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  1. Yeah subject to dates I'm very interested..... 👏
  2. emjay82

    Post your Pics

    Another service and mot today at Lexus Reading, sailed through...
  3. Absolutely.... I wasn't a believer but got myself a little runner, best thing i did. In the snow, the ISF stays off the road, no worries about car park dents etc.
  4. We dont need V8's, takeaways, Sky TV, foreign holidays etc. Make a decision based on how much you want the experience of driving and owning a V8. In my opinion, the cost of ownership isn't obscene and only represents a little indulgence in return for a wonderful thrill.
  5. Sure..... Go minimalist, less is more.... 😉
  6. Room for both..... 🤔😜
  7. New age of earning a very good living through posting youtube/social media videos. I googled him last night, 7 million followers, i guess he gets paid a pretty penny for adverts to appear during his vidoes...
  8. Sad to see the damage to your car 😔, main thing is that nobody was hurt! Cars can be replaced. There is a lot of body damage let alone unknown damage in the suspension areas and elsewhere. Insurers usually write off a car when the repair is over 50% of the cars value. As previously said, in my opinion, you're best to negotiate a good pay out for the car and source another. There's a white 2008 ISF for sale with 89,000 miles currently on AT for £16,995, for example. Demand for ISF parts is generally very low, due to their rarity, so selling off the parts could be extremely slow and fruitless. Good luck with whatever you decide to do.
  9. Yes original factory stock colour, I've been told (and researched) that there isn't a paint code for the ISF wheels 😔
  10. Maybe in a year or so mate....
  11. I've decided not to run winters, got myself a little run around car for short journeys and winter conditions. Good deal, no 🙄...... they weren't cheap to buy and ship to be honest. They're very sought after in the US.
  12. Thanks, I do like to keep it oem, which they are, just from the other side of the pond. ☺
  13. I've recently switched over my 2008 OEM wheels after sourcing a set of 2012+ ISF OEM wheels from The States. Pretty happy with the outcome.....
  14. I think we have but..... why is no mod/admin answering my questions about my deleted 'it would appear' thread??? Do I have to retype the thread and hope it isn't deleted because someone doesn't like it, for some unknown reason?