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  1. gdh300

    Lexus in motorsport 2018

    It amazes me just how much money there is in motorsport, even apparently low key events that hardly anyone has heard of. But away from the billionaires of the Lamborghini Super Trofeo, there is a lot of smoke-and-mirrors, dodgy deals, deals falling through, bravado and bluster, vanity projects, financial gambles and quite a bit of hand-to-mouth it seems. And allegedly a lot of teams running without insurance. Hopefully Lexus can avoid all that!
  2. gdh300

    Lexus in motorsport 2018

    Hmmm, interesting. I had previously read some - shall we say - 'less than complimentary' comments from Americans about Paul Gentilozzi. They follow IMSA much more closely than I do, so I'm not really in a position to question what they say! I'm sure there is an IMSA rule that will see any team running the Lexus next year doing without any Toyota handout, so may be 3GT don't fancy trying to find the shortfall. Or Lexus think 3GT have reached their level and need to make a step up. Or perhaps it is just the natural end of a three year deal. At least there is a commitment it seems by Lexus to carry on in 2019. Interesting to see who they will choose to run next year's effort. Ideally Lexus need to start supplying more than one team, and that is true for Blancpain as well. Cracking picture, though!
  3. gdh300

    Lexus in motorsport 2018

    If that were true I'd stand a chance! May be in ten years time when the government tries to legislate petrol cars off the road, particularly horny, noisy petrol V8s... 😉
  4. gdh300

    Lexus in motorsport 2018

    Cheers Paul, I hadn't seen that. I watched the first in that series and decided not to bother with the rest (it's more about the cars than the drivers for me). Should have known better, shouldn't I‽ That said, Costa is a star. Lots of great drives last year in the GT Open RC-Fs and again this year in Blancpain. Shame he appeared to be slumming it in an F-Pace at the start of that video. But I wonder if the new owner of that RC-F will have a little blue plaque installed on the dash? 😉
  5. gdh300

    Lexus in motorsport 2018

    As promised, news of the next Lexus track action! State-side, the IMSA Weathertech series returns with the Motul Petit Le Mans at Road Atlanta. This a 10 hour race and my interest will be piqued by the two RC-Fs of 3GT Racing (competing in the GTD category). Coverage on starts runs between 10:55 AM to 9:05 PM EDT, which means ready for a 1605 kick-off UK time, and be aware this is on Saturday afternoon; if you tune in on Sunday afternoon you will be disappointed! The very short GTD qualifying session will be tomorrow (Friday) between 3:55 PM and 4:10 PM EDT, so 2055 UK time and will also be streamed on the website. Good luck Lexus and 3GT Racing!
  6. gdh300

    IS300 2JZ-GE NAT #no compromise

    Aah, don't worry about it. I don't know why people have such a downer on the black country accent. We'll miss regional accents when they're gone. Anyway, can't wait for your UK tour to show us all your handiwork. 😉
  7. gdh300

    IS300 2JZ-GE NAT #no compromise

    I'm amazed you kept those weedy "meep-meep!" horns. They are terrible, the worse I've had on a car, and I've had a Marina! Then again, I guess you can let the turbocharged 2JZ do all the talking. 😁
  8. Bournemouth? You could have popped in for a cuppa and a bit of Bakewell! Hopefully that owner from Dundee reckons the trip was worth the while. I'm sure they do. I wonder, are they on here?
  9. gdh300

    Lexus in motorsport 2018

    Well, Blancpain is over for another season. Sadly, a disappointing race for Lexus in Barcelona, but a début season to be proud of none the less. Back in March, it was hard to predict that the Emil Frey outfit would end the season in contention for endurance silverware with a 6hr win under their belts. You may have seen the write-up on the Lexus Blog, but for a bit more try this article from Emily Frey themselves. Fear not though, still more Lexus motorsport action to go as we head into October and November. I'll keep you posted! Meanwhile, revel in this magnificence (picture credit to Emil Frey Racing):
  10. gdh300

    Top Gear Reviews

    I see they have managed to include the classic motoring media cliche of a CVT possessing a "whine", and CT's "early whining". Ho-hum, plus ça change... I'm not a SUV fan, but I do like this UX, very interested to finally see it in the metal. Perhaps I'm just giving it a easier ride, being a Lexus! 😉 For me, it's a shame there'll be just the single drivetrain available in the UK. Lexus Blog item is here.
  11. gdh300

    Lexus in motorsport 2018

    Any of you who subscribe to the Lexus UK Blog (which obviously, you of absolutely should!) will have had a link to this article today. Emil Frey Racing and their two RC-Fs head to Barcelona for the final Blancpain Endurance race of 2018, and go there in contention for taking the title. Chickens and eggs and all that, but Barcelona should suit the RC-Fs and hopefully they should be up the pointy end of the grid. Nice to Stéphane Ortelli will be back - very much Mr Endurance - after his huge shunt at Spa. His experienced head will be invaluable, but I may stick 50p on Albert Costa putting the #14 Lexus on pole... If you want to read a bit more about the final round, please have a read of this article. Streaming of qualifying and the race will be available on the Blancpain YouTube channel on Saturday and Sunday. Should be a intriguing race. I say it every time, but I really, really mean it with knobs-on this time: Good luck, Lexus! 🍀
  12. Oh dear. The search goes on then. I spent months looking for my IS, traipsing around the country and that was five years ago. Hopefully you'll get lucky and find a decent one soon. Only three on Autotrader at the moment, all for big money.
  13. I guess the boot isn't shallow because it's the hybrid version, this image seems to show the battery under the rear seat. Perhaps it's where they stuff all the secret monitoring equipment for pre-production?
  14. Nice find, and nice shots Peter. Isn't that a bit unusual for a manufacturer to let a pre-production model be pored over by the general public? At least it says as much on the door! Only my opinion, but I'm not sure about those 80's fuel and temp needles; I thought they looked rank in the new EX as well. And those chevron graphics alongside, sheesh....
  15. gdh300

    IS300 2JZ-GE NAT #no compromise

    More photographic filth from Rob; can this not be banned?