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I am soon to embark on the process of getting a RS200 imported via JDI (soon as they find me the car I want)

what sort of thing do I need to watch out for when converting the car for use on UK roads ??

Apart for the ESVA witch the importers will take care of

I have read some where some times when a car is converted from KPH to MPH can confuse the power steering

As the steering weight is speed dependant if this isn’t done properly the steering can be too light

The car can think your doing 80 KPH and give you the relevant steering weight

But in retrospect you actually doing 80 MPH

Also would like to know if the RS200 in Japan have speed limiter if so is it difficult to bypass/remove

I hopefully will have the importer remove it if necessary

thanks in advance :)

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I imported an MR2 Tubby late last year. Basically the importer takes care of everything, including fitting a mph speedo and removing the limiter.

Before the car goes through the SVA it must be completely returned to standard. In mt case this meant removing the Blitz BOV, twin departures and the non-standard rims. After the SVA all the bits were re-installed.

So long as you use a reputable importer you shouldn't have any problems.

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