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No Guidelines on Reverse Camera with 5c-42 Code

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Ive got an issue with the reverse camera in my 2006 GS 430, the camera works but none of the guidelines show up, just an error message saying 'system not ready' ive gone into the diagnostic menu and set the camera up, it all appears to work fine, then when i put it in reverse i get the same message. 

Ive done some research into the problem and people are getting the same issue after having a repair to the bumper or after having the Battery disconnected, mines had both 😂

I also get the fault code 5c-42 in the diagnostic menu under the camera section, but cannot find the code referenced on any diagnostic code lists.

Any help will be much appreciated, i want to get the guidelines back, thanks 🙂

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Hi, i have RX400h '05 and i have the same issue, no guidelines but text System Not Ready, been ok with it since the camera works but recently it has started to annoy me. Somewhere was said theres CTR fuse (7.5) blown, checked it and its intact. 

Really frustrating is that Google doesn't help at all !! 😁


I checked also the fault codes, and 5c-42 appears to be constantly active, even after i cleared memory. In few days, or weeks i give up and go for Lexus dealer, that 5c-42 seems so secret i think only Lexus dealer can dig it up.

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