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Japanese Auto Extravaganza 2006


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The Venue


Click here to view a map of the site Location

PLACES ARE LIMITED!! This year we are only making provision for a limited number of slots, so more space can be allocated for the gazeebos and space to relax in..


For your stand pitch, £1.25

Here is a direct link for pitch payments

Link For JAE 2006 Pitch Payment

Entry for the weekend Payable on the gate, £20 per car for the whole weekend, this includes Camping

X2 13 amp domestic mains electricity outlets will be payed for by the club, so one will be allocated for lighting


No driving once a beer has been consumed, explusion offsite with immediate effect is going to be enforced!

No revving of exhausts on the clubstand pitch, they started it is not an excuse :angry:

All rubbish of any kind to be cleaned up immediately, finish a beer then place it in a bin bag etc......we dont want as per every year so far the last few peeps, having to sort out everyone elses crap

As said all cars to be ready to move about at 9.30am on the clubstand, that means tents are out of the way if erected near to the cars

just behave and enjoy yourself, remember though, its a club event........ Lets all be one happy family, and pull together :)

Lot's of other stuff will be added, lets start discussing other planning like Bar-b-q's etc etc, and we also need to start looking at who will be bringing what in terms of drinks/tables/chairs etc etc.

i will keep this topic trimmed and upto date as and when we sort stuff out....

JAE 2002

JAE 2003

JAE 2004

JAE 2005

I would like to know who is coming and on which day....or all weekend

List Attending and confirmed by payment

Name...............Days attending

Monster mat............. 3

johnboy1.................. 3

gord......................... 3

ad77..................... sat/sun

norkep...................... 3

Rx-men-8............... sat/sun

kazi........................ sun

shaz........................ sat








Mr Singh..................sun



DAZA W...............sat/sun




Jay m.......................3


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After the success of the "Flame Off" that was held at JAE 2005, there will another flame Off on the Saturday, details to follow...

if your interested in entering the "Flame Off", please let me know

This year ALL showers will be open, also portable shower units will be brought onto the site and spaced equally around the site.

showering facilitys was a problem last year...this year NOT :)

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At the sounh side of the field jae will have a seperate area set aside exlusively for Drifting. Back by Driftskool, D1GB and Drift UK it will give everyone at JAE time to experience what Drifting is all about. Aside from all the noise and tyre smoke exepct to see some old cars performing as well as the latest drift hardware.

The day will be broken up into exhibitions and dual drift demonstrations on the track but, more importantly, this will be your chance to experience the thrill of drfiting. Passenger rides will be going on all day and one lucky winner will receive a VIP day for 2 at the DriftSkool. Every passenger will automatically be entered into a draw.

The charge for the passenger rides will be £15 but for that you'll get a few laps of the track. Names of the drivers helping us out will be posted up very soon.


Saturday Night will see a Disco for All Adults at JAE, there will be a BAR also, and will be all held inside the Function Room At JAE ( Building name will be available soon)

Show and Shine

The CLUB will be allocated a number of spaces in accordance with the same rules we applied in 2005. All forms will have to be with the administration office by Saturday morning (Friday evening preferably). The show times will be announced soon as will the new format. You'll be pelased to hear it wont be on the speedway track this year! smile.gif

All finalist cars will be needed for a grand pageant on Sunday morning.

So far we have several judges to help but if you are interested and willing to spare a couple of hours of your time on Saturday or Sunday please get in touch with JAE organisers, or send me a PM

Other Planned entertainment....details to follow


Friday Night Film (Jap car Exotica)

We are hoping to organise a Jap Car Film show on the Friday Night.

Where we are hoping to show some Japanese Exotica (nearly typed erotica) laugh.gif Films

Some will be made by members of Jap Car clubs and be of Events.

If you have a short film. Let us know please, we may be able to play it smile.gif

If you are thinking of making a short film of your car club, please can it be approx 20 mins long, and not 20 mins of 1 car on a Rolling Road laugh.gif Keep it fast paced. The Audience will love it smile.gif

Childrens disco Saturday afternoon

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We are pleased to announce that the finishing touches are being put to this year's JAE and that we now have the fullsupport of all the UK's Japanese specialist car magazines and traders dedicated to providing you the best support available.

JAE Schedule


10am until 5pm - Drift passenger rides and displays

11am - Show and Shine (under the main arena canopy)

11am - Isuzu

11:30 - Mitsubishi

12:00 - Subaru

12:30 - Datsun

13:00 - Honda

13:30 - LUNCH!

