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  1. Yeah a few of those would do it but the one I had is probably past its best 🤢
  2. Bad times 😔. What happened exactly, @Warrington guy is handy with a trowel, if they need a new flank wall....
  3. emjay82


    From my experience, the majority of serious buyers use Autotrader. Enquiries on ebay and other sites seem low quality. The F cars are hard to sell, might take some time but if priced competitively that will help....
  4. Dreadful weather in Buckinghamshire ....
  5. You could take a look up here....
  6. emjay82

    My 2nd RCF!!?

    Looks like it could be a Cat D, did you carry out a HPI check before you handed over all that cash.....??? 😉
  7. emjay82

    NX wanted

    😂 I've held off for now...... I'm biding my time. 😉
  8. emjay82

    NX wanted

    Thanks, yes if their initial email is anything to go by it's clear that are going to try and push every single extra, cover etc. Crap as in slippery sales tactics or just inefficient?
  9. emjay82

    NX wanted

    Budget now increased to £21k, Arnold Clark have a couple of F Sports, black with 80,000 miles at £19,500 and white with 69,000 miles at £21,000. Anyone had any experience buying through them?
  10. emjay82

    ISF and TPMS

    Yes very odd, there are aftermarket systems available but not as tidy as if they were oem.... https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B07CXHR26Z/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_apa_M01UBbPS8ZJNT
  11. emjay82

    ISF and TPMS

    US have them, we don't. I purchased a spare wheel from the US a while ago which still had the TPMS fitted.
  12. Sound like good sales at the time to offer you a different model but it's reactive. I think you're right that Lexus take a very relaxed attitude towards sales and the right person will pay the right money over time.
  13. From my experience I've found dealers to be purely reactive in their approach to sales. I've only had one call back (out of about 10 Lexus dealerships) to ask.... are you still looking or I've got another car you might be interested in etc. In addition, I've offered on cars, it's not been accepted, then the price drops very close to my offer but never received a call. Most seem happy to wait and rely purely on incoming enquires....
  14. Let's hope it isn't as bad as Mikey's original blat in 2011 when several were lost up and mountain or stolen 🤯, clip below..
  15. Congratulations on the baby news ☺.... Hopefully someone will pick up the reins.