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  1. New member

    Hi Neil, welcome to the LOC. The NX must be very different to what you've had before. I guess it's best to buy a car that has at least one dealer on the island! And that's a lovely colour by the way.
  2. Top gear lc500

    Agreed, Chris Harris is possibly one of the best car journalists. Him, Harry Metcalf and Henry Catchpole I could watch all day. They just "get" cars and driving. Although it was a terrific opportunity for him to be on Top Gear, I did get a feeling at the time of: "oh well, it was fun while it lasted". From what you are saying Linas - and I haven't watched any episode of Top Gear for years - it sounds like what you describe (idiot TV producers included) is exactly what I feared. By no means is an LC500 a track car, not without the rumoured F version, and may be not even then. Chris H has had good words to say about Lexus in the past even when the idiots at Autocar et al have not, busy as they were cashing the cheques from their big advertisers. Witness his review of the RC-F review and more recently GS-F. May be it is just an aberration...
  3. Lexus in motorsport 2018

    Greetings race fans! Some Lexus action for me to highlight this week... First off, commencing tomorrow is two day test at Paul Ricard for competitors in the 2018 Blancpain GT Series. 45 GT3 cars are scheduled to take part (take that, F1!), one of which is the lone RC-F being run by Emil Frey. A quick look at the entry list on that link will show you the quality of cars, teams and drivers against which the Lexus must measure itself. It will then be just three short weeks to the first race of the season at Zolder. Secondly, this weekend it is the IMSA Mobil 1 Twelve Hours of Sebring. 3GT Racing will be running two RC-Fs, both of which should benefit from enlarged restrictor plates. The race starts AM Saturday morning local time and a full entry list is available here. Meanwhile, globally we may see more Lexus RC-Fs with customer teams as the FIA are pushing manufacturers to building sufficient cars to avoid a nascent 'GT3 prototype' class, which can only be a good thing, for Lexus and for motorsport. Just remembered! Also testing this weekend will be the GT500 and GT300 cars in SuperGT at Okayama. The superb LC500 starts the season as reigning champion but will be faced with renewed challenges this year from Honda and Nissan. In GT300, there should be at least two GT3 spec RC-Fs competing this season.
  4. Yes, that new Auris looks rather striking to me. To be fair, the current model I think the current model looks pretty good, just a shame about the drive train. But the new 2.0l hybrid looks like it might finally provide a bit more 'oomph'...
  5. Quite a good video here from the boys at Autogefuhl... Not really my cup of tea, but I can see the attraction of this over the existing rivals. Does anyone know if this is a de facto replacement for the CT200h?
  6. If it isn't affecting emissions - which sounds like it wouldn't - then possibly you can clear erase the error to get it through the MoT. I had a recurring P0430 error on my 2001 IS300 (even after fitting of the oxygen sensor) for about two years, and emissions were never a problem at MoT time. I used a cheap Autel ODBII scanner to erase the code on the morning of the day and knew if would be off for at least 50 miles/an hour, so ample time for the garage to complete the test.
  7. New to forum

    Hi Andy, welcome to the forum. The Lexus diesels certainly seem not to have been their finest hour but if you get a good one you'll do OK so long as you don't neglect maintenance. I have read some stuff about that long 6th gear and there seems to be a certain technique to get the best of it.
  8. Hi Alex, welcome to the forum. Nice collection of vehicles you have there. Just looking at your CarThrottle site now. Like the 200 in green, not enough green cars around any more (not in the UK anyway). But perhaps it's time to invest a second crash helmet?
  9. Now sold, to Messi of this forum. I'm sure he's going to get a lot of stress-free miles of the old girl just as I did. As a former IS, GS and current SC owner, he knew what to expect! And yes, it was sad to see him driving away in it... I’m now in a KIA Pro Cee’d GT (awful name, I know!), which is a bit of a itch I had to scratch. For about the last year I have been solely looking at IS250s but after belatedly test driving a 2011 Advance, I have to say it just didn't do it for me, which really surprised and saddened me. I had a similar feeling after I test drove a GS250. The KIA on the other hand I tested on whim and it felt surprisingly like my IS300. I’m not 100% convinced I've made the right choice, but I have to keep reminding myself that I don’t have to keep my cars for five years like I normally do, I can sell them after six months! Meanwhile, I'm going to continue following the GT3 Lexus (and try to keep my motorsport thread up-to-date) and will be cheering them on at Silverstone in May. I am keeping my Autotrader searches active for a Gen3 IS250 F-Sport; they will eventually falls into my price range. Or just may be a late 2011 Gen2 IS250 F-Sport, like the beautifully beguiling black one I just (by about an hour!) missed out on in January.
  10. Ha! The weather and work intervened last week, Bob. I'm taking the old girl up to Birmingham on Saturday, hopefully to sell to a member of this forum. She's getting a last run to my work tomorrow, which will be emotional
  11. Interesting read, David, thanks for the effort in writing it. Electric vehicle are clearly the future - or some more advanced ICE Hybrid - but I think for the majority of drivers they are a long way off; there just isn't the charging infrastructure or the used car stock yet (today of 434,979 cars listed only 746 are electric). Buying a new Model S is very different experience to buying a eight year old Nissan Leaf, I suspect. Tesla leading by example but a filter down of technology needs to come into the mainstream market.
  12. Yes, still for sale although I have another LOC member viewing on Saturday (weather depending!).
  13. Much as I want to say a red 2001 IS300 (!), I have to add another vote for the Yaris. My wife has a 2001 1.3 with a ridiculous 33k on it, and aside form one exhaust, two auxiliary belts and one shock absorber, it has been vice and trouble free. They must be available for peanuts now.
  14. Good luck with that, can be a right pain tracking down stuff like that. PM me if you want the WSM.
  15. Hi Simon, welcome to the LOC. Sorry that your question has been overlooked. I'm very much of the 'if it's not broke, don't fix it' school of car mechanics (lots of bitter experience!) so can't really offer you any help. Can it be as simple as an in-line fuse? I assume the doors are on the same fuse in the box but is there another one in each door. If it's of help, I have a PDF of the IS300 workshop manual.