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Lexus Open Road Day

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Well, I think I got my moneys worth! Apart from test driving loads of cars, and having my car washed for free, it was nice to fill up on coffees danishes and bacon butties between taking the cars out.

I was like a kid in a sweet shop - they had a load of keys hung up on a board and you just picked what you'd like to try next ... "ooh, can I try the RX next please"


SC - nice ride but didn't really feel sporty enough. When I set off I had the roof down but it started raining just after I left the park (thank goodness for the fast closure roof!). Nice car but I suppose I was expecting more - isn't this car supposed to be aimed as an alternative to the Merc SL?

IS200 Sport manual - love the new short throw gearbox! No clunk in second either!

GS300 - my favourite of the day, just so relaxing and nice to drive. In my opinion a really under-rated car. Normally I'm not a big fan of automatics but this was just right - definitely top of the list for a replacement to my IS200. I must be getting old!!

RX300 - what a laugh! Lexus had set up a little cross country course specially for the RX (though I did see someone in an IS300 have a go at it too!). Ace fun romping around fields dodging cows and then sliding about on a muddy track (thank goodness for all the rain! :winky: ). The RX has a reversing camera that's really smart - as you turn the wheel the car draws a box on the screen to show you where you'll end up - total class!

IS300 - didn't really feel all that different from the 200 (wasn't really pushing it though!). Some :tsktsk: had programmed the satnav to give directions to Liverpool so after getting completely lost and spending a few minutes of button bashing I finally got it to direct me back to the site.

Friday was the first time I'd tried a tiptronic - to be honest I don't really see the point, I'm guessing when you press the gearup/geardown buttons you're only "asking" the car to change gear and the car will still step in and change for you if you're over/under-revving anyway. Up to Friday I'd been a total anti-automatic, now I'm not so sure! :winky:

Never got a chance to try the LS though, or the IS Sportcross, GS430, or some of the others they had hanging around - still a fantastic day, loved every minute of it.

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