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is250 Brake Servo Brake Master Cylinder

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I have a Lexus is250 auto 2005 which has an issue with the brake servo & brake master cylinder.

Lexus have informed me that both need replacing as brake fluid has leaked into the servo.

I have questioned whether this repair should be covered under the recall from 2011 even though

the car was taken in for the modification.

I have sourced a 2nd hand unit on ebay but i'm unsure of the part number.

The part number of my unit reads: 1310B0 - 15241 and the 2nd hand one reads: 131010 - 15241

does anyone know if this unit is compatible

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I have exactly the same problem on my 220d.It was also recalled in 2012 and had the mod done. Just wondering how you got on with your repair any info would be helpful thanks

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