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  1. Sad to see someone leave the Lexus fold (says me, who as done just that). Well, you don't need to worry about exclusivity with an Audi. Or indeed, being bombproof. Hope you know what you are doing... And of course, you aren't going to get out of T-junctions now. 😉
  2. Pffft, that would NEVER catch-on....
  3. Electronic door mirrors (nearly showed my age by saying "wing mirrors") will doubtless be a fashion thing, if it catches on. The only advantage I can see is it makes a handy supplement for a dashcam, should any sort of blackbox recorder become mandatory. You know, when all those corporate lawyers are trying to sort out litigation in a crash involving an autonomous car... I know LMP and GT3 cars have been using cameras to replace rear view mirrors for ages. These are augmented with graphics to highlight cars behind and if they are closing or receding. As demonstrated in this video, which if nothing else has a wicked soundtrack: I imagine how useful this would be on your road car. Red arrow for the drugged-up gym owner in their Range Rover Sport, Amber arrow for the junior 'executive' in their first company car Audi A3 1.6TDi, Green arrow for any Lexus driver... 😁
  4. gdh300


    Funnily enough, I had a set of CrossClimates fitted to my GT a fortnight ago. Bit early to say about how they perform in the cold (only had a few sub zero mornings since, and no ice or frost to speak of) but feel perfectly competent in the high single / low double figures we've had recently. Certainly quieter than the tyres they replaced (which had about 4mm to 5mm left), the 'hiss' you get with many summer tyres has gone but there's none of the 'brrrr' you can get with proper winter tyres. Also seems to be a nit of extra spring in them when going over expansion joints, etc.
  5. gdh300

    IS300 2JZ-GE NAT #no compromise

    As I've posted before, can we not get this filth from Rob banned?
  6. Sadly, I think perfection is unobtainable, no matter how much you pay! There'll always be something. My missus's 17 year old Yaris is a brilliant bit of kit 😁
  7. Depends what you want to pay 'premium' for. Snazzy infotainment or 200k mechanical integrity and reliability. I'd take the latter and forego the former. And a Toyota (or Lexus) is more likely to make that it than a BMW (which nowadays appears just a means to sell 3 year's finance). But let's not fall out about it. I think we are all on the same side... 😉
  8. Well, as long as we are concentrating on the important things of car ownership... 🙄 Jeez. All spoilt today, aren't we?
  9. gdh300

    Footrest / Dead pedal

    Blimey, how much G are generating in your IS that you need a drilled metal footrest? 😉
  10. No need to worry, I was very happy with them on my IS300.
  11. gdh300


    From what I can remember, the UK market won't be getting the non-hybrid variants of the UX that use Toyota's new DCVT gearbox, but this is a interesting video none the less. The new Corolla also uses this transmission, but again I think we won't be seeing see it here. Compact and complex: Torturous torque transmission!
  12. gdh300

    Not seen that before

    Not to be picky, but the Landcrab was the Austin / Morris 1800 / 2200. The Maxi was a completely different beast (apart from the doors, the suspension and the drive train, for money saving reasons 😖). My dad had both! Anyway, on further research me old mucker Shinzo perhaps - not unsurprisingly - does have amongst his fleet a LS600h and a Toyota Century and an . Mmm, V12 waft...
  13. My eye caught the words "Gordon-Keeble" in the recent posts column on the home page, and I just had to come here! A beautiful car, one of those fondly remembered exotics from my childhood. A warm welcome to the forum, Mike.
  14. You can prise them off with a credit card, so no need to remove all the bonnet lining. I say 'prise', you have to push against a clip and they pop out (I think on the rear edge). Just don't loose the end of the hose! Give the jets a bit of a rummage with a cocktail stick and they might be restored. Is the water hard round your way? If so, may be a few house soaking in vinegar. Do you have the type that are three jest on one, or the later fine spray type?