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  1. yes the non fog was a base spec, its possible the plugs is behind the bumper regards aftermarket wireing if needed, if you know a decent auto electrician he would be able to identify in the look plug going into the stalk the correct wire, i dont have my diagrams to hand to identify it for you sorry
  2. Rods, was the most common failure back in 2001 when we started doing this upgrades
  3. depends what offset your wheels are ah just seen std wheels
  4. yes they are the same, however front spring rates are different between the is200, 300 and Altezza is300 coilovers wont be any worse on an is200, you will be fine i have done it
  5. Discs themselves - DO NOT WARP, unless there are very poor manufactured items the Warping comes from small amounts of built up pad material deposited on the disc surface, subsequent brake applications deposit pad material in the same place, until it starts to feel to the driver as though there is an issue with the disk i suspect that many of the replaced disks have been with Ebay products, Ebay and some motor factors are flooded with Fake Mintex discs the possibility of a hub issue are very real, however as some have done, using a run out gauge on the hub, and then with the disc fitted will identify this issue more often than not the issue is with the caliper, either corroded sliders, corroded pistons or crap build up on the caliper parts that the pads are located within. most caliper rebuilds ive seen have been very suspect, and short of completely refurbishing the caliper, have never solved the problems, always consider other causes before you believe what a parts fitter in a garage tells, you, the suspension on a modern car is quite complex with finite tolerances which wander as the components wear there are many reasons for shudder or breaking issues, non are really caused by warped disks
  6. eibach spacers are excellent, just ensure you buy from a reputable supplier as there are fakes available, obviously ensure if your just using a spacer that there are enough threads to use
  7. Cheers for all the replies, i think a test drive is going to be needed, im not overly fussed about high mileage aslong as the car has history, my RS4 had 120,000 on the clock with full ASH and nothing has gone wrong on it, and its had a few good runs to germany and back
  8. Don't really know why I am asking the question really......I mean, I've been around Lexus from day one But i see the ISF prices are tumbling now, and wondering if I should move back to the Brand to fill my garage with a new toy been running an RS4 now for a couple of years and to be honest, other than a couple of niggles, that were sorted by Audi really do love the car, so is it time to go for an ISF.... the only thing that I think will put me off is the gearbox, I like manual cars! sell it to me
  9. i added mine to the oil cooler sandwich plate on the side of the engine
  10. if you want to maintain multiplex functions (dash, alarm, central locking,etc) you need to use the IS200 ecu to control that aspect
  11. Steel, the alloy nuts tend to strip there threads after a couple of on/off
  12. the picture is off the temp sensor, is either clipped under the slam panel or located on the underneath of the crash bar
  13. ive had this conversion done since 2004/5
  14. You do not need to remove the tray completely, just undo the front screws. the drain screw for the radiator is located (looking at front of car) to the bootom right, it is a small white plastic wing nut type plug, undo this, ensuring you have a container suitably sized to take the fluid. once it is undone (it does not need to be fully removed to drain) remove radiator filler cap and this will allow for a more efficient drain of the system
  15. The rear skirt was originally made by Amuse, takakaira used to sell them in Japan, many years ago where you could get a copy nowadays is anyones guess
  16. As i dont use it anymore (company car) i have had to make the decision to ungarage the Gs from winter storage and get rid of it, i am not looking for very much as long as it goes to a new home, preferably on these forums. 1999 Gs300 mk2 sport Blue grey leather grey trim 18" sport wheels with 5 great tyres, 2 practically new new pads new abs sensors recon steering rack new track rod ends, and steering arms cam belt done last year will have new battery on collectioni serviced it every year, new oil and filters regardless of milage, and it didnt cover alot each year aftermarket stainless steel exhaust HID headlights (OEM) Aircon works, as do all switches, however the radio display has a life of its own depending on temperature, but functions great the car has the usual scratches and odd dot of rust, it just needs to have some love spent on it, interior is pretty darn good. as it was garaged over the winter, it was declared SORN, and currently has no TAX or MOT, however it had no issues on its last MOT drop me a message if you are interested, as i say, im not looking for very much.
  17. yes its a Mk2, the abs sensors were £300 from lexus poole im not looking much for it, decent offers, just want it to go to a decent home and have a bit of love put into it, the hifi works fine, the display is a bit funny, but thats common
  18. Just to let you know, before i stick an ad in the for sale that i will be putting my 99 GS300 sport up for sale, due to it being garaged over winter, and getting a company car, its now no longer got Tax or MOT....currently SORN it did fly through its last one fine..... its a genuine sport, has the 18 wheels, and xenon headlights, interior is grey, with the dark grey "trim" it has the usual small scratches and little rust spot, but it drives like a dream, i serviced it every 6 months,cam belt was done middle of last year, has almost new tyres, brake pads, it has new ABS sensors and steering rack,track rod ends and will have a new battery. it has an aftermarket exhaust fitted i dont want much for it, i just want it to go to a decent home, if anyone is interested let me know.
  19. To remove the diff, you need to remove the 8 nuts(4 each shaft) undo the propshaft x4 and undo the mounting points, x2 bolts at the front of the unit, and x3 Allen head bolts at the rear of the unit
  20. I've known it done, it's simple enough, the door trims are stuck on
  21. was a good event, Ryan Tuerck really enjoyed the car, although struggled with his 2-3 changes, we had a few mechanical issues, 2 broken drive shafts and a diff but this was all in practice, he is trying to sort something out that he can do more of BDC next season in the Lexus. as a side note the lexus will be at TRAX in silverstone this weekend, unlucky for me i am off to mondello in Ireland for the final round of IDC
  22. Ahha theres the exhaust..... did the exhaust sell mate
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