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  1. It is a weapon. What’s the car plan now? Taking a break or looking for a replacement?
  2. Agree and in my head when i was typing the lexus/Toyota scenario was in my head. If you slapped a Toyota badge on an RC-f and moved it away from Lexus it would sell a lot less. Asking 5k for a seiko is a hell of a brand image barrier to overcome, especially when the same brand offers watches for 100 as well.
  3. Grand Seiko do incredible watches BUT have really ramped up the price at this years basel world. Some GS watches now at 10k ish and Seiko watches with the spring drive movement at 5k!!! Yes it had the spring drive movement and great case and bracelet work but it’s a bloody Seiko! They need to jeep seiko and GS separate from a branding perspective. Also they need more smaller sports watches as they are all a bit beefy.
  4. Like cars, watch collecting is fun at all price points. You don’t have to own expensive cars or watches to enjoy them.
  5. If it was integrated I’d quite like it but as a dash pod I am not a fan.
  6. Some good responses to this post. Small update from me. While my car hiatus continues in leu of a house purchase my watch journey continues! I added a black bay 58 as my new daily on leather and subsequently bought the nato for it. I will buy the bracelet at some stage as well. At 39mm in diameter, 47mm lug to lug and 12mm thick it is super comfy and the perfect size for my wrist at just under 7inches. This watch has really changed my idea on what size watch works for me. 13mm height is my max, 42mm diameter and 50mm lug to lug. While i never intend to sell my watches I have sold my Pelagos. I found the height at just over 14mm uncomfortable and didn’t fit under my shirt cuff so couldn’t wear it for work. Also, with it being fully brushed titanium it didn’t fit well in more formal occasions. The BB58 effectively took its place. I now have some cash to spend on a new watch and with this new found understanding of my ideal size I’ll be buying a zenith el primero chronomaster 38mm as my next watch. It will add a new colour dial, a new brand and a new complication to my small collection. I am learning as I go and building a diverse set of watches as I go. For my 40th I already have a Rolex gmt master 2 BLNR ear marked and the wife is aware 😂 It is a very enjoyable hobby but a bloody slippery slope! Stu
  7. What I am hoping and expecting is that isf prices will bolster rcf and Rcf will bolster lcf much like the Elise bolsters the exige and the exige bolsters the Evora. If the top price isf cars are listed at 25 I would expect rcf to remain 5k plus above it at all times.
  8. It’s the worry free ownership people overlook and it is massively under rated element of toy car ownership. A friend is selling his Maserati due to fear of it breaking. My lotus had some issues but none massively expensive but I was always wondering what the next niggle might be. My isf was perfect and that’s why I’ll be getting an rcf. Drive it across continents and not worry, hammer it on B roads and track and not worry etc
  9. That does not surprise me. Easiest way to move one on is trading in against a more expensive car. Any private sale at 20k plus will be tough due to lack of warranty and finance. What are you replacing it with?
  10. Sensible informed folk go for the isf. Folk who just want an m3 get an m3. When I looked into them they were just a. Money pit. Before issues you needed an engine inspection for some sort of standard failure that escapes me now. Brake lines need replacing and better discs and pads as stock ones fade very quickly when driven hard. Throttle actuators both will eventually break and so it goes on...
  11. But then you have 2 cars to maintain and all the costs that go with it. Personally I would rather buy the rcf track edition and use it as a toy/weekend car and track car like I did with my lotus Evora. I can’t comment on how firm the suspension is and as such if it would grate on long road trips but I doubt it would be an issue. For me this is what I wanted from the rcf in the first place. A car that is good on track and on road. No car aiming for both will ever be perfect at both but it’s capable of both with a track bias making it more enjoyable than the current rcf. I think the buyer for this is almost a different person buying the rcf.