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  1. Trailing socket will sort that, fella! 😉 Good to see you're still "on the case". Starting to think you'd found something else to do!
  2. Phew, glad you got it sorted. Like I said, "...something really silly that's an easy fix." 😁 I can't imagine how expensive a folder roof would be to fix if it ever goes wrong...
  3. No problem matey, shame I don't live a bit closer as that extract admits it's a two man job! At least the weather should hold tonight. Hopefully before you get the spanners out, an owner here might be able to give you a few pointers what to check for. Might be something that's quite common, something really silly that's an easy fix.
  4. That sounds a nightmare. Hopefully you have it sorted by now, if not, does this PDF help? Manual roof.pdf
  5. Apologies for being a bit late to post this, but the N24 is well underway at the Nurburgring. But it is about to run into the evocative evening stage and then the daunting - if short - night phase. Three Lexus competing this year, but you will be lucky to spot them in the mulri-class field of over 150 cars! In SP9, one GT3 spec RC-F (car #19), in SP8 an RC-F (car #20) and finally in SP-PRO and LC500 (car #56). Live streaming is here: And timing is here:
  6. Evening friends. LeMans is in full swing and is entering the evocative evening stage. I'm keeping an eye on the in-car feeds from the two Toyota LMP1 cars, and the speed is simply staggering: No.7 here: And No.8 here: Toyota hybrids, boring eh? Meanwhile, looking to the future good news that Toyota are - by the looks of it - seriously planning a car for the newly released ACO regulations. Who knows, it may end-up wearing the Lexus badge, given the exulted company... article here
  7. Ooo, lover-ley! Any chance you could buy an orange Saab 99 like the mum-of-my-best-friend-at-primary-school had? Just for old time's sake? It seemed very exotic (in a Scandinavian way) in the late 70's, what with everyone I knew driving an Austin or a Morris (apart from someone posh we knew, who had a Wolseley).
  8. Come on, spill the beans, what is it? Just to help us Lexus converts feel righteously smug! 😉
  9. I'm a bit late to this post but I had what might be a similar sound on my IS300. Again, you couldn't hear it from isnside the car but it was bl**dy annoying when driving with the window down! Changing pads and ensuring all the anti squeal shims and clips were present didn't seem to make a difference. However, I did find that the disc shields would often get bent and end-up in very light contact with the disc. Usually this would be after driving heavy rain when you get those powerful jets up inside the wheel arch. It doesn't help of course at the age they were, both had heavy corrosion (in fact one just fell asprt when the wheel was taken off!). Not saying this is what you have, but worth a look.
  10. Done a quick search here, but haven't found another post about this : Might be of interest for some. Dare say it is the most expensive way to run a car!
  11. Leaving to your own conscience the mixing between axles (I have done it myself when a lowly paid local government officer!), hate to be boring but another vote from me for Avon ZX7s. Also, from my own experience, possibly Toyo Proxes? Admittedly I don't know what sizes they are available in, but they had good grip and water-clearing. They wore relatively quickly but who knows when that next pothole or 6" nail is going to get you?
  12. Ha, small world, I'm in Hatch Warren! Not seen that GS-F, but there are few Lexus locally I recognise, even if I don't really spend much time in Basingstoke. I'm not in a Lexus myself at the moment but keeping a keen eye on the market for GS250 and IS250s...
  13. Me again, sports fans! Two lots of Lexus action this weekend. Firstly, in IMSA - state side - it's the next round of the Weathertech Championship at Belle isle Park for the Detroit Grand Prix. Bit of an unusual race in that only the Prototypes and GTD take part in a short race of only 1hr 40mins. And (for reasons I forget) a number of GTD teams have opted to stay away; fortunately not the two AIM Vasser Sullivan RC-Fs. Streaming of qualifying and the race will be available on but don't forget qualifying is Friday at 22.10 BST and the race Saturday at 17.30 BST. Meanwhile, back in Europe, a race of rather more duration is taking place with the Blancpain 1000km at Paul Ricard. You may remember this was the scene in 2018 of the Emil Frey run RC-Fs first - and admittedly only - victory in the highest level GT3 racing series. I wouldn't hold your breath for a repeat this year, as again Lexus have their public perception presented by the single car run by Monsieur Bartez in the AM Cup. Live streaming will be available on the SRO Blancpain website (with timing, importantly) and the Blancpain YouTube Channel. The race starts at 1700 BST on Saturday, but you might find that qualifying is also streamed tomorrow (Friday). Good luck, Lexus!
  14. Well, somehow I managed to fail to prompt you about the latest race in Japanese SuperGT; apologies for that. However, I have at least found (too late!) that the 2019 season is being streamed somewhere, and that is on The next race is in Thailand on 30th June. I have not though looked into the costs but I suspect you'll need to pay for live streaming and certain other content. But the good news is, this last race (amongst others) is available to view gratis, not even requiring a sign-up. You can see it here: Suzuka SuperGT Look away now if you're going to the stream! SPOILERS: Turns out I missed what was an excellent weekend for Lexus at Suzuka (which must have been a bit annoying for Honda!), both in GT500 and GT300. A rare 1-2-3 for the LC500s, and a win in GT300 for the GT3 spec RC-F. Well done au TOM'S and K-tunes! I shall be better prepared next time...
  15. Linas, you must be very happy! Rejoice!