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  1. Seizure was not an option in the case of my example "don't have a chicken phal the night before a three hour minibus ride with a party of work colleges"
  2. Metal valve caps falls in my category of "never again, lesson learned". A bit like the "don't have a chicken phal the night before a three hour minibus ride with a party of work colleges " lesson.
  3. Surprised to find a largely favourable review on the TG website which I assumed would be the usual understeer, oversteer, power tosh. And I quote: Should I buy one? This is a moment for you to consider what driving you really do, rather than what you would like to do, but don’t. While TG will go to its grave defending your right to having a drift-worthy V8 that consumes tyres and petrol in equal measure, there are some of us who just want or need to get somewhere in the least stressful way possible. Often with luggage and passengers. For those people, cars like the Volvo S90 and now the new Lexus ES are not just a sensible choice, but the correct one. The new Peugeot 508 also treads its own path by all accounts, wilfully different form the usual (Germanic) suspects. Perhaps there's finally the start of seismic shift in the motoring press, from baseball cap to cardigan? I won't hold my breath though!
  4. gdh300

    Ok not strictly Lexus

    Excellent result, even if Porsche and Audi fan boys are a bit sniffy about it. Very glad the Toyota press machine did not persuade the team to switch Nakajima for Alonso at the end. Hopefully will be at Silvesrtone in August to see the WEC round there.
  5. gdh300

    The Photography Thread

    No, afraid not, but I had been over the North York Moors the day before.on that very road!
  6. gdh300

    Car Magazine - July 2018

    I heard somewhere the other day that Elon Musk had said - paraphrasing here - if we stopped using electricity to refine oil, we would then have enough electricity for every car to be an EV. Not quite the full story, I assume none of his Teslas are free of oil-derived plastics for example? But infrastructure is so lacking. I am fortunate to have a drive in front of my private garage so I could plug in my car every night, putting aside any questions of range and cost! But round my way there's an increasing number of town-house style developments where parking is on street. Seems impractical to litter the pavements with charging points for everyone. Unless I suppose, fully antonymous vehicles will run round at night to designated fast charging points. Or we change the way we use our cars.
  7. Wax cylinder for me, mate. But that was only a recent innovation. I much prefer the actual artiste in the car, nothing like a live performance.
  8. Streaming? Spotify? Bluetooth? What is this witchcraft of which you speak? Can't we get back to sensible discussions about balancing carburettors and so on? 😉
  9. At the end of the day, you need to do what feels best for you. If a warranty gives you peace of mind, then it's worth every single penny. Now, just sit back and continue to enjoy the IS300h!
  10. gdh300

    The Photography Thread

    My five pounds is safe... 😁
  11. As Alan said, depends on your appetite for risk, or more specifically what you have in the bank and what you are prepared to spend. A three year old Lexus is highly unlikely to go wrong, but if you suddenly faced with say a £2000 bill for a new infotainment screen, have you got that sitting in an account? If you've bought a car with every last penny you could scrape together, something like that could be disastrous. If you've bought comfortably within your means, than probably not; it'd be annoying, but doable. Things do go wrong on cars, it's sadly unavoidable, but with Lexus you are at least minimising the risk. You read some dreadful stories on Honest John of people who have stretched themselves to get a used car they crave then have a unexpected big bill, or have bought something major ticket (mostly Land Rover products it seems) and have no choice really but to stump up out of warranty. If it's any comfort, my IS was seventeen when I sold it, so had no possibility of a warranty, not even after market - and I never had any doubts about that. ☺️
  12. I saw in one video - again a US one - that the 2.5 ICE is "all new". Is this genuinely "all new", or do they mean "all new" to the US market, i.e. the 2AR-FSE we have had in Europe for ages in the IS300h and GS300h?
  13. Indeed. Makes me wish I had worked harder at school, or had more natural talent, or was just luckier. Instead, I live a vicarious life via YouTube...
  14. Bit of an update for any one suffering a pothole destroyed tyre: it's taken four months, but today I have received and email from Skanska (the pothole contractor in Hampshire) saying they will pay my claim. Funny that they - or rather their insurers - admit no liability, but are paying me for a tyre and tracking. Presumably out of pure altruism... Driving home from my son's place the other weekend I was appalled by the state of the A-roads in Oxfordshire, absolutely shockingly strewn with potholes. Berkshire was little better, so that when I got home to Hampshire I was actually quite relieved!
  15. gdh300

    To the Arctic Circle!

    Willing co-driver here! Mind you, if someone as experienced as Harry sounds slightly tremulous at the sight of oncoming HGVs on a road covered by sheet ice, may be I will duck out this time, washing my hair or something... 😉