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  1. Does that imply that not only the current CT is being dropped, but that the rumoured 2021 or 2022 CT won't be coming here either? Seems likely any new CT will have full BEV version which could be a good seller.
  2. Ah well, it's back to Autotrader for me and that Gen3 GS250... Very impressed with Toyota's 3.3 mile circuit, though.
  3. Official unveil scheduled for later this evening:
  4. I've seen the rumour about BMW engines finding their way into Lexus on few websites. Even I think, a joint development Mazda was mentioned somewhere, so who knows! I suppose it would make financial sense to share bigger petrol engines for the few years remaining of the pure-ICE market. When the new Supra came-out, I saw this interesting video which got into the background of the works between BMW and Toyota. Talk about the chosen engines - relevant or not to the new IS - starts at about 8m05s.
  5. Yeah, but they are expensive, and quite bulky by the looks: I guess if you have a sensitive nose and a hand held extinguisher, you should be OK. 😉
  6. Don't know if I missed it - or more likely I might just have forgotten! - but are you fitting fire suppression under the bonnet?
  7. Wow, I had no idea of how close you were getting it on the road! Fantastic effort. 👍 Now you are over the trepidation you must be relived and delighted in equal measure but I guess there's still much to do before the slog of the rolling road work. And perhaps a few days in the gym to build up that left leg! I wonder if you might be better uploaded your videos to YouTube? There'll be interest beyond this forum as well.
  8. I assume the waste gate tube will be sticking up through a new hole in the bonnet? 😁 Good to see an update, appreciate your efforts. A few videos of turbocharged IS300s have been creeping into my feed on YouTube recently; it's like they know...
  9. I think might just be age related; it's a pretty hostile environment for a sensor over 15 years. My old IS300 had the P430 error for ages, even after one sensor was replaced. But like you say, it ran perfectly and passed a couple of Mos with the "fault" still present (clearing the EML first, of course!). You could end up like a friend of mine who replaced sensor after sensor only to find it was the cat was just performing a bit below par.
  10. Have you considered crowd funding amongst the LOC cognoscenti? No ulterior motive, I'm sure...😉
  11. Well done mate, congratulations; a lot of hard work and late nights there. Really missed your updates! A very Happy New Year to you, looking forward to your progress in 2020. 😊
  12. My missus just sent me a link to the most brilliant;y nostalgic website, just here. Flipping through the 1979/80 catalogue, I found this, and immediately thought of you...:
  13. You'll have no need to ever go home. Just find a nice layby, and you are all set...