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  1. Hiya, I've sold my Lexus now but the tax was £175 for 6 months / £300 for a year. As for mpg I think about 28mpg, 300 miles out of a tank. As for things to check, make sure it's had a cam belt and water pump changed at its service schedule every 60k. And the front lower ball joints have been done, only replace with genuine Toyota parts. Only other thing is watch out if it has had a replacement pilkington windscreen as they used to leak water into the footwell and can cause electrical issues. This is rare on the later models though. I can't think of anything else. Just make sure it's serviced and it will last forever.
  2. Just chuck some 9006/HB4 bulbs in them and put them back in the car. Take the gauze off the rubber vent tube and put the tube back on. I never had any issues with water getting into my dogs after doing that
  3. Mines a 2002 IS200 Sport and has 162,000 miles on it, Last year had to have a new radiator which had done 150,000 miles on the original rad, over heated 6 times and is still running a year later. These engines are bullet proof. Had to have cambelt / water pump and aux belt change this year, along with lower ball joints as a precaution due to them starting to knock. 160,000 miles on original ball joints is pushing it. But I've also had years of trouble free motoring from the car. This was just routine maintenance.
  4. Hi All, At the beginning of the year I had the same problem, both my keys snapped, one snapped summer last year and in Jan the second snapped. I ordered two keys for £5 from ebay and cost my £29 to get both blades cut at a local locksmith. Hope others can find local locksmiths to cut their blades. Dean
  5. If it was me, I would get the car up on axle stands and have the car running, while its still cold, get under there and listen for any rattling at the cat. Even give it a bang and see if you can hear anything loose/breaking down in the bottom. I would rather take some time to investigate first before parting with £400 for a new cat. I will be honest, I had a rattle with my car, you know what it was, there's a few bolts around the cat for the heat sheild. a bolt had sheered, i put a new bolt in, problem sorted. no rattle.
  6. £280 for a sensor, yeah right, I paid either £60 or £90 for the sensor think the part number is DOX-0205 which the denso OE part number, you havent got to have the removal tool, i dont mine with a pair of mold grips / mole grips what ever their called, and used WD40 around the thread. Unscrew the sensor and screw new one in.
  7. Hiya mate, when I was going through this problem and had a new cat fitted, mine cost me £400. Are they having a F**king joke, £900 to replace the heat shield, WTF!!!! its held on by 4 bolts. Source one from scrap yard and fit it yourself.
  8. Hi Rich, I had this on my previous IS200, I will start by saying this was a nightmare for me. I changed the O2 sensor on the manifold in the engine bay, the one nearest the front of the engine. This didnt resove it. I then changed the cat converter under the floor, this didnt solve it. For me it was a simple case of i had just done an oil change but used castrol magnatec grade C3, which was not burning right. I done another oil change and used magnatec A5 which i have always run my car on and this sorted the problem. Have you just had an oil change done? If you havent, then best advice i could give is start cheapest option first. Take out the O2 sensor and check the condition of it. Is there any discolouration to it? Grey/white? I think the part number for the one i changed was DOX-0205. Ideally you need to check if the O2 sensor is doing its job by getting a read out of the O2 sensors fluctuation. I cant advise what is correct here but a garage with the OBD computer could tell you. But using the wrong grade of oil was the cause of my problem. There is a post on here somewhere, when i had the same issue.
  9. Hi Ratt, Yes there are 3 o2 sensors on our cars, there is 2 pre-cat sensors which are location on the exhaust manifold in the engine bay. Then there is one on the middle silencer undermeath the car on the exhaust. Will be on the drivers side of the silencer. You are correct wire for the sensor runs up underneath the passenger seat, if you put the passenger seat forward as far as it will go and take out the air ducting you will see the wire for it.
  10. It's not too bad. The bottom of the rear seats lift up and out. The back of the rear is secured with 4 13 or 14mm bolts and then lifts up and out. The rear shelf then just slides out. And you then have 4 10mm bolts holding the rear speakers in. Can all be dismantled within 15 minutes. Maybe 30 minutes if first time doing it.
  11. No worries. Always happy to help if I can. Yes I am referring to the bass as it is now with the Lexus standard head unit. The rear speakers have a built in 2 ohm sub which I think gets lost as it no longer gets the 2 ohm feed from the amp as it would take 4 ohms from the new head unit. The only way to get back the bass would be to fit a new set of 6x9's that have more bass and operate on 4 ohms which normal 6x9's do. Or fit a sub in the boot. Please bear in mind if you replace the speakers you will need spacer rings to mount the new speakers on to. Unfortunately AutoLeads do not make them for the IS200, or at least they didn't 3 years ago when i fitted mine. I had to make mine out of MDF and mount the new speakers to them. The same goes for the rear speakers.
  12. Yes you are correct. The standard head unit uses a separate amplifier and you will be using your new head units built in amplifier. As for quality I cannot comment on whether it would be the same as this is down to your head unit. I removed the amplifier and run all new speakers and cabling into both doors with 2.5mm core vann damme cable, new DLS performance 6.5" components and DLS 6x9's in the back running off a 5 channel Genesis amplifier in the boot. You might lack some bass as the standard amplifier and speakers are run at 2 ohms and normal car speakers run at 4 ohms. And I think by using the bypass lead you lose the 2 ohm subs which are built into the rear speakers. This is why I decided to install a whole new sound system. I'm sure if any info I have provided is incorrect someone on here can clarify this.
  13. Hiya, Yes when fitting an after market stereo to the IS200, the factory amp becomes purplus to requirements. This only applies to I think the SE, LE and Sport models. The base S model has no amplified stereo. You can either remove the amp completely or leave it there and just leave it unplugged. If I remember correctly there are two plugs that go into the amp, one of which is connected to the bypass lead, the other if left unconnected. The other end of the bypass lead runs behind the glove box to the headunit. Dean
  14. Hi, that is bad advice from halfords, you need this stereo facia: which comes with the amplified bypass adapter. Remove the glove box and there will be an amplifier to the left of the glove box, if i remember correctly its 3x 10mm bolts to remove and then unplug both leads into the amp, connect the larger cable to the bypass lead and run this to the headunit and connect it all up. Hope you get it all working soon. Dean
  15. Hi mate there is no auto changer in the boot of the IS200, the standard stereo has a 6 CD auto changer built in the head unit. The wiring that may be in the boot would be for the sat nav DVD unit. This is located to the right of the boot floor next to the spare wheel and storage compartment