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  1. Beautiful car and you're absolutely right, a cherished car.
  2. Tailgate is now fixed, I purchased a replacement boot latch/motor and swapped it over! Clearly the mechanism or motor must have failed. Thanks for the input! 😃
  3. Autoelectrician has been back on a couple of occasions, he's now convinced the boot latch is faulty and it's nothing to do with the electrics 😏...... There are used parts available but looks like a pig to get at the latch. Might end up with an extensive job at the dealership at this rate.
  4. Purchased a 2013 RX450h a few weeks ago, the car was already fitted with a 7 pin Westfalia Towbar. On Thursday we had an autoelectrician come out to upgrade the 7 pin plug to a 13 pin. He spent an hour on the car and claimed the install was simple and only had to feed off the battery, nothing too complicated. I didn't notice immediately but now the boot/trunk will not open. Disconnecting the battery in the boot allows it to open but then it'll stop working after a couple more operations. The remote operation from the keyfob or dash makes a beep but the tailgate doesn't lift. I've also tried the little button in the glovebox but that doesn't help. Wondering if anyone has experienced these symptoms following a towbar install or has any ideas, many thanks in advance.
  5. The other half has just sold her NX, were looking for an RX450h. Budget is £14,000 ideal colour would be white but would consider others. Please get in touch if anyone is selling. Many thanks.
  6. Enjoy the car Nick, it's been an absolute amazing ownership experience for me and I'm sure you'll feel the same. It was very hard to see it go but it's gone to a good home and another forum member.
  7. Deal agreed, car likely to be picked up this weekend 😢
  8. Thanks Sean, very difficult decision but I think it's time for a change. What's next, good question, hard boots to fill but something more of an all rounder to have as my daily and for fun. RCF maybe but a year or two away.
  9. Yes PPE dual switchable.
  10. Sourced the OEM leathers from a 2012 car, also sourced the 2012 OEM wheels from the US and 2012 steering wheel from the US. Almost built my vision of the ultimate ISF from a aesthetics point of view but now time to move on. 🤣
  11. For sale: Lexus ISF Item Condition: Good 8/10 Price and price conditions: £13,500 Extra Info: Transferrable Lexus extended warranty until February 2020. Full service history all Lexus apart from 2 x Toyota (same thing 😉). Last service and MOT were completed in February 2019 at Lexus Reading. Pictures Contact Details: Mark Jones emjay1982@hotmail.com 07500 884873 Location: South Buckinghamshire Delivery & Conditions of Delivery: No delivery.
  12. I'll be there and I believe Flytvr is a definite, I think he's currently on a business trip.