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  1. The f-sport like the premiere has a high base spec with only a few options available if I recall such as sunroof etc. Appreciate the fsport will have firm suspension but I like the styling. From looking at images the fsport has memory seats as you can see the buttons on the driver side door.
  2. Thank you for the reply. My daughter is 6 so it will definitely be large enough. With the warranty I mean extended warranty. When I had my isf you could get the Lexus warranty on a car up to 10 years old and they also did buy one year and get the second free. I’ll enquire at my local Lexus garage. Do these cars have any known issues I need to be aware of? I am assuming not and reliability is the reason for me looking to buy one. Stu
  3. Hi, we have a daughter and have had the ct as a courtesy car previously. I am just trying to establish if there are any known issues. Also, what options there were over and above the f-sport spec. Finally if lexus still offer bogof on extended warranty. Thanks in advance. Stu
  4. Hi all, Looking to get back in to a Lexus for a family car. I like the ct f-sport and the 2014 models are a really good price. Is there anything I need to know? Assume Lexus still do 10 year warranty? Also, do they come with memory seats? What options were available for these? stu
  5. 350 to get a 850 product.... I understand why but no.
  6. Some lovely spoilers there but all jap. Imagine import costs.
  7. Be good to see your progress with this. Would a fixed spoiler not cause issues with the automatic spoiler? Have you tried calling Lexus to see if the track edition spoiler is available? Won’t be cheap but looks great imo. What plans do you have in mind?
  8. I don’t agree with all of that but no point debating it. As you say, ultimately it is worth what someone is willing to pay. As mentioned earlier, I hope you get a good offer chap. There is no denying it’s very well cared for 👍
  9. No need to take offence chap this is a forum where people are free to express opinions. As I stated evos and supras etc have a history of being heavily modified and are a part of jap culture. An isf in the U.K. is not. By modifying any car you limit the potential audience. By modifying an isf which is already quite niche you make it even more niche. Even people who mod cars like to put their own stamp on a car so some cars may be too modified/have the wrong modifications for their taste. I modify all my cars to a degree so get it and enjoy it but I ensure my mods are reversible or I acce
  10. Ah ok, missed that. That’s the issue he had last time and why he isn’t on here as much any more. He is after a return on investment when that sadly isn’t the case with cars like this. With cars like this modifications are a sunk cost not reflected on the appreciation of the car. As such a modified car to this extent doesn’t add value and for many does the opposite. It’s a niche car as it is and modified even more so. Of course I wish him luck and it is a superbly well cared for car, it just needs the right buyer.
  11. He isn’t a fan of the folk on here I don’t think. He got a bit of feedback he didn’t like last time he tried to sell it via the forum.
  12. If you heavily modify a car in the uk, unless it can be sold for 10k ish or it’s a porker etc it will struggle to sell. By definition modifying is changing to an owners likes/specification there by narrowing the number of people whom would share that vision. Basically mods need to be returnable to stock or be for mod heavy cars like evo’s. Just the way the UK market operates.
  13. He will be wanting closer to 15k I imagine and rightly so. He is a supra guy so imagine he is looking to get back into that. He has tried to sell it at least once in the past. Issue is, in the uk the market for modified cars is poor unless the car is an evo, scoob etc. Modified rare isf’s will be tough to sell. I wish him all the best.
  14. Orange definitely. Very out there colour but white seem to move quickly unless I am missing something?
  15. Those wheels without the bolt things on blue. Wheels massively alter a cars appearance and sadly the lc options are not to my taste at all. I felt the same about the rcf until I saw them coloured all black.
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