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  1. I assume the waste gate tube will be sticking up through a new hole in the bonnet? 😁 Good to see an update, appreciate your efforts. A few videos of turbocharged IS300s have been creeping into my feed on YouTube recently; it's like they know...
  2. I think might just be age related; it's a pretty hostile environment for a sensor over 15 years. My old IS300 had the P430 error for ages, even after one sensor was replaced. But like you say, it ran perfectly and passed a couple of Mos with the "fault" still present (clearing the EML first, of course!). You could end up like a friend of mine who replaced sensor after sensor only to find it was the cat was just performing a bit below par.
  3. Have you considered crowd funding amongst the LOC cognoscenti? No ulterior motive, I'm sure...😉
  4. Well done mate, congratulations; a lot of hard work and late nights there. Really missed your updates! A very Happy New Year to you, looking forward to your progress in 2020. 😊
  5. My missus just sent me a link to the most brilliant;y nostalgic website, just here. Flipping through the 1979/80 catalogue, I found this, and immediately thought of you...:
  6. You'll have no need to ever go home. Just find a nice layby, and you are all set...
  7. I think you can either put additives in 'normal' diff oil, or buy sort-of 'ready mix' oil. I think mine was the latter.
  8. Oh, nice! When I was a kid, my absolute favourite car was the Jensen Interceptor. Some of the later ones havd sheepskin seats; may be this is a way forward for the old GS? 😁
  9. I think its worth it. I seem to recall you could tell if your IS300 had LSD or 'open' diff from the the VIN number.
  10. I had my mechanic do the gearbox on my IS300 a couple of times, but only a drain down and top up. Never had the pan taken off for a full drain. I guess the GS with the 2JZ uses the same box as my IS. I had the differential oil changed as well, but only once I'll admit.
  11. Apologies, a bit too late with this particular post. Although SuperGT has concluded for 2019 (see my previous post), there are this weekend two 'Dream Races' at Fuji Speedway. These will see the final, final outing for the Lexus LC500s as the Japanese SuperGT field take on a healthy slice of the German DTM Series. Essentially, the two series run to the same specification nowadays (they did't a couple of years ago, but DTM do use silly DRS albeit disabled for these races), so it should be a competitive show. As I write the first race has already been run, but should you be at a loose-end, it is available to catch-up here. The second race is tomorrow, early doors for us in the UK of course, but will be available on MotorsportTV as well. Good luck, Lexus! By the way, no Lexus involvement but if you do want a bit more motorsport, the Kyalami 9hrs race will be streamed on GT World YouTube channel from 1030 today.
  12. I had a Primera (the last of the cracking pre-Renault ones) which had the cabin palette like the contents of a tin of mushroom soup. This they contrasted with fabric that looked like a child had crayoned all over. So I know something about the Japanese take on interior design. The 'coffee and cream' vibe of your GS puts me in mind of Y-fronts we had in the seventies... 😁