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  1. That was easy! I’ll send my bank details. Minimalist is sadly not on the wife’s shopping list.
  2. If you fund the house I’ll fund the car?
  3. Sadly I still need to buy a house! Once that’s bought I will be getting an rcf 👍
  4. Haha! 35k to be fair 😘 F&page=1&make=LEXUS&onesearchad=New&onesearchad=Nearly New&onesearchad=Used
  5. think I may fall for this car....any talk of price yet?
  6. Shmee is the son of the chap who owns burtons. He has made all his money through YouTube and was one of the first to realise its financial potential. I actually can’t watch him but he has done very well through YouTube!
  7. Power to weight is key! I think it will do ok on track. The older rcf beat the m4 on a number of tests or was within 1 second. It’s still a great car just not what I hoped for and not what I think a track focused car should be. Lexus are too wedded to luxury and refinement and need to put that concept aside to a degree for cars lik this.
  8. I have heard they take a long time to warm up and as such are not good for daily driver cars unless pushed hard all the time. Also, quite a few stories of Aston CS discs warping and cracking.
  9. A missed opportunity again. The concept was amazing and shrinking it and stuffing all the styling in to the smaller package has killed the car. Also, it’s basically a z4 and you don’t buy a supra to own a z4. For that money there anew far more compelling out there. I’d have an alpine if buying new.
  10. Indeed. Not enough for a GT car. Reduced sound deadening, lighter windows, cf door cards etc all things I expected to shed the lbs. Banging on mega expensive lighter brakes is not enough and is actually something that will put many off. They are not condisive for daily driving. It is now not a proper track car you can daily or a daily car that smashes tracks. Misssed opportunity to expand the f brand.
  11. They are also including weight reduction from the cf roof and bonnet so the reduction over the cf version already available is less than stated.
  12. Aye and that’s 457bhp which is less than earlier ones due to changes in omission laws. On top of what I said I bet this costs much money as well. I was hoping for 500hp, increased torque, lighter wheels and exhaust, maybe an option to in tick rear seats, more carbon fibre to reduce weight and basically a more focused car. It’s more like a slightly lighter rcf with more expensive brakes which will cost a bloody fortune to replace. I don’t think it will attract a lot of customers. It will be faster around longer tracks due to aero but shorter circuits and to 60 ininagine about the same as the current car. I’d be amazed if it slips below 4 seconds to 60. Happy, but amazed.
  13. Really? PH article says 455 bhp I think and 80kg lighter. Bit dissapppibted. Expected more weight off and more power. Also, Carbon brakes.... imagine replacing those! Would cost a fortune. Look forward to reviews but disappointed so far.
  14. Love the idea of this but do hope it looks a bit less ricer. It certainly needs to go on a diet. There is room for a gt version in today’s market. Again though, like the 911 I really hope this platform remains and simply becomes gentle improvements over time.
  15. Stuno1

    2020 RCF

    Boom! About time Lexus. Keep the f brand going. It’s a bloody corker. Can’t wait to see this one. Bet it will be mucho ££££