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  1. With younger and lower mileage cars available for not much more £, it's a brave statement they make......"I'm sure this car won't be around for long". 😜. I'm sure they wouldn't want the buying public to know this has been a press car. Sure the motor can take it but the perception will be that it's had a hard early life.....
  2. I went from the ISF to the BRZ for a change after 3 years (I seem to only buy cars with three abbreviated letters 🙄), so can appreciate the characteristics each car can offer. 1) Rarity. Felt special for this reason, I don't think I'd get the same feeling with the normal suspects from BMW etc. 2) Induction noise. Most owners change their exhaust to increase the acoustic thrills but the induction noise is also pretty good! 3) Power. The GT86/BRZ has wonderful handling and feel, better than the ISF in fact but.....the straight line speed and acceleration in the ISF is in a different league.
  3. I'd be seeing the Manager, then depending on the action taken would decide whether to take it further.
  4. Some.....when the valves were open and at low RPM but I generally only had them open during sprited driving and at higher RPM, when there was no drone just a lovely exhaust note. When I was on the motorway or during relaxed driving when drone could occur, the valves were closed, zero drone and very close to OEM. Most exhausts will suffer from drone, the only remedy for me was to be able to turn it off with a valved system.
  5. I had the PPE switchable on my ISF, which I believe is still available for ISF and RCF, good option for those who require OEM sound at the touch of a button!
  6. From a Toyota forum.....might need a new battery?
  7. I first saw a white ISF drive past my office in 2009, forgot about it. Purchased an IS250 in 2014, then rediscovered the ISF on this forum, purchased one in 2016 at the age of 33.
  8. A great car for someone, anyone looking for a GSF should keep an eye out!
  9. All sensible questions but the question is, would you want the car back after knowing it's been stolen and most probably thrashed or mistreated, personally I wouldn't, so why bear the cost of a hidden tracker. A neon tracker sticker slapped all over the car would probably act as a better deterrent to stop the car being nicked in the first place.
  10. I think only John Wick should sleep with his keys. Not worth it IMO, you might be up against someone or a group who will do whatever it takes to snatch the car...😯
  11. Beautiful car and you're absolutely right, a cherished car.
  12. Tailgate is now fixed, I purchased a replacement boot latch/motor and swapped it over! Clearly the mechanism or motor must have failed. Thanks for the input! 😃
  13. Autoelectrician has been back on a couple of occasions, he's now convinced the boot latch is faulty and it's nothing to do with the electrics 😏...... There are used parts available but looks like a pig to get at the latch. Might end up with an extensive job at the dealership at this rate.
  14. Purchased a 2013 RX450h a few weeks ago, the car was already fitted with a 7 pin Westfalia Towbar. On Thursday we had an autoelectrician come out to upgrade the 7 pin plug to a 13 pin. He spent an hour on the car and claimed the install was simple and only had to feed off the battery, nothing too complicated. I didn't notice immediately but now the boot/trunk will not open. Disconnecting the battery in the boot allows it to open but then it'll stop working after a couple more operations. The remote operation from the keyfob or dash makes a beep but the tailgate doesn't lift. I've also tried the little button in the glovebox but that doesn't help. Wondering if anyone has experienced these symptoms following a towbar install or has any ideas, many thanks in advance.