14:00 - Toyota

14:30 - Classic

15:00 - Lexus

15:30 - Nissan

16:00 - Mazda

16:30 - Suzuki

6pm - Flame Off (by Peterborough Suite)

8pm - Disco (Cambridge Suite)

9pm - Live Band (Cambridge Suite)

10pm - Fireworks

10:15 until midnight - Disco (Cambridge Suite)


10am until 5pm - Drift passenger rides and displays

10:30 - Winners assemble for finals of the Show and Shine

12:00 - Show and Shine Awards

12:30 - JAE Best Car Club

13:00 - Tug of War

Registration for all activities closes 30 minutes before the activity starts. Please go to the Admin Centre located by the grandstand.

JAE is sponsored by Abbey Motorsport, Nitrous Oxide Supplies, Opie Oils, Toyo Tyres, DriftDomain, Banzai Japanese Performance, Japanese Performance and JTuner. We would like to thank them for being part of JAE and there continuous support.

Abbey Motorsport

The longest established tuner of Nissan Skylines in Europe, truly the defining authority. Over 40 years experience of high performance automotive tuning and engineering from road to track.

Nitrous Oxide Supplies

Nitrous Oxide Supplies was formed in late 2003 as the need for a reliable, cost effective UK Nitrous Oxide supplier was recognised. Nitrous Oxide gas is of the HIGHEST GRADE AVAILABLE.

Opie Oils

Opie Oils sell one of the most comprehensive ranges of quality Automotive lubricants available anywhere in the UK. We sell oils for all makes of cars and motorcycles from the most modern super cars to vintage and veteran cars and motorcycles.

Toyo Tyre

World beating tyres from a World-leading company. Toyo is one of the world's leading tyre producers, selling products in 80 countries. Whatever car you drive, and wherever you drive it, it's reassuring to know that the tyres you're driving on are backed by the vast resources, experience and expertise of Toyo.

Banzai - Japanese Performance Magazine

From 1000bhp Nissan Skylines to the new Impreza, Banzai is full of Far Eastern promise. For Japanese car performance tuning, custom modifications, styling and ICE.

Japanese Performance

The only magazine for buying, modifying and enjoying Japanese performance cars....


A magazine for the serious Japanese modified car enthusiast. Bringing you the best cars from the UK and Japan, latest news, the most in-depth technical features. It's the ultimate guide to Japanese car culture.

Drift Domain

An online resource centre so people can come to the site knowing nothing about drifting, and be able to learn everything about the motorsport from where it began to how you can have a go yourself.

Show and Shine

The show and shine will take place as before by manufacturer but this time NOT on the oval. As before the cars will parade in, park up and be judged. Our very own Stephen Grant will be on hand to interview the drivers and talk to people throughout the day. So make sure you're in line nice and early and don't forget to register 30 minutes beforehand - at least. The top two cars from each section will go through to the Best Cars of JAE final on Sunday. The winning names and cars will be posted up in the Admin Centre and announced on the radio at 5:30pm on Saturday - so make sure you tune in! The winning cars will then be parked up on Sunday for the final judging. So Saturday night could be a busy time for some polishers out there! All the presentations will take place at noon on Sunday, rounding off with the award for the Best Car Club.


It's back and here's our very own frequency JAE FM is 87.7 don't forget to tune in. Announcements, Interviews and the very best of music will be broadcast from Saturday morning right through the day and all night and all day Sunday.

JAE Show guide

Each car will receive this free JAE show guide. detailing the event, which clubs and traders are attending, location maps and other information.

Passenger rides in a Drift car

New to JAE this year, passenger rides in a drift car. It may not be the real thing, but it will you the experience of what it's like to go sideways. This would not of been possible, without the full support and backing of D1GB, Drift UK and Driftskool


Our ole favourite the fireworks are back...with vengeance!! Bigger and better than before, so get ready for this spectacular light show.


No excuse to let off steam and your hair down....time to shake your booty on the dance floor to all the hits in the mix.

Live Band

For all you rockers young and old, kick back and enjoy the sounds from 4 fifteen

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No more pitch payments will be accepted .

if you havnt paid for a pitch you wont be allowed on the plot, as there just wont be any room.

can i ask that when you arrive, on any of the days, you let me know you have arrived so we can confirm all is ok.

this also prevents what usually happens in people just dumping your cars, as this causes problems for people who may have to leave, i ask that you dont just dump your car, please be considerate for those that will have to stay around helping run the club pitch.

we can inform the event organisers if we find dumped cars, and they WILL get security to remove them

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