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  1. "...cost nothing to own..." Count me in! (I assume this promise is unwritten by Autocar?)
  2. Man, you sure is ugly!!! But - looks aside - I imagine in this you wouldn't be able to humiliate (and therefore annoy) the perpetual dumb pushy-in-a-straight-line SUV driver when you get to a roundabout, so it's a no from me...
  3. Ha! Yes, it's good enough, but it's no Lexus. The base Ceed are perfectly fine but I promised myself I wouldn't have just a 'perfectly fine' car again, hence I only considered the Kia because of needlessly boosty engine and the stylishness of three doors. Unfortunately at the time I wanted to replace the IS, no Lexus really ticked all the boxes for me. The Proceed feels like a fun diversion, but not something I'd keep as long as I did the IS300.
  4. Don't get me wrong, I'm not blinkered to thinking everything Lexus do is the best you can get. The CT200 gets panned even on this forum, for example. But what riles me is that what is better for one person, may not be better for another. A comfortable, non-sport, hybrid Lexus that will last for 20 years may be the best car for Driver A, while an uncomfortable, sporty, diesel Audi that will last 10 years may be best for Driver B. But the ratings the UK press always seem to give weight to the Driver B type. Which kind of comes back to what you said about how most people don't read the motoring press and just want 'the best', so don't look beyond the usual suspects. In the American and Australian motoring press, Lexus seem to come out better in comparison to their European counterparts. Why is that? And the same is true for all Japanese marques, which are similarly negatively reported in the UK.
  5. Haven't watched TG for years and years, and never seen TGT. All seemed a bit like rich boys smashing up used cars. I used to like Chris Harris's YouTube stuff, before he took the TG gig. His review of his 2CV, his tribulations in the N24 race and his time with the criminally undervalued Alex Buncombe on the Mille Miglia are three of my favourites. But all that is spoiled now, until he gets the boot by the BBC. Thanks goodness for Harry Metcalfe!
  6. It's been a while but Lexus are back on track this weekend, on two continents! No IMSA action for the RC-Fs at Long Beach, as their GTD category don't compete in the Bubba Burger Sports Car Grand Prix. The AIM Vasser Sullivan team will next be in action over the weekend of 4th and 5th of May; hopefully they won't be running into each other this time... So we flit instead to Japan, and the start of the new SuperGT season. Rather than me waffling on, you can read a preview here and here. The six LC500s will be competing for their last season in GT500, while there is an increased presence in the GT300 category with three RC-Fs. Hopefully, live streaming will be provided again by Nismo on their YouTube channel, now childishly named 'Let's Go Racing'. Interestingly, as the two series closer align, there will be some joint races with the DTM later in the year. Meanwhile, back in Europe Blancpain GT starts with a three hour endurance race at Monza. Sadly, just the one RC-F competing, and one driver will need to double stint. All a bit underwhelming from a Lexus point of view, but seeing the positives it is a monster 49 car grid competing at a magnificent circuit in glorious spring sunshine, for three hours! There is increased TV coverage this year, but it will again be streamed on the Blancpain website (with timing) and on their YouTube channel. Good luck, Lexus!
  7. Glad it's just not me! I used to think Autocar was bad, but Autoexpress make them look as even-handed as Solomon. But, speaking of Autocar, this is an interesting opinion piece: linky After all these years of castigating cars that don't major on 'on the limit' handling?! I'm surprised it got published, so perhaps the editors at Autocar aren't all bad. Perhaps they realise (but won't admit) that it's fundamentally their fault, a bit like how they routinely recommended diesel variants as the best option even if someone did 3,000 miles a year (which they also didn't admit to). Next they'll be saying a car that is reliable is preferable to one that spends eight weeks a year at the dealers! If this unlikely train of thought catches on, who knows, may be sales of Lexus will pick up?
  8. Ha, yes! I remember my dad timing the moment his Austin 1800 clicked back to 00000 at a suitable location for a good 35mm photo shoot (he did well, to give him his due). Felt quite an occasion. Now I've personally taken four cars past this milestone with hardly a thought. Sign of the time though: my Proceed ticked over 40k this morning, and I'm starting to think I should be considering a change... 🤦‍♂️
  9. I don't know why I keep going back to it, the UK motoring press.Perhaps I'm being paranoid. But I mean, it can't just be me, can it? I mean, are Lexus really so bad that they can lose every single UK comparison test? Or is something else going on? Latest one I've read - rather, skipped to the end in anticipation of it being negative - is this one: BMW 8 Series vs Lexus LC I haven't driven either (obviously), but I mean, really? A diesel over a petrol-hybrid because of better infotainment? Perhaps others can advise... As an aside (pointedly, perhaps), I notice that this story that was posted at 9 Apr, 2019 11:10am, already (as of 9 Apr, 2019 8:02pm) has had its Disqus comments section closed. Cynically, you could say it is to shutdown discussion of a major sponsors product. A bit like it has been on the glowing article on the new Skoda Scala...
  10. Cheers fella, seems like an unlikely prospect while it is serving you so well! I might just keep £1k on one side though, just in case... 😜
  11. Sounds normal, like Mark says. It's not a hill holder like a braked system as such, just a happy feature of TC gearboxes.
  12. Still looking good there, Richard.
  13. You see, all that has has done now is to justify your obsession!
  14. From Provence to Florida! It's the Sebring 12 hours this weekend as the second round of this year's IMSA Weathertech Championship. The race starts tomorrow - from what I can work out - at 1430 UK time, and streaming will be available outside the US and Canada(?) at Just the second outing for the new AIM Vasser Sullivan outfit with their two RC-Fs #12 and #14. It's a long race of course, so qualifying position not that important, except as a guide for outright speed of course. And the Lexus qualified in p8 and p14 (dead last), so it might be a very long race!
  15. Wow. Pardon us. Thank goodness for DanD's perspective...