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  1. Looking for a 300h

    Yeah varying @rayaans, one is available to collect Thursday..
  2. Looking for a 300h

    Agreed but not looking for the 200t. I also need one this month.....
  3. Well done Ratty, great work. I'm distraught that I'm going to be away that weekend. 😢 😢
  4. And see what they did to @Flytvr's coffee when he let on he liked cats. Lexus the pursuit of perfection... 👍
  5. I hear Lexus Cheltenham are churning our special edition coffee's today 😉....
  6. Good buy or stay away?

    So the EH car is a no go. 25,000 miles since the last service in Nov 2016.
  7. Good buy or stay away?

    Discussed this last night, must be a much better car to drive but the prices will drop faster and the long term cost of ownership will be much higher, depreciation, tax, fuel etc. As our other car is an ISF, would be nice to balance the driveway with something a bit more efficient.... 🤯
  8. Could be pulling the trigger on one of these tomorrow, if not, certainly before Monday. Before I do, anyone else thinking of selling their white or blue hybrid, luxury or F Sport models.... Budget upto 23k.
  9. Good buy or stay away?

    Would really prefer not to deal with them, there are a couple of others that are preferred options at the moment.
  10. Good buy or stay away?

    Evans Halshaw, they quoted (approx from memory) one service at 12,000 in summer 2016 and another at 25,000 miles in November 2016. Then a recent service but possibly one missing. They haven't come back to me.
  11. Good buy or stay away?

    @rayaans if the budget allowed for a new shape RX, then that would be the choice. The other half prefers the look of the NX, compared to the 2013 RX. She also feels that the cabin is more dated. Based on the engine and value for money she should get a 2013 RX but aesthetics plays a part in this for her and I've got to allow for that 😉. I've been haggling today on a few 2014/2015 cars and managed to get a couple of dealers down by £800 on their advertised prices. Just need to decide whether to pay an extra £500-£750 for a 2014 F Sport, or go for the Luxury spec. Any thoughts... 🤔
  12. Good buy or stay away?

    Thanks for your replies, very useful. I've decided to stay away and have increased the budget to £22/23k ish. I've made offers on a few but waiting to hear back from a few dealers. F sport is the preferred model but Luxury an option too. Best value F sport is at Evans Halshaw White at £23,500 2016 with 50,000 on the clock. Or £23,000 white Luxury 2015 with 60,000 on the clock from a Lexus dealer.
  13. The dealers can afford to wait, not just the ISF but many Lexus models. The amount of times I've heard from Lexus dealers that 'I can't remember the last time I discounted a price on one of our used cars' . They won't budge, good business strategy to be fair but not good for the purchaser.
  14. I would bite your hand off 🐀 but I really don't need three sets of wheels . I have to say having a spare set of alloys with winter tyres is really handy. Switch them across yourself for winter months, spare set whilst others are refurbished, or if you get a flat etc.
  15. Sounds like the headers have been done too.