same price after almost 3 years of ownership. I sold my Evora at a 2k loss over 2 years of ownership and o believe an m3 e92 will have little loss as well. Clearly I modified my cars and that was a sunk cost . Its important to have fun but decisions can still be made to minimise losses while maintolaonit fun factor.
  4. .... and this is the main reason I would never buy one. You will always lose money one one no matter what price you buy at because there is such little demand for them.
  5. Rc-f vs e92 m3

    Pretty much what I did. Filter price, driven wheels, performance etc and see what pops up
  6. Rc-f vs e92 m3

    Great post chap. The throttle actuators are an early model issue but the brakes may still not be ideal. Alternative discs and pads may surfice but I have heard they are not great in stock form. I am after cars with 30k ish or less but will definitely check history now as white is the colour I am after. Seen all the comments about torque but I don't mind and actually enjoy doing it. It's the joy of the engine. Bluethhunder - not driven one and to be honest I am not sure I will. I am not sold on the looks and think re-sale will be a ball ache either selling privately taking ages or taking a massive hit on trade in. I think the m3 e92 coupe with competition pack will hold its value really well and is always in demand. Also, the e92 can be mapped to get an extra 20hp, sharper throttle and de limit it. You can also upgrade the box to the latest version making it shift more quickly. Both will only cost 1k.
  7. I am seriously considering an e92 m3 coupe with competition pack having decided the c63 is too heavy, gear box gets a lot of bad press for being slow and unpredictable and the rear tyres are too narrow to lay down the torque. The 2013 model year seems to be a great car. I was wondering if anyone had driven one and compare it the rcf? Main attraction of the BMW for me is it's B road and track potential. Also the dct box seemed good. Stu
  8. RC-F Review

    Too techy for most inimagine. Great for petrol heads though.
  9. We all believed the RC would bring the IS in to popular view but it didn't happen. Lexus would need an M3, golf gti like success with a model to make people sit up and listen. I just done see it happening. Personally that's one of the things I like about the brand. It's rarity for the owners. Inagree big capacity cars will become the sought after models in years to come although I was reading something about turbo cars not performing as expected in terms of emissions so manufacturers may start favouring N/A cars again in the future. I cant wait to see what the LCf will be like. I assume there will be one.
  10. Mine did this and Lexus Woodford checked it over and said the seat rails were tight enough and there was nothing they could do.
  11. Demand will definitely come in at that price as it's a huge amount of car for the money and age and depreciation will be minimal at that stage. I am only looking to own my next car for 2 years so at current prices I don't think it makes sense. I'll certainly drive on with and who knows that may change my mind.
  12. I don't disagree with any of that, as always it comes down to personal preference. The one main thing that will stop me buying an rcf is the resale of it. I imagine trade it would take a hit and privately it would be tough to sell.
  13. All the reviews seem positive but I will of course browse forums to get into the finer detail of ownership and driving experience before committing.
  14. Pictures and reviews seem to favour the quality of materials and finish of the amg model. I guess I'll find out when I take one out. The a45 however seems to get a bit of a hammering for its plastics and cheap materials.
  15. The 2012-2015 coupe has 450bhp and a map alone takes it to 500hp. See the article below for 60 sprint. Ordinarily id be all for the Lexus but I think on this case the c63 looks better from an exterior perspective and the reviews of the handling characteristics seem much more positive than the rcf. The coupe also gets a better write up than the c63 saloon as it apparently has better handling due to some suspension tweaks and wider front and rear tyres.