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Ls300 2001 Headlights Into A 99 Model Lx200? Other Options With Pics&#


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the eBay HID projector lights for the is300 2001 look great and i would love to fit them into my 99 model is200. has anyone done this?

the 01 model lights have just a few leds but 2 nice round reflectors and 2 angel eyes.

The is200 99 hedlights just have one angel eye, one projector and a weird shaped reflector

another option is to buy a pair of standard lights and fit aftermarket HID's and angel eyes to them...

any advice?

I can but a good set of original HIDS on eBay and just order the angel eyes.

Im just not sure about the quality of the 99 model aftermarket projector lights...




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Hi hypoman,

This is down to personal preference, I opted to split the original headlights that came with my car. I painted the chrome inserts black and then added the angel eyes, I used araldite epoxy glue on the back of the rings to glue them in place onto the painted surround rather than use the 3M sticky pads that are supplied with the angel eyes.

I've done 3 sets of angel eye headlights now, pre-heat the oven to 110 degrees C for 10 minutes, place headlight in the middle of the oven making sure that the headlight does not catch the sides. Leave in the oven for 15 minutes and remove, pry up the tabs on top and bottom of the headlight just enough that they do not catch when removing the lense. Starting at the pointed corner (main beam) and gently pry the lense away from the main body of the headlight, this should easily come apart when left in oven for 15 minutes. Be careful towards the indicator, this can be fidly but go gently and it will come apart. IF you feel the headlight cooling down quickly and becoming tough to pry apart then stop and place back in oven for 5 minutes and try again.

Once apart, key the chrome surround with sand paper or scotch pad and prime/paint. When fitting angel eyes dont bother to use the 3M pads, they go soft under heat from the bulbs and fall off, use araldite epoxy glue to secure the rings in place and leave to dry.

When ready to put back together, place everything back how you removed it, you can choose to keep or remove the orange indicator lense, if you remove the lense you will need to add an amber bulb or silvatec chrome bulbs.

I found it useful to place some silicone gel packs on the inside base of the headlight under the bottom of the surround to soak up moisture if you happen to get condensation inside the lense when raining/washing the car.

Here are the angel eyes I used:

The other option you have is to buy the lights in your post, I cannot comment on these headlights as I haven't had experience with them. However I have heard that these do not fit properly due to the headlights being different on the IS200 than the IS300, i think some of the metal work has to be cut out to fit IS300 headlights in. I'm sure others would be able to give you more info on this.





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