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  1. Love the setup, the android auto/apple carplay is so easy to use and intuitive. Google maps works great via voice control making navigation simple. Spotify works perfectly. My only regret is not choosing a head unit with a mechanical tilt, as some days in strong sunlight the screen can suffer from glare, but its fine 90% of the time.
  2. As you say, it's only really the climate control setting that are accessed using the screen, most of the other stuff you could live without. Here's the back of the unit with the beatsonic attached if that's any help...
  3. I won't be able to make this one, hats off to @NothernDan for making it all happen. Good job 👍
  4. You sound like a happy chappy Cezar 👍. Really looking forward to hearing this ☺. I was deliberating between the two switchable systems for my ISF, Meisterschaft or PPE. Be interesting to see how it compares to the PPE. Great stuff, enjoy! 😀
  5. That steering wheel looks great and very well made, good job 👍
  6. emjay82

    GS-F Brakes

    Is this...... Follow me sir and my colleague will arrange for the correct car to be delivered to you on his day off. Can't think of what else he might have said 🤔
  7. emjay82

    GS-F Brakes

    Having recently had a big moan to Lexus UK, they weren't exactly bending over backwards to help, far from it. Money talks, if a valuable client isn't happy, most companies will go above and beyond usual levels to retain their business (£). IMO Joe bloggs will have a very hard job to get this same success. That said, I did get a £50 voucher to spent on lexus accessories 😉.
  8. Shame they didn't try and replicate the factory finish of the wheels but there's no paint code, so they probably decided on a cost effective finish.... single colour (black). Bog standard silver, would also look wrong. Personally, it wouldn't be put off by Toyo's. Budget isn't acceptable, but midrange is fine, IMO.
  9. As some of you may know I purchased some cream leather seats for my ISF, I now have the full passenger seat, drivers seat (just the leather-can be swapped onto your current seat for circa £150) and full rear seats, in black from my 2008 car. The seats are in good condition for their age with no rips etc, other than the slight bolster wear on the drivers side leather. These would be very useful if someone has damage/rips to their seats. A good trimmer can swap the leather on a front seat for circa £150, I know this as I've had it done. A new seat from Lexus is circa £2,600 and the leather itself is circa £1,000. Anyone with any questions or interest please drop me a pm.
  10. emjay82

    ISF on ebay

    No. If you buy one of these cars thinking it's been driven to the local co-op and back for the past 100,000 miles, you're dreaming. They've all been driven hard for periods of their lives.
  11. emjay82

    ISF on ebay

    I'd be more worried about the airbags in this video.... 😉
  12. Having followed behind a few of these QS exhausts..... They sound amazing..... 👍
  13. Forget the Ferrari and the NSX, property is a much better investment, particularly in South Buckinghamshire 👍. Call me, all proceeds will offset the depreciation on my ISF 👍
  14. Good point. I used to use my ISF as a daily and on occasion take my son to nursery etc, so I got an extra set of wheels and some winter tyres. Peace of mind but very rarely did they make a difference apart from a few days. I've now got a second cheap daily runner, front wheel drive which will be used Mon-Fri and in bad weather. Will sling some winters on that which will be much cheaper.
  15. No worries mate, easily done 😉. Yeah, loved my IS250.