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  1. https://newyork.craigslist.org/fct/cto/d/fix-it-up-lexus-isf-2012-v8/6621650303.html
  2. And no carbon parts so it won't melt in the sun ☀ 😁
  3. Had to share this... https://newyork.craigslist.org/fct/cto/d/fix-it-up-lexus-isf-2012-v8/6621650303.html
  4. Yep, count me in........thanks!!
  5. I do agree it is annoying, especially the link to frozen nav screen that's been on there for years......
  6. If you're looking for this bloke (Yukihiko Yaguchi)...... You're in the wrong place, try Japan. 😉
  7. Many thanks, can you also help with this....?
  8. According to the VW garage it was with originally it was going to auction. I think it has some history (previous mods) but I don't know any specifics....... 🐀??
  9. Now come on Ratty, the reality is that you stalked the RCF driver for 20 miles down the M5, until he pulled off in fear of his life.... 😉
  10. You're more than welcome....
  11. Good idea for a photo comp, however, I am struggling with the technicalities of this task. To keep to the theme 'speed', the car probably needs to be moving and.... the photograph needs to be myself..... I think I need to find someone else to drive my car.... 🤔 😂 😂
  12. Doesn't surprise me, these guys aren't master engineers, they just change consumables and read computer codes nowadays, apart from a few good guys. They'll be under pressure by their managers and we've seen plenty of examples of Lexus trying to wangle out of warranty claims.
  13. Good for you for trying to warm others about your old car, didn't need to 👍. Hopefully this will reach enough potential buyers but some poor sod will inherit the problem..... 😔
  14. emjay82

    Post your Pics

    Steam cleaner and microfibre cloth yes, I think a steam iron might be a bit risky...