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  1. Stunning, Jonathan! Like you say, who else would offer a three year warranty on a car at 10 years and 100k? I know you'll enjoy it. But tell me more about that magic frosted glass at the dealers, it sounds amazing!
  2. gdh300

    No LOC members to copy !

    Magnificent, but I hope that wasn't on a cold engine! Is that Mark Higgins driving?
  3. gdh300

    Lexus in motorsport 2018

    Firstly, a quick update from the 24 Hours of Spa. You may have seen/read that the #14 RC-F finished a creditable 13th, just four laps behind the winner but that unfortunately the #114 Lexus crashed heavily in the night at Raidillon. The SRO have released a statement that while Stephane Ortelli was taken to hospital following the crash, he has since received the all-clear and has gone home to recover. It's nearly three weeks until the next Blancpain race so hopefully he will be back on top form by then. Anyway, this weekend - on the other side of the world - SuperGT returns for Round 5 with the 500 mile race at Fuji Speedway. While it may be the eponymous home track for Lexus "F", it's likely to be a tough race for the LC500s having had good results the last time out. But 500 miles is a long race and temperatures are predicted to be over 30 degrees (thankfully without any downpours) so you never know. Coverage will be available on the NismoTV YouTube channel, although they have not as yet put up the links for forthcoming live streams.
  4. gdh300

    Lexus in motorsport 2018

    This afternoon see the start of the 24 hours of Spa 2018 at 1530 UK time. 24 hours at possibly the finest circuit in the world with a field of 62 fantastic GT3 machines, I mean what is there not to like? Emil Frey are busy running not only their XK8 but also, of course, their two RC-Fs. After qualifying they lay P15 and P26, meaning the #14 car of Marco Seefried, Christian Klien and Albert Costa was able to compete in Superpole, a final qualifying session for the top 20 cars. On the face of it, a disappointing result for Lexus with P19 from 19 runners in the session (one car did not start) but it goes without saying, this is a long, long race. I have a certain feeling of schadenfreude in seeing the WRT Audi that took Superpole has subsequently had it's times deleted, meaning it will start in P21, still with a stop-go penalty to serve in the race. Brave of the Belgians to punish what is essentially an Audi factory team run from a Belgian base but as the stewards decision states: Non-sporting behaviour - presenting a car with a technical non-conformity of which the competitor should have been aware. Seems they had some sort of dodgy inlet tract that provided increased power. Sounds a little like other stories from the emission-cheating monkey-poisoners, doesn't it? As a result, much more gratifying to see an Aston Martin will start from pole position [these are only my personal opinions of course!]. A serious accident this morning in the Lamborghini Super Trofeo race halted track activity for an hour and half, but as far as I can tell, the planned start of the race should still be at 1630 local time. Good luck everyone at Emil Frey Racing, a safe race and successful one. 24 hour streaming is on-line here.
  5. Worst - Morris Marina 1.7, 1978 vintage I think. Bought it for £125 so perhaps shouldn't have expected too much. If they wanted to design something to rust, they couldn't have done a better job. Swimming pool in the back footwells, lights that randomly went on and off, leaking seals on the axle, dodgy car, on and on... But it did start every time I asked in the four months I had it, so in that sense perhaps a better car than my FIAT Coupe... Best - IS300, without a doubt, the best £3000 I have ever spent on a car. I so wish I could have afforded one when they were still in production.
  6. gdh300

    Lexus in motorsport 2018

    3GT Racing are in action again this weekend at the beautiful Lime Rock circuit for the IMSA Weathertech Northeast Grand Prix. P2 and P3 in qualifying bodes well, even if recently the RC-Fs have struggled to convert qualifying pace into race wins. Streamed coverage will be available on Sunday (22nd July) on imsatv
  7. gdh300

    Lexus in motorsport 2018

    Over the last weekend of July it will be the 24 Hours of Spa for GT3 spec cars, run as part of the Blancpain GT series. As such, there will be the usual massive grid of lovely GT cars including the two Emil Frey RC-Fs. There's a little article here as a bit of taster featuring the words of team principal Lorenz Frey.
  8. gdh300

    Lexus in motorsport 2018

    Another IMSA Weathertech race today, as the series crosses the border to Canada and the Sportscar Grand Prix in Bowmanville, Ontario. A full field of Daytona Prototypes, GT Le Mans and GT Daytona ran qualifying yesterday and the 3GT Racing Lexus wrapped-up a 1-2 in GTD. The last race ended in disappointment after a 1-3 in qualifying, so hopefully things will go more to plan in Canada. Streaming will be available on Good luck, Lexus!
  9. gdh300

    Is300 Service Loaner

    Two-tone badge signifies all Lexus Hybrids .Agree about the colour, shame so many cars now are 50 shaded of grey. I saw an IS last night in Mesa (?) red, and in the June sunshine under bright blue skies it looked absolutely stunning.
  10. gdh300

    Lexus in motorsport 2018

    Whoops, forgot that this weekend is also The Weathertech Sportcars Championship for the six-hour race at Watkins Glen. The two 3GT Racing RC-Fs will be competing the GTD category. Streaming should be available on
  11. gdh300

    Lexus in motorsport 2018

    SuperGT makes its one pilgrimage outside Japan this weekend with a visit to the Chang International Circuit in Thailand. I imagine it will be a scorcher, but hopefully scheduled to avoid any daily downpour periods. NismoTV on YouTube will be streaming live, link here. According to my calculations the race starts tomorrow (Sunday 1st July) at 0900 BST, so a little bit more UK friendly than the Japanese races. Watch out for the phalanx of LC500s in GT500 and the RC-Fs (GT3 spec) in GT300. Good Luck Lexus! [not as my previous post "Goo luck"]
  12. gdh300

    Looking for a IS200 Sportcross

    Hi Christian, welcome to the LOC. Sadly I don't know anyone, but worth following the cars for sale thread here, just in case. Quite a rare thing you are looking for, on the UK Autotrader website there are only two IS200 Sportcross manuals listed. I imagine elsewhere in Europe they are going to be equally hard to find. Finding one without rotting sills or underbody corrosion will be even harder! You do see occasionally a well looked-after examples coming up but they are getting rare now, and dealers tend to ludicrously over price them, but most are rough and abused. I think you might have a long search and may need to cast your net across a few countries. Good luck anyway, let us know how you get on.
  13. gdh300

    Lexus in motorsport 2018

    Blancpain GT Sprint is back this weekend, making a return to the Misano circuit in Italy. The Sprint series comprises two one hour races over two days, generally at shorter and twistier circuits. These tend to play to the strengths of the mid-engined Audis and Lamborghinis, so we are unlikely to see a repeat win for the Emil Frey Lexus this weekend. But every race adds a bit more data to the bank for development of next year's car. Live coverage will be on the YouTube channel and live timing on the Blancpain website. Qualifying starts in about 2 hours. Goo luck Lexus!
  14. Seizure was not an option in the case of my example "don't have a chicken phal the night before a three hour minibus ride with a party of work colleges"
  15. Metal valve caps falls in my category of "never again, lesson learned". A bit like the "don't have a chicken phal the night before a three hour minibus ride with a party of work colleges " lesson.