Looking for a IS200 Sportcross

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Hey Guys, I hope this is the right Place for my Post.

I am from Germany and I am on the hunt for a pristine or at least near to that IS200 Sportcross. The IS200 models are very Expensive in Germany and they are in a bad Condition. I owned the Sedan in Blue with the Automatic, but I sold it, didn't like the Automatic, but never lost the Love for the IS model! I want one, but the Sedan is not roomy enough for my needs.

So I am currently looking for a IS200 Sportcross to Love, Drive and take care of!

Must haves: Manual Trans, Black half leather interior with seat heating, Electric sunroof, Headlamp washers
I am looking for these colors: Especially Blue Metallic, Grey, Black or other dark colors.

Don't want: Repainted/Resprayed car, Rust on the Body or panels, a damaged Car (not talking about little scratches)

Would really love, if you can help me out. Maybe you know someone who has a Is200 SportX he might consider selling.


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Hi Christian, welcome to the LOC. Sadly I don't know anyone, but worth following the cars for sale thread here, just in case.  

Quite a rare thing you are looking for, on the UK Autotrader website there are only two IS200 Sportcross manuals listed. I imagine elsewhere in Europe they are going to be equally hard to find. Finding one without rotting sills or underbody corrosion will be even harder! You do see occasionally a well looked-after examples coming up but they are getting rare now, and dealers tend to ludicrously over price them, but most are rough and abused. I think you might have a long search and may need to cast your net across a few countries. Good luck anyway, let us know how you get on.

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Hey there and thank you :)

I know it's gonna be hard probably.

There were 2 Sportcross that were prestine looking on Autotrader, but missed both, the Last one got picked away from me about 2 weeks ago...

I hope I will find one someday, doesnt have to be perfect but in good condition.

